Philippine Election News

April 2010

Comelec: Poll random audits will not deter proclamations- (GMA News)

Now it's overpriced Comelec contract for ballot packaging- (GMA News)

Truck with followers of Abra mayoral bet strafed- (GMA News)

Jailed Danilo Lim, Ariel Querubin say thanks to Guardians for support- (GMA News)

Final batch of poll machines to be delivered to their hubs- (GMA News)

No automation for soldiers in absentee voting process - (Inquirer)

CHR to monitor possible cheating in poll hot spots on election day- (GMA News)

Poll transmission test in Bohol delayed- (ABS CBN)

Comelec awards contract for UV lamps- (GMA News)

Healthcare, education first; infrastructure later — senatorial bets- (GMA News)

Villar condemns killing of NP organizer in Davao Sur- (GMA News)

Blast misses Mangudadatu convoy - (Inquirer)

Strike 3 on psycho issue: wife denies Boston psychiatrist ever treated Noynoy- (ABS CBN)

Hontiveros, Querubin biggest gainers in Pulse Asia survey- (ABS CBN)

Ballots for Abra polls kept at bishop’s house- (GMA News)

DND chief's bribery claim ‘surprises’ AFP- (GMA News)

Victims’ kin ask Remulla: Explain visit to Ampatuan patriarch - (Inquirer)

Noynoy: No psychiatric test, that's final- (GMA News)

Villar faces new raps for bank’s ‘sweetheart deal’ - (Inquirer)

‘We really feel we’ve won,’ says Aquino sister - (Inquirer)

Cop harasses Comelec driver: No 6K? P100 OK  - (Inquirer)

Prayers, arms join effort for peaceful polls - (Malaya)

Delgado says his wife sent e-mail in good faith - (Inquirer)

Richard J. Gordon: Step up to the plate, swing that bat - (Inquirer)

‘Lack of mass appeal keeps Gibo at 4th place’- (ABS CBN)

Top 2 bets piggyback adson ‘poor’ partylist groups - (Malaya)

Military to go after poll cheaters  - (Philstar)

Administration lawmaker defends party-list group - (Philstar)

Poll problems show up in 11th hour mock polls- (ABS CBN)

White envelopes distributed to Iloilo City voters  - (Inquirer)

Abra town mayor tagged in slay of rival's follower- (GMA News)

NP admits losing supporters due to attacks vs Villar - (GMA News)

Estrada on improved survey ratings: I told you so - (Inquirer)

Comelec to DND chief Gonzales: Show proof of bribery - (GMA News)

Madrigal calls for 1-day hunger strike to press for manual vote count  - (Inquirer)

Religious, military, police leaders vow to help defuse poll tensions  - (Inquirer)

Gordon not surprised by 2 percent rating in surveys - (Inquirer)

Lucy Torres replaces Goma in congressional race- (ABS CBN)

MBC disappointed with Comelec decision on manual count- (ABS CBN)

Comelec says no to petition for a parallel manual count - (GMA News)

No UV lamps yet for May polls, Comelec says - (GMA News)

AFP to go on red alert Friday morning for May polls - (GMA News)

Gonzales warns of cheating in May polls - (Inquirer)

'Glitches' mar Comelec mock polls in Quezon City- (GMA News)

Binay overtakes Legarda in VP race- (ABS CBN)

Villar firms illegally secured P4.5-B loan from BSP, party-list group claims- (GMA News)

Melo worried PAL strike to affect ballot delivery - (GMA News)

Teodoro openly criticizes surveys  - (Inquirer)

Aquino’s lead in poll grows, gets 39% - (Inquirer)

72,034 of 500,000 overseas Filipinos voted worldwide - (Inquirer)

Erap catches up with Villar in Pulse Asia's latest survey - (GMA News)

Urban poor vote- (Inquirer)

Lumad told: Vote for ‘right candidates’ or PCOS machines will trap your spirits  - (Inquirer)

Palace hits back at Noynoy over ‘People Power III’- (ABS CBN)

NTC to block spammers- (Inquirer)

RP post in KSA lauded for alternate voting centers - (GMA News)

Poll violence: BertGon doesn’t like what he sees on the ground - (Malaya)

Unanimous Comelec decision out Thursday - (Inquirer)

Arroyo’s ally has power of life and death - (Inquirer)

Power plants alerted for elections - (Malaya)

Comelec: City Hall ERs mean nothing - (Malaya)

Tatad to Comelec: Compel poll firms to disclose sponsors, raw data - (GMA News)

Noynoy: People behind fake psych docs can be sued but... (GMA News)

Villar admits Guido Delgado is ‘NP supporter’ - (GMA News)

Aquino tags Villar volunteers - (Inquirer)

Villar: I’m swimming in sea of black prop - (Inquirer)

JV Ejercito blasts Chiz Escudero- (ABS CBN)

US ‘comfortable’ with poll plans - (Malaya)

Comelec seen to junk parallel manual count  - (Philstar)

Comelec: Widow can’t replace Sanchez  - (Inquirer)

Be non-partisan, teachers urged - (Philstar)

First day of local absentee voting orderly - AFP - (Philstar)

RP polls bring feast then famine - Washington Post - (Philstar)

Be vigilant in May polls - Malacañang  - (Philstar)

Comelec defends rejection of manual count proposal- (ABS CBN)

Gordon dares all presidential bets to take psychiatric test- (GMA News)

Aquino claims electoral victory - (Manila Standard)

Overseas absentee voter turnout hits 12%- (GMA News)

Transport of PCOS machines to QC delayed (ABS CBN)

Party-list groups bare advocacies in Rotary meet -  (Manila Times)

Cory generals vow to protect Noynoy's votes- (ABS CBN)

Palace warns Noynoy revolt is illegal- (ABS CBN)

‘Gordon Girl,’ ‘Bayani Babe’ spice up campaign- (ABS CBN)

NP condoles with Sanchez’s kin, eyes wife as replacement - (Manila Bulletin)

Don’t taint Comelec – Palace - (Manila Bulletin)

CBCP sets novena for clean polls May 3 – 11- (GMA News)

Heavily armed strike forces guard poll machines in Metro- (GMA News)

Villar on ma: She can’t take it anymore - (Inquirer)

Gordon: Aquino paid for polls; Teodoro: I was never asked - (Inquirer)

Zeñarosa report: Jalosjos clan has a private army- (GMA News)

Palace, 3 bets oppose manual count - (Inquirer)

Erap used his mom, too- (ABS CBN)

Another black prop job on Noynoy backfires - (Malaya)

20,800 soldiers, cops vote manually today - (Philstar)

Noynoy: Mar is my only vice president - (Philstar)

Villar remains confident, believes he would overtake Noynoy's ratings - (Philstar)

Comelec junks disqualification case vs Drilon - (Philstar)

Comelec told to answer petition on poll preparations - (Philstar)

Volunteers vow to deliver 2.5 million votes for Gibo in Metro Manila  - (Philstar)

Has Sarah Geronimo switched political loyalties?- (ABS CBN)

Transmission glitch mars PCOS test in Cebu- (ABS CBN)

Ship carrying PCOS machines for Batanes await docking- (ABS CBN)

Ballots get wet during delivery in Zamboanga- (ABS CBN)

Strike threat at PAL worries Comelec- (ABS CBN)

Villar denies knowing about mom’s press conference  - (Inquirer)

Groups still pushing for parallel manual count- (ABS CBN)

Comelec asked to allow reshuffling of ‘partisan’ police chiefs- (GMA News)

Villar insists he comes from poor family- (GMA News)

Ateneo priest denies conducting psych evaluation on Noynoy- (GMA News)

Ex-Batangas governor dies a day after heat stroke- (GMA News)

Comelec awards padlock contract - (Manila Bulletin)

Cops, soldiers to cast absentee vote ballots Wednesday  - (Inquirer)

Palace: Public must know candidates’ ‘brain health’ - (Inquirer)

Parañaque mayor laughs off reports about his death - (Inquirer)

Comelec to place LCD projectors in canvassing centers - (GMA News)

Villar camp revives Noynoy mental health issue- (ABS CBN)

Ex-poll chief Monsod backs parallel manual count - (GMA News)

Teodoro rejects parallel manual count   - (Inquirer)

Hearing of Gordon appeal vs 2 survey firms postponed  - (Inquirer)

Voters’ list in Obando Comelec office burned - (Inquirer)

Palace sees ‘malice’ in calls for parallel manual count - (GMA News)

Enrile says he looks forward to receiving COCs, ERs for nat’l posts- (GMA News)

Palace for, against Gordon’s fight against release of survey results  - (Business mirror)

Enrile threatens to file new ethics case vs Villar - (Business mirror)

Prayers needed to prevent failure of elections–Church - (Business mirror)

Comelec seeks time to study manual count idea  - (Malaya)

Ballot distribution begins; Coast Guard to deliver poll machines   - (Philstar)

Campaign violence: 27 killed in 105 days   - (Philstar)

Six presidential bets call for parallel manual count  - (Philstar)

Bong, Jinggoy statistically tied - (Philstar)

Binay overtakes Loren in vice presidential poll   - (Philstar)

Gibo endorses Duterte; rift with Nograles worsens  - (Philstar)

'Poll watchers getting advance pay in GMA district'  - (Philstar)

Remulla: I met with Andal Jr., but only for security reasons  - (Philstar)

Saksi: MBC joins calls for parallel manual count on May 10- (GMA News)

Eastern Visayas still waiting for 71 PCOS machines - (GMA News)

17,000 sign manifesto for parallel manual vote count - (GMA News)

Villar targets block votes to finish No. 1- (ABS CBN)

Suspected NPAs harass LP bets in Capiz over unpaid campaign permits - (Inquirer)

Glitch found in PCOS transmission test in Pangasinan- (ABS CBN)

Villar, Loren get militant youth groups' support- (GMA News)

PCOS security blanket up- (Manila Bulletin)

Belmonte predicts ‘Noynoy’ victory- (Manila Bulletin)

Glitches mar poll transmission test in Batanes- (ABS CBN)

Make public contingency plan, poll body urged- (Manila Bulletin)

Davao pastor hints on choice of presidentiable- (Manila Bulletin)

Vilma's rival in Batangas collapses from heat stroke- (ABS CBN)

Noynoy's latest survey lead no cause for celebration, LP Senate bet says- (GMA News)

Sarangani gov survives bomb attack - (Inquirer)

OFWs may cast absentee ballots in Riyadh, al-Khobar  - (Inquirer)

Rival seeks Ate Vi's disqualification over oversized posters- (GMA News)

PSE Board covering up for Villar, Enrile says- (GMA News)

Comelec keeps open mind on parallel manual count- (GMA News)

Estrada calls Villar ‘one big liar’ - (Inquirer)

Villar’s mother comes out to defend ‘poor son’ - (Inquirer)

Villar chief counsel faces disbarment case- (ABS CBN)

Agra: I will not resign- (ABS CBN)

Suspected rebels disarm reelectionist Bislig mayor's security men (GMA News)

Nograles warns: More Lakas members to quit on Teodoro  - (Inquirer)

Bongbong downplays allegations of rights violations during father's rule (GMA News)

Binay overtakes Legarda in VP race; Roxas still on top- (ABS CBN)

Noynoy leads by double digits over Villar in new SWS survey- (GMA News)

Comelec exec tagged in secrecy folder deal - (Inquirer)

‘Surprising turns’ extend Comelec probe - (Inquirer)

Comelec meet Monday on parallel manual count  - (Inquirer)

FPI asks biz groups to disengage from party-list system - (Business mirror)

Comelec prepares for manual audit  - (Philstar)

Noynoy vows probe off mining activities in Nueva Vizcaya  (Philstar)

417 mayors, 207 vice mayors to be replaced in May 10 polls - (Philstar)

Gabriela's fashion show to lighten campaign mood - (Philstar)

Survey says Binay Jr. has edge over rivals  - (Inquirer)

More poll-related killings in provinces  - (Inquirer)

Poll transmission test encounters hitch- (ABS CBN)

Arroyo sings in her first sortie for congressional seat - (Inquirer)

Calls for parallel manual count snowball  - (Inquirer)

Estrada: 3 businessmen willing to testify vs Villar - (Inquirer)

Bishop, former governor push for manual vote count- (Inquirer)

Comelec rejection of manual count signals fraud plot - (Inquirer)

Verzosa: PNP needs civilian back-up in polls- (Manila Bulletin)

Palace says parallel manual count defeats automation purpose- (GMA News)

Quiboloy to announce chosen bets on May 2- (GMA News)

Not enough time to prepare for manual vote count -- NP- (Inquirer)

Groups call for parallel manual count of May polls- (ABS CBN)

Teodoro to have closed-door meet with Quiboloy  - (Inquirer)

Bets say: Not expecting endorsement from Quiboloy - (Inquirer)

Manual parallel count unnecessary—Comelec - (Inquirer)

Aquino to Comelec: No surprises please - (Inquirer)

Local poll watchdog accredited as Comelec citizens’ arm for ARMM- (GMA News)

JC: We’ve gone this far, that’s a miracle - (Inquirer)

Manual count almost impossible - Comelec  - (Philstar)

Drilon dares GMA: Reverse Agra order- (Philstar)

Erap overtakes Villar in Puno's secret survey - (Philstar)

Teodoro alarmed over Gonzales' reported endorsement of Villar - (Philstar)

NPC says LP claim on vice presidential race presumptuous  - (Philstar)

Blackout hits Gordon's campaign rally  - (Philstar)

CBCP leaders to meet with AFP, PNP officials   - (Philstar)

Palace rejects manual count - (Manila Bulletin)

Person tasked to dismantle private armies says job can’t be done   - (Inquirer)

Noynoy, Mar still top picks of Makati Business Club- (ABS CBN)

Enrile urges OFWs not to vote for Villar- (ABS CBN)

Parallel manual count not allowed by law?- (ABS CBN)

'Defy' mayors, Verzosa tells cops- (Manila Bulletin)

Palace welcomes Senate inquiry into ‘midnight appointments’  - (Inquirer)

Local officials warned anew against using police for politics - (Inquirer)

Aquino asks Comelec to decide on final mode of counting - (Inquirer)

Int’l group: Noynoy, Villar ‘not firm’ vs. private armies - (GMA News)

Candidates flocking to Davao; Quiboloy awaits sign from Heaven- (Inquirer)

Bacolod bishop joins growing call for parallel manual count - (GMA News)

Noynoy disappoints int'l human rights group- (ABS CBN)

Estrada, Villar and stock market—something in common? - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo warned against tolerating Maguindanao massacre case mess- (ABS CBN)

Kris Aquino asked to leave TV to help brother in campaign- (Inquirer)

Gunmen kill Laguna mayoral bet's security chief (ABS CBN)

Gordon to voters: Don't choose based on emotions- (ABS CBN)

1 hurt in shooting during Lakas political rally- (ABS CBN)

MMDA: ‘Go green’ project not campaign gimmick for Gibo - (GMA News)

GPS installed on police vehicles transporting PCOS machines - (GMA News)

'PCOS snatching' possible in Mindanao - (ABS CBN)

Noynoy wants Binay, reporter as coin, ring bearers at wedding - (GMA News)

Pasig LP mayoral bet makes house calls, even sleeps over - (Inquirer)

Big business groups call for manual count - (Philstar)

Yasay echoes fear of poll failure - (Philstar)

SWS: No ban on publication of election survey results - (Philstar)

Villar can be a dangerous president - Erap - (Philstar)

Is Gonzales endorsing Villar?  - (Philstar)

Noli willing to talk to Noynoy  - (Philstar)

Zamboanga-bound poll machines earlier reported missing left behind in Laguna- (GMA News)

Comelec to retain ballot template until May elections- (GMA News)

Lim links Senga, Esperon to failed coup - (Inquirer)

‘Erap’ will also expose ‘Noynoy,’ if warranted - (Manila Bulletin)

Facts about RP elections - (Manila Bulletin)

The inside story of Villar's visit to PSE - (ABS CBN)

Enrile dares PSE to reveal truth about alleged Villar blackmail  - (Inquirer)

Lakas hoping Mindanao pastor would endorse Teodoro   - (Inquirer)

Villar says he met with PSE execs but no ‘arm-twisting’- (GMA News)

Villar credibility damaged by alleged arm-twisting of PSE, says analyst   - (Inquirer)

What makes an environmentalist president? - (ABS CBN)

Kin of massacre victims meet with Aquino   - (Inquirer)

SEC urged to speed up probe of Villar - (ABS CBN)

Gov’t didn’t lose single peso—Villar  - (Inquirer)

Tightly guarded PCOS machines arrive in Masbate - (Inquirer)

Trackers to monitor transport of PCOS machines—police - (Inquirer)

Comelec wants proof of poll violence in Maguindanao, 5 other provinces- (ABS CBN)

Comelec to announce list of areas under its control on May 3- (GMA News)

Noynoy, Erap camps step up vote protection measures- (ABS CBN)

PNP to set up assistance desks outside polling precincts  - (Inquirer)

Smartmatic: All 50.7 million ballots printed- (ABS CBN)

Heat kills local bet in Isabela- (ABS CBN)

Pro-life group junks Aquino  - (Inquirer)

Urban poor groups form Green Army for Teodoro - (Inquirer)

Poll watchdog verifies reports of ‘ghost precincts’s- (GMA News)

Noynoy reveals 'midnight deals'- (ABS CBN)

Smartmatic discovers 'ghost precincts'- (ABS CBN)

GMA ratings drop to lowest since 2001 - (Philstar)

Lakas to give Gibo 15 million votes - lawmaker  - (Philstar)

Villar camp: ‘Illegal stock deal’ is black prop, or else sue us- (GMA News)

Villar denies wrongdoing; lawyer calls Enrile, Estrada liars  - (Inquirer)

Erap camp inakusahan si Villar na ginipit ang PSE kaya kumita ng bilyones- (GMA News)

Legarda: Roxas strength in Negros Occidental a myth - (Inquirer)

Comelec swamped with work, issues 2 weeks before polls- (GMA News)

Defense boss asks bishops to appeal for clean polls  - (Inquirer)

Manila mayor sued over purchase of P200,000 worth of cheeseburgers- (Inquirer)

Lakas-Kampi rejoices over 3 new members- (Inquirer)

10 steps to prevent election fraud - (Inquirer)

Religious groups march vs poll failure, call for public vigilance- (GMA News)

Comelec denies 57 ‘ghost precincts’- (GMA News)

Noynoy warns foreigners vs Arroyo gov't contracts - (ABS CBN)

Comelec urged: Do manual audit in poll hot spots - (ABS CBN)

Militant group mulls plunder raps vs Villar - (Inquirer)

Comelec to hold 11th hour mock polls next week - (Inquirer)

Comelec disqualifies Maguindanao mayoral bet - (Inquirer)

Jamby, farmers to go on hunger strike until Comelec approves manual count- (GMA News)

Villar earned billions from illegal stock deal in ‘07 — Erap camp- (GMA News)

House Speaker Gloria Arroyo up to next President? - (ABS CBN)

Groups to stage protest march at Comelec, says poll watchdog - (Inquirer)

Court bars Lucio Tan’s daughter from joining Congress race  - (Inquirer)

Mayor, 2 police charged in Masbate killing - (Inquirer)

Ghost polling centers exposed- (ABS CBN)

PNP holds command conference in preparation for May 10- (GMA News)

Teachers serving as BEIs fear that they may not get the chance to vote on May 10- (GMA News)

Gordon sues SWS, Pulse Asia over election-related surveys- (GMA News)

Villar firms seek disbarment of lawyer  - (Inquirer)

Madrigal joins Gordon drive vs pollsters  - (Inquirer)

'No problem with Escudero endorsing Noynoy-Binay,' LP bets say- (GMA News)

Pulse Asia in violation of election law–Tatad- (Business mirror)

Noynoy: No kin can dictate my actions if I win as president - (GMA News)

No junta, AFP brass assure people  - (Malaya)

Noynoy: Donors we rejected went to NP - (Philstar)

Noynoy mum on campaign financier - (GMA News)

SC ruling impacts on status of all parties  - (Malaya)

Up to 6 million votes could be stolen, says party-list solon   - (Inquirer)

NP bets advocate wage hikes and no new taxes  - (Philstar)

Melo says postponement of polls 'unconstitutional' - (Philstar)

Gibo to pull off come from behind victory - Lakas  - (Philstar)

Smartmatic inks service contract with telcos for auto polls- (Philstar)

AFP, PNP begin implementing poll security plans - (Philstar)

Comelec may not be able to declare dominant majority and minority parties   - (Philstar)

NP proposes an alliance with LP vs no-election scenario   - (Inquirer)

Katunggali ng mga Ampatuan di raw bibitiw ng suporta kay Teodoro - (GMA News)

Poll automation demo in San Juan hopes to draw 5,000  - (Inquirer)

Cebu vice governor believes Garcias backing Villar  - (Inquirer)

Binay camp claims leading mayoralty race in Makati  - (Inquirer)

Lim, Moreno urge Manilans to vote early - (Manila Bulletin)

‘Erap’ enjoys impersonation - (Manila Bulletin)

Presidential race still fluid, analyst says  - (ABS CBN)

Groups to stage 'Jericho March' in front of Comelec office Thursday- (GMA News)

Gunmen torch Mindoro bet's campaign materials  - (ABS CBN)

PNP deputy chief for operations Dep. Dir. Gen. Edgardo Acuna on preparations for May polls -

 (GMA News)

Gordon hales pollsters to court over surveys  - (Inquirer)

Ex-official: Failed polls could beget 'indefinite' Arroyo rule - (GMA News)

Aquino sees demolition job in Ampatuan ‘endorsement’  - (Malaya)

‘Internal rigging’ fears aired - (Malaya)

Sumilao farmers back Noynoy's candidacy- (GMA News)

Comelec won’t count votes for 32 ‘unaccredited’ party-list groups  - (Inquirer)

Comelec enters passwords for automated system  - (Philstar)

Noynoy, Mar target universal health care for all Pinoys  - (Philstar)

Akbayan prods Comelec to disqualify Mikey  - (Philstar)

Perlas wants May 10 polls postponed - (Philstar)

Padilla, Remulla are NP's bets for speaker  - (Philstar)

RP welcomes British poll observers  - (Philstar)

Saksi: Andal Jr. says Aquino camp sent emissary to ask Ampatuans for support - (GMA News)

Saksi: Comelec assures public: No extra ballots available for fraud - (GMA News)

Some IT experts doubt May 10 polls will be clean - (ABS-CBN)

Comelec, Smartmatic: Ballot-printing process is fussy and exacting- (GMA News)

Lakas-Kampi still confident of Teodoro victory - (ABS-CBN)

Don’t run, FVR tells GMA- (Manila Bulletin)

Stop meeting US officials, poll bets told  - (Inquirer)

Bishops’ spokesman slams leading candidates for ignoring forum   - (Inquirer)

Senior citizens' party-list clueless about status with Comelec- (GMA News)

Villanueva calls for protest actions vs Agra ruling- (Inquirer)

High-powered gun found in lawmaker’s vehicle   - (Inquirer)

Tambalang Villar, Loren inindorso na ng NPC - (GMA News)

32 unaccredited party-list groups still on ballot - (GMA News)

Villar supporters infiltrate Noynoy website, fan page  - (Inquirer)

PET should not be abolished, says SolGen  - (Inquirer)

Loren plans to cover more ground during campaign's last three weeks - (GMA News)

AFP chief: General has denied secret meeting with Aquino - (Inquirer)

Poll watchdog raises warning over spare PCOS machines   - (Inquirer)

Roxas denies seeking Ampatuan backing  - (Inquirer)

Andal Jr. backs Noynoy-Mar but LP bet says ‘No thanks’ - (GMA News)

Andal Jr. changes mind, says he's for Noynoy- (ABS CBN)

FVR says automated polls like a toilet system - (ABS CBN)

Salceda formally joins LP, vows to deliver Bicolandia to Aquino, Roxas  - (Business mirror)

GMA rallies Lakas-Kampi-CMD members to ‘stick together,’ support Gibo   - (Business mirror)

Sects’ impact on May 10 vote keenly awaited - (Business mirror)

Willie Nep shows 5 'Presidentiables Gut Talent'- (ABS CBN)

Gordon to Comelec: Catch poll campaign violators- (ABS CBN)

Noynoy defends meeting AFP officers - (Malaya)

Lambino: Opposition could have ousted Arroyo through parliament  - (Inquirer)

Aquino, Roxas continue to top trust survey  - (Inquirer)

Enrile connects with young through cell phone advocacy   - (Inquirer)

NP expecting more recruits from other parties  - (Inquirer)

Prosecutors assail massacre resolution - (Philstar)

Fernando won't abandon Gordon - (Philstar)

No endorsement on Quiboloy's birthday  - (Philstar)

Erap says he's for Gibo  - (Philstar)

Noynoy to retain GMA's bad policies if he wins - NP  - (Philstar)

Comelec to set special polls for Bulacan lawmaker  - (Inquirer)

Bishop to Comelec: Don’t betray people for 30 pieces of silver  - (Inquirer)

Boy killed in political motorcade in Manila- (GMA News)

Comelec to deliver poll ballots starting April 25 - (Inquirer)

Collusion seen in ballot secrecy folder contract- (ABS CBN)

Villar, Legarda join calls for review of Agra order - (GMA News)

Enrile: I will convene Congress in same week if elections fail - (GMA News)

Nograles ‘considering’ support for Villar’s bid for presidency - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec approves random manual audit right after elections (GMA News)

Villar's disqualification sought over ‘prohibited’ campaign funds- (GMA News)

Mangudadatu links clearance of 2 Ampatuans to poll fraud plot - (Inquirer)

Nothing new with meetings with US officials -- Villar  - (Inquirer)

Noynoy: Some Yanks talking to us  - (Inquirer)

International defense community invited to observe May polls - (Business mirror)

Voters’ education takes to the skies  - (Inquirer)

Villar in Davao fails to see Nograles - (Inquirer)

Noynoy warns of massive unrest if polls fail, and SC, Comelec falter - (Malaya)

Machine jitters and fraud automation- (ABS CBN)

Volunteers to be mobilized nationwide to protect Gibo votes - (Philstar)

Erap to legalize 'jueteng' if he wins - (Philstar)

'No legal prohibition on parallel manual vote count'  - (Philstar)

Cabinet to tackle security in May polls  - (Philstar)

Villar in no rush to forge alliance with Nograles  - (Philstar)

Erap's bday wish: clean polls, less cigarettes- (GMA News)

Highest number of Pinoy voter turnout in HK recorded Sunday - (GMA News)

LP warns of ‘Ampatuan cheating machine’ in May polls - (GMA News)

Arroyo not behind junking of raps vs 2 Ampatuans — Palace - (GMA News)

6 presidential bets get unsolicited advice from Belo - (Manila Bulletin)

Lakas exec promises 600,000 votes for Erap in QC - (GMA News)

Bro. Eddie, Noynoy lead in HK polls: report - (ABS CBN)

Gordon seeks Comelec action on TV ads - (Inquirer)

Noynoy on TIME article: ‘Good news on RP a challenge’- (GMA News)

All 118 towns in ARMM declared poll hotspots- (GMA News)

15 north Luzon congressmen endorse Villar- (ABS CBN)

'Noynoy has come out of his shell' - (Philstar)

Villar: I will spare no one for graft - (Philstar)

Noli believes GMA won't allow failure of elections - (Philstar)

Comelec asked to disqualify nominees of 49 party-list groups  - (Philstar)

Enrile prods provincemates to vote for Estrada, PMP slate - (Inquirer)

Smartmatic sets up satellite gear in Negros- (GMA News)

Filipinos expect 'markedly higher' irregularities in 2010 polls -- survey- (ABS CBN)

Estrada thanks Ramos, De Venecia- (Inquirer)

Aquino touched by Time article - (Inquirer)

Fil-Am leader rallies Pinoys in Canada to back Noy, Mar (ABS CBN)

Overseas absentee voting in Oslo off to a slow start (ABS CBN)

No Cha-cha under Noynoy – Roxas - (Manila Bulletin)

Estrada: No realignment with Teodoro - (Manila Bulletin)

Nograles: I quit on Gibo- (GMA News)

7 presidential bets vow to regulate giant billboards- (GMA News)

Check out the rallies, Teodoro tells pollsters  - (Inquirer)

Comelec to put up TV screen monitors at canvassing centers   - (Inquirer)

Noynoy open to working with FVR as defections rock Lakas-Kampi - (GMA News)

Comelec says automation may fail, but not polls - (ABS CBN)

Mar is Noli's 'vice president' (ABS CBN)

Lakas-Kampi defections: ‘Villaroyo’ or ‘Gloriaquino’?- (ABS CBN)

7 out of 10 Pinoy voters expect vote-buying on May 10 - SWS  - (Philstar)

Saksi: SWS: 5 in 10 Pinoys believe cheating will occur during automated vote count- (GMA News)

LP: Ampatuan backing shows Villar’s ‘true colors’  - (Inquirer)

Teodoro hits ‘turncoats’- (ABS CBN)

OAV turnout in Saudi still low but increasing (GMA News)

Binay warns of 'automated Garci' - (Philstar)

Lakas to remain dominant party   - (Philstar)

Palace to public: Help ensure success of automated polls  - (Philstar)

Villar vows to implement AFP, PNP modernization   - (Philstar)

LP welcomes survey showing Noynoy as top choice of foreign investors   - (Philstar)

Arroyo not wicked to spoil automated polls – Planas  - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec: There will be no failure of elections- (GMA News)

Precinct-level results available at close of polls, says Comelec - (Inquirer)

Palace says military and police lack personnel to secure counting machines - (Inquirer)

Estrada, Tamano take up the psychiatric challenge  - (Manila Standard)

Scary, says bishop of plan to deploy troops in Metro  - (Manila Bulletin)

Teodoro rejects Cabinet offer from Aquino camp, says spokesman  - (Inquirer)

Conduct of automated polls will favor nobody- (GMA News)

Comelec fund misuse feared  - (Manila Standard)

Perlas calls for three-month postponement of automated elections-(GMA News)

QTV: LP hopeful to get blessings of ex-Pres. Fidel Ramos (GMA News)

FVR endorses JDV III, still mum on presidential pick - (GMA News)

JDV wants Lakas less Kampi to take its pick among 4 bets- (GMA News)

Lakas-Kampi-CMD accreditation as dominant party hangs  - (Business mirror)

Mindanao execs warn of May 10 special operations - (Philstar)

Villar, Noy both GMA bets - PMP   - (Philstar)

Lakas may lose dominant status  - (Philstar)

Gordon: Don't just pick lesser of 2 evils - (Philstar)

Red Cross ready for possible emergency on May 10 - (Philstar)

500 election watch list areas monitored  - (Philstar)

Administration coalition downplays defections  - (Business mirror)

Obama concerned about failed RP polls: ex-US official- (ABS CBN)

Lakas defectors partyless- (Manila Bulletin)

Lakas exodus continues: Two Mindanao execs jump to NP- (GMA News)

Lakas not alarmed by defections, says Pichay - (Inquirer)

Comelec mulls gun ban exemption for judges- (GMA News)

Comelec to post individual precinct results online - (Inquirer)

Comelec freezes contract for padlocks- (Manila Bulletin)

Former allies slam Salceda move to Aquino camp- (Inquirer)

Philippines' election results to be known within 3 days, poll spokesman says - (GMA News)

Noynoy: Political ‘rejects’ nasa NP; Remulla: 'Architect' of poverty nasa LP - (GMA News)

No audit before proclamation, says Comelec exec - (GMA News)

Nograles says Gibo's defeat inevitable- (ABS CBN)

Fears of chaos raised over Philippine automated vote  - (Inquirer)

Only 8M ballots for printing for May 10 polls—IT provider - (Inquirer)

Local, foreign investors prefer Aquino, Teodoro - (Inquirer)

No need for psycho test–Comelec- (Inquirer)

Estrada: ‘I’m assured of victory in Lapu-Lapu City- (Inquirer)

Villar takes up Aquino challenge on lifestyle check - (Business mirror)

Gaps in law yield ‘creative’ compliance by bets, media- (Malaya)

ABS-CBN says sorry to Ang Kapatiran for Chipeco snub - (GMA News)

Comelec eyes expanded random manual audit  - (Philstar)

Miriam to NP, LP: Stop the mudslinging  - (Philstar)

Gordon to sue survey firms for conditioning minds of voters  - (Philstar)

Noynoy sees more defections while Villar feels ‘vindicated’- (GMA News)

Printing of voters' lists may be delayed, Comelec supplier says- (GMA News)

Candidate for councilor shot dead in Davao del Sur - (GMA News)

Business groups seek parallel vote count - (Inquirer)

Stop using kids in campaigns – bishop- (Manila Bulletin)

Saksi: Presidential bets hunker down to final-stretch campaigns- (GMA News)

KC Concepcion to ‘patrol’ for change on election day - (ABS CBN)

Vilma won’t back out of Batangas race - (ABS CBN)

Nograles reaches out to Ramos to save Lakas-Kampi from collapse - (Inquirer)

Arroyo adviser Joey Salceda deserts Lakas in favor of LP- (GMA News)

Pinoys in Belgium complain of lack of info on candidates- (ABS CBN)

Comelec urged to formulate guidelines for ‘manual audit’- (Inquirer)

Gov’t sees 30% failure of automated elections - (Inquirer)

Garci’s ghost haunts techies- (Inquirer)

What will AFP do in case of election failure? - (Malaya)

Noynoy plays mass defections card - (Malaya)

Presidential bets now available - in tissues! - (ABS CBN)

Folder supplier bags new poll deal  - (Philstar)

IT experts call for parallel manual count  - (Philstar)

Gibo: I'm not giving up  - (Philstar)

Kapatiran to SC: Comelec must provide free ads to nat'l bets- (GMA News)

Nograles suffers change of heart- (Malaya)

No bet wants to go first on psychiatric test - (Philstar)

Saksi: IT expert warns 'automated cheating' may occur in the May polls- (GMA News)

CBCP hits Villar's 'womanizer' endorsers - (ABS CBN)

P76-M ink deal done without Comelec execs' knowledge- (GMA News)

Vice mayoral bet denies harassing ‘MMDA men’ over posters  - (Inquirer)

Teodoro dares Nograles to form faction within Lakas  - (Inquirer)

NP insists Aquino broke law with security agency during mom’s term - (Inquirer)

More Saudi OFWs urged to vote as OAV turnout remains low on 3rd day- (GMA News)

Gordon airs warning on use of sample ballots- (Manila Bulletin)

Ramos blames Arroyo for defections from Lakas-Kampi - (Inquirer)

Nograles not leaving Lakas; warns Teodoro- (Inquirer)

Mikey Arroyo, Angelo Reyes given 5 days to answer disqualification cases- (GMA News)

MMDA set to tear down campaign materials on major Metro roads - (Inquirer)

Ballots to be sent straight to municipal treasurer for faster delivery- (Inquirer)

Ex-chief justice Davide throws support behind Noynoy- (GMA News)

Villar firm faked titles through 'layering': ex-lawyer - (ABS CBN)

Villar is ‘ignorant’ for proposing mental test of presidential bets  - (Inquirer)

Group asks Comelec to take up disqualification case vs Yap- (GMA News)

Gordon threatens to file charges vs survey firms - (Inquirer)

IT group seeks parallel count of votes, warns vs fraud- (Inquirer)

Villar brands as gimmick LP's lie detector test challenge- (GMA News)

Smartmatic sees 400 malfunctioning PCOS at worst - (Malaya)

Partial manual polls possible - Comelec  - (Philstar)

Bidding fails for ultraviolet lamp deal  - (Philstar)

Villar, Aquino marketed like soap, shampoo, deodorant  - (Malaya)

Gordon to media: Where have all the debates gone?- (Inquirer)

Comelec denies bias vs Liberal Party - (GMA News)

LP believes support for Noynoy to remain solid - (Philstar)

Nograles' departure from Lakas no big loss - Teodoro  - (Philstar)

NPA rebels hold hostage Davao Oriental mayoral bet- (Inquirer)

Saksi: Erap twits GMA News for 'demolition job'- (GMA News)

Willie blasts ABS-CBN News campaign coverage - (ABS CBN)

Estrada to Aquino: Address health questions - (Inquirer)

Comelec goes after ribbons and checks- (Manila Bulletin)

Clashes, abductions as NPA rebels meddle in RP vote  - (Inquirer)

Bro. Eddie campaigns in Marawi; Perlas combs Batangas - (ABS CBN)

Plans for manual counting set after poll machines in HK fail - (GMA News)

Comelec, Smartmatic say device ‘glitch’ in HK ‘a good thing’ - (GMA News)

How Villar built business empire with deceit, corruption: ex-lawyer- (ABS CBN)

Comelec asked to probe source of Villar funds - (Inquirer)

Lakas stalwart Nograles bolts party- (Inquirer)

Rep. Gonzales leaves Lakas to join LP- (Inquirer)

Loren: All bets should take psych tests - (ABS CBN)

Proper indelible ink to be used in polls - Comelec  - (Philstar)

Malacañang to candidates: Elevate level of campaign  - (Business mirror)

Noynoy: Palace impounding my 'pork' - (Philstar)

Comelec backs Hagedorn anew- (Inquirer)

Lakas sets major push for Gibo - (Philstar)

Noynoy: Please spare my mother  - (Malaya)

Despite glitches, voters up 3x in HK on second day of OAV- (GMA News)

And now, a few words from Mrs. Gibo - (Malaya)

JDV: Arroyo preparing for poll failure - (ABS CBN)

Black ops and the nature of the 2010 campaigns - Maria A. Ressa - (ABS CBN)

Comelec 90 percent ready - (Manila Bulletin)

New Noynoy campaign music video features kids- (GMA News)

Villar can’t tell between fake, real – LP spokesman - (Manila Bulletin)

QTV: Ang Kapatiran party sues ABS-CBN and some candidates- (GMA News)

Joma Sison favors Villar over Noynoy: report- (ABS CBN)

Bro. Eddie signs pact on plan for federal gov’t - (Manila Bulletin)

Estrada vows a come-from-behind win on May 10- (Inquirer)

Teodoro camp slams ploys to shut him out of race - (Inquirer)

‘Bongbong’ to ‘Gibo’: Don’t listen to FVR - (Manila Bulletin)

Fernando’s video with Moymoy Palaboy to be in Internet soon - (Inquirer)

‘BF’ wins Facebook polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Military releases poll guidelines in wake of Golez threat- (GMA News)

Comelec urged to release ‘bogus’ resolution - (Manila Bulletin)

Maranao leader, Legarda endorsed by Mindanao groups  - (Inquirer)

PCOS machines in Hong Kong precinct jammed due to moisture- (GMA News)

Over 4,000 Pinoys cast votes on first day of OAV (GMA News)

Noynoy still leads in survey commissioned by Villar ally- (GMA News)

Gordon to Comelec: Ban sample ballots- (Inquirer)

Left to deliver ‘millions of votes’ for Villar- (Inquirer)

HK poll machine conks out, is back up again - (Inquirer)

Comelec trains inmates on poll machine use - (Sunstar)

Indelible ink deal rebidding eyed - (Philstar)

LP now focused on guarding votes - (Philstar)

Villar: I'm mentally healthy - (Philstar)

Noynoy admits talking to a psychologist, but only about other politicians  - (Philstar)

Estrada aims to win, not just compete - (Inquirer)

Campaign contributions evade Estrada  - (Inquirer)

NPC stalwart: Support for NP, Villar not official - (GMA News)

'Villar using fake psych report to arrest slide in ratings'- (ABS CBN)

Low turnout marks Day 1 of OAV polls in HK, Singapore- (GMA News)

No UV lamps used in Singapore voting center, says poll official- (GMA News)

Deliveries of PCOS machines begin - (ABS CBN)

The Boss gave no blessing for NPC-NP alliance, says party member   - (Inquirer)

Palace: The elections aren’t over yet  - (Inquirer)

Win or lose, wife believes ‘Gibo’s’ ‘New Politics’ to leave historic mark - (Manila Bulletin)

Aquino open to alliance with Mangudadatus    - (Inquirer)

QTV: Automated absentee voting for Pinoys in HK starts- (GMA News)

Villar to Noynoy: Did you really consult a psychiatrist?- (ABS CBN)

First vote cast in Hong Kong goes to Villar- (ABS CBN)

Comelec: OAV in HK, Singapore opens smoothly- (GMA News)

Palace admits delay in ‘pork’  - (Inquirer)

Ramos backs Lambino - (Inquirer)

NP: Merger boosted our network  - (Inquirer)

HK, Singapore all set for start of 31 days of automated OAV- (GMA News)

Saksi: OTC Paper Supply asks Comelec to reconsider ballot secrecy folder contract- (GMA News)

Whistle blower: Probe indelible ink bidding too - (GMA News)

Aquino seeks apology for psycho report hoax - (Inquirer)

'Poll automation a black hole'  - (Philstar)

35 poll precincts still without power  - (Philstar)

Gibo: Surveys belong in the trash bin  - (Philstar)

Villar: Next president must be an experienced leader   - (Philstar)

LP seeks help of IT experts, lawyers  - (Philstar)

Gordon asks voters to make a principled choice on May 10  - (Philstar)

'NP not source of psychiatric report on Noynoy' - (Philstar)

Poll exec wants Smartmatic to pay for UV lamps - (GMA News)

Daughter campaigns for detained general-  (Manila Bulletin)

NP to ABS-CBN: Reveal source of fake Noynoy psych report  - (ABS CBN)

Candidate’s truck burned in pre-election violence  - (Inquirer)

Bishop opposes party-list group Ang Ladlad  - (Inquirer)

Lakas-Kampi-CMD to adopt Miriam, Enrile, Sotto:  - (ABS CBN)

Filcom groups in London set for OAV  - (ABS CBN)

Satur: We would have cut ties with Villar if he was Arroyo’s bet - (GMA News)

Binay twits outgoing gov’t execs on toll fees, fire sale of gov’t properties  - (Inquirer)

20,000 local absentee voters to vote on April 28-30—Comelec  - (Inquirer)

Migrant group launches electoral watch hotline  - (ABS CBN)

Poll exec denies there are no UV lamps to verify ballots abroad - (GMA News)

NP, NPC expect to be named dominant minority party  - (Inquirer)

Election campaigns push bloggers into ethical minefield - (GMA News)

31 voting days for overseas Filipinos begin on Saturday - (GMA News)

New voter's ID for OFWs in UAE may be delayed - (GMA News)

Comelec studies plan to hold early polls in ARMM - (Inquirer)

Teodoro bowled over by Bacolod support  - (Inquirer)

Probe of poll machine for rent sought  - (Inquirer)

UH Hiritan 2010: Senate bets Hontiveros-Baraquel, De Venecia III, Sison, Inocencio - (GMA News)

Comelec: No UV lamps ready to verify ballots in poll centers abroad- (GMA News)

Pinoys in UK first to cast votes- (Philstar)

Japan to deploy 26 poll observers in RP - (Manila Times)

5 poll officials to resign amid ballot folder controversy - (GMA News)

GMA releases 'pork' for admin campaign- (Philstar)

Golez, sporting Noynoy sticker, denied Camp Aguinaldo entry - (Malaya)

Pulse Asia: 14 bets probable winners in Senate race - (Business mirror)

Bong, Jinggoy, Miriam lead senatorial poll - (Philstar)

Supplier set to appeal scrapping of folder deal- (Philstar)

LP plays down Roxas-Chiz feud  - (Business mirror)

Noynoy, priest: Psych report fake-  - (ABS CBN)

Six localities ask to be placed under Comelec control  - (Inquirer)

Villar elated by Comelec OK of NP-NPC alliance-  (Manila Bulletin)

Aquino: 'What dirty campaign?' - (Inquirer)

Aquino, Roxas deny party cracks  - (Inquirer)

Madrigal gets support of Christian church  - (Inquirer)

Army vows to remain non-partisan in May elections  - (Inquirer)

Easing out Escudero a mistake for LP -- Binay  - (Inquirer)

Teodoro banking on LGUs to boost campaign in final stretch  - (Inquirer)

Lakas-Kampi members start getting funds, says Arroyo ally - (Inquirer)

LP files disqualification case vs Villar over ‘vote-buying’- (GMA News)

AFP, PNP ready for May 10 polls -  (Manila Bulletin)

6 of 10 Pinoys unaware of party-list system — Pulse Asia- (GMA News)

Ang Ladlad can participate in May elections — SC- (GMA News)

Overseas absentee voting starts April 10—Comelec  - (Inquirer)

Poll execs told to delete multiple entries from voters’ list  - (Inquirer)

RP diplomatic posts test, seal voting machines in HK, Singapore - (GMA News)

International groups to observe Lanao Sur polls  - (Business mirror)

Online, bets wage war sans rules, cap on costs - (Malaya)

Top bets not addressing real problems–Social Watch - (Inquirer)

Factional feud hounds Aquino-Roxas campaign  - (Business mirror)

Bro. Eddie likens presidential bid to fight vs ‘Goliaths’- (GMA News)

Arroyo bailiwick promises 500,000 votes for Gibo - (ABS CBN)

Folder supplier may get ultraviolet lamp contract - (Philstar)

Gibo not bolting Lakas - (Philstar)

FVR, JDV to reclaim Lakas-CMD from GMA loyalists- (Philstar)

Enough power supply during polls - DOE chief - (Philstar)

Comelec approves NP-NPC coalition for May 10 polls- (GMA News)

Saksi: OTC owners insist ballot folder contract went thru due process - (GMA News)

QTV: Voters' list padded by millions, Namfrel says - (GMA News)

Be ready to accept defeat, Bongbong tells Noynoy -  (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec supplier in trouble - (Manila Standard Today)

Mixed signals on funding from Lakas-Kampi-CMD bets - (Inquirer)

Loren urges LP bets to stop 'dirty, demeaning' campaign- (GMA News)

Comelec reshuffles regional directors- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec lashes back at critics- (GMA News)

Noynoy: Baby James was just playing around- (GMA News)

‘Chiz’ not quitting support, says LP- (Manila Bulletin)

Pay 300,000 teachers serving poll duties on time, Comelec urged- (Manila Bulletin)

Noynoy, Villar helped Arroyo stay in power, says Erap son- (GMA News)

Comelec gets vote of confidence from veep bets  - (Inquirer)

Binay warns vs fake ballots - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec asked to disqualify Arroyo’s son from party-list nomination  - (Inquirer)

Comelec concerned over violent election incidents - (Inquirer)

Ad agency defends Villar 'Scroll' ad - (ABS CBN)

After ‘Villar’ incident, Noynoy not keen on letting Baby James campaign- (GMA News)

Bets slam GMA plan on new Sandiganbayan chief - (Philstar)

Erap camp says Villar ad a plagiarism - (Malaya)

Amid defections, Lakas-Kampi conducts ‘loyalty check’ on local execs- (GMA News)

Comelec defends price tag on folders  - (Philstar)

Presidential bets push campaigns in provinces - (ABS CBN)

'AFP to suffer if polls are tainted' - (Philstar)

Aquino maintains lead in latest Pulse Asia survey - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Comelec BAC chair insists ballot secrecy folder not overpriced - (GMA News)

Saksi: Candidates now rely more on official number on ballot to help in voters' recall-(GMA News)

Comelec urged to investigate 40 party-lists- (GMA News)

Melo wants ballots to stay at NPO - (GMA News)

NP bares Noynoy Aquino's link to security agency - (GMA News)

Estrada may benefit from Aquino-Villar mudslinging, says son - (Inquirer)

Arroyo orders Lakas to close ranks, ensure Gibo victory - (ABS CBN)

Aquino will make a vindictive president – Mikey Arroyo - (Inquirer)

Aquino promises to dance if he wins - (Inquirer)

Party-list law authors admit abuse of the system - (GMA News)

Arroyo attends Lakas executive committee meeting - (GMA News)

Comelec reshuffle to affect ‘Garci boy,’ 9 other officers - (GMA News)

Comelec admits lapse after scrapping special ballot folder contract - (GMA News)

Comelec way behind in preparations for elections, say watchdog groups  - (Inquirer)

Officials: GMA banned from making ‘appointments- (Manila Bulletin)

Don't elect anti-Moros — Islamic cleric- (Manila Bulletin)

SC junks Aquino petition vs new CamSur district  - (Inquirer)

No proof yet that Mikey is a valid party-list nominee- (GMA News)

Enrile urged to drop out of Senate race, give way to new blood  - (Inquirer)

Aquino dared to prove Villar is Arroyo’s bet  - (Inquirer)

Lakas vows ‘intensified campaigning’ for Teodoro - (Inquirer)

Villar welcomes ‘support’ of Kris Aquino’s son  - (Inquirer)

‘Villarroyo’ blamed for Villar rating drop- (GMA News)

Villar: My failure to answer allegations caused drop in surveys- (GMA News)

US warns of election violence in new travel advisory on RP- (GMA News)

GMA wants to appoint next Sandiganbayan chief - (Philstar)

Wrong ink prompts Comelec to buy UV lamps for P30 million  - (Philstar)

Estrada: Everybody knows Manny is the ‘chosen one’ - (Malaya)

NP hits LP 'black propaganda' - (Philstar)

GMA orders new Lakas-Kampi-CMD chairman to fix problems of party  - (Business mirror)

Gibo eyes political peace zone - (Philstar)

Buhay, El Shaddai leader come under fire - (Malaya)

Noynoy: No business deals - (Philstar)

Gordon: Teodoro needs more experience in executive duties  - (Philstar)

Remulla warns of another attempt by administration to cheat in elections  - (Philstar)

Saksi: Teodoro not backing out of presidential race- (GMA News)

QTV: Lakas-Kampi-CMD addresses rumors of support for Villar- (GMA News)

Saksi: Presidential candidates campaign across the country- (GMA News)

QTV: Erap promises to prioritize OFW welfare- (GMA News)

No ‘climate of fear,’ says Binay’s son - (Manila Bulletin)

Arroyo won't campaign for Gibo - (ABS CBN)

Bro. Mike’s party-list nomination opposed - (Inquirer)

Comelec denies using 'wrong' UV ink - (GMA News)

'Welcome to the club,' Noynoy tells cousin Gibo- (GMA News)

New Comelec rules disallow election complaints at precinct level- (GMA News)

Gabriela to Villar: Stop using scantily clad dancers in NP sorties- (GMA News)

Villar dares Aquino to disclose campaign sponsors - (Inquirer)

Davide endorses Aquino, Roxas - (Inquirer)

NCRPO supports placing Makati under Comelec control - (Inquirer)

Aquino’s ‘Topak’ behind smear campaign, says Villar camp - (Inquirer)

Lawyer seeks PET abolition - (Manila Bulletin)

Lawmakers running in new districts that they created- (GMA News)

PNP chief assures security of elections paraphernalia - (Inquirer)

Nograles warns Comelec officials - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec cancels procurement of 1.8M overpriced ballot folders  - (Inquirer)

QTV: PNP Spokesman C/Supt. Leonardo Espina on election-related violence- (GMA News)

P92-M ballot transport cost within metro—Pimentel  - (Inquirer)

Defections cannot be prevented—Nograles  - (Inquirer)

After shakeup, admin party to hold top-level meet on financial 'woes'- (GMA News)

There is no 'Villarroyo" alliance, says NP bet- (ABS CBN)

Lakas execs to release pro-Teodoro manifesto  - (Inquirer)

Villar: First Couple not helping NP campaign - (Philstar)

NP: No deal with Arroyos; Noynoy to resurrect ‘Kamag-Anak Inc.’ - (Business mirror)

Politics seen in MMDA’s changing colors - (Malaya)

Noynoy vows to void all unlawful appointments - (Philstar)

Comelec sets up ‘express lanes’ for voting prisoners - (Inquirer)

Peaceful polls in Western Mindanao seen  - (Business mirror)

International group claims government nurtured Ampatuans in exchange for votes  - (Philstar)

Comelec, security officials decide Makati's fate today  - (Philstar)

Noynoy airs birthday wishes for President  - (Manila Bulletin)

Clergy group pushes united action for May polls - (GMA News)

El Shaddai's Velarde backing Villar?- (ABS CBN)

Aquino, Villar, Estrada court votes of influential El Shaddai - (Inquirer)

Arroyo’s birthday wish is May polls success  - (Inquirer)

Teodoro’s low rating blamed for defections from Lakas   - (Inquirer)

Senatorial bet wants probe on ‘wrong’ ink for UV markings on ballots - (GMA News)

Mercado asks Comelec to control Makati - (Manila Bulletin)

Ruling party seen to be in disarray - (Manila Bulletin)

84 gun ban violators nabbed in east Metro - (Manila Bulletin)

‘Erap’ fighting to finish business - (Manila Bulletin)

Bodies of Bantay party-list members from Davao found - (GMA News)

Presidential bet to voters: Renew selves for May polls   - (Inquirer)

Bishop urges young to ensure clean polls - (GMA News)

Teodoro: No truth to withdrawing from race  - (Inquirer)

Comelec says UV markings on ballots displaced- (ABS CBN)

Army sees peaceful, orderly polls - (Manila Bulletin)

El Shaddai leader undecided over who to endorse - (Inquirer)

More bishops back JC for president- (ABS CBN)

2 Palparan party-list campaigners found dead   - (Inquirer)

Pimentel: Comelec bought ballot folders for P380 each - (GMA News)

Versoza sees most peaceful elections in RP history - (Philstar)

Wider ballot audit sought - (Philstar)

Specter of Villarroyo- (Inquirer)

OFW party list presents platform   - (Inquirer)

First Gentleman didn't pressure Garcias of Cebu to support Villar - Gibo - (Philstar)

Semana Santa gamiting gabay sa pagpili ng susunod na lider – Rosales- (GMA News)

Peaceful turnover seen - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec sets rule on pre-proclamation issues - (Manila Bulletin)

Killings of his political leaders alarm LP mayoral bet in Zambo Sur - (GMA News)

New PNP recruits to help ensure peaceful polls  - (Manila Bulletin)

'Gibo' resumes campaign in Metro, Bicol  - (Manila Bulletin)

Inventory of all generators rushed - (Manila Bulletin)

Philippines' Estrada: I'm ready to be president again- (Yahoo news)

46 Visayan areas given police priority attention- (GMA News)

RP posts in the Americas conclude OAV training- (GMA News)

Migrant rights group urges Pinoys abroad to guard OAV- (GMA News)

Teodoro to critics: Stop sowing intrigues - (Inquirer)

PNP, Comelec lay down final election preparations  - (Inquirer)

NP, Villar deny Mike Arroyo link after Lakas defections- (GMA News)

Arroyo gov’t is only junta present—detained senatorial bet  - (Inquirer)

NP denies deal with ‘most hated couple’ in RP  - (Inquirer)

Arroyo party breaking up; First Gentleman blamed - (Inquirer)

Muslim group burns posters of Erap, Mar, Frank- (GMA News)

Ex-Lakas officials turned LP bets complain of harassment  - (Inquirer)

Mendoza on election sabotage plot: Ridiculous  - (Philstar)

7 presidential bets want ban of single-use plastic bags - (Business mirror)

Verzosa issues ‘9 Prohibited Acts’ for cops - (Inquirer)

Gibo quit to protest GMA's lack of support: sources- (ABS CBN)

Candidates told: Observe Lent  - (Philstar)

Arroyo quickly replaces Gibo, Migs - (ABS CBN)

Lakas-Kampi elects new officials - (Inquirer)

Reyes top nominee of 1-UTAK  - (Philstar)

Presidential bet Perlas wants divorce legalized - (GMA News)

March 2010

Gibo vows not to withdraw from races - (ABS CBN)

Danding daughter, brother express support for Noynoy - (Malaya)

President’s sister-in-law gives up seat - (Manila Standard Today)

‘Wrong’ ink used in printing ballots’ UV security markings - (GMA News)

Saksi: Gibo says he will not abandon Lakas-Kampi-CMD - (GMA News)

Villarosa replaces Gibo as Lakas-KAMPI chair - (ABS CBN)

Binay supporter shot dead in Makati - (Inquirer)

Mikey’s group accused of plagiarism - (Malaya)

Villar offers Noynoy a tour in Tondo - (GMA News)

More Lakas members could defect to NP, says Tañada - (Inquirer)

1,529 ballot boxes transfered to Philpost warehouse from NPO - (GMA News)

Villar to Aquino: Explain presence of admin allies in LP  - (Inquirer)

1M ballots transferred to PhilPost warehouse- (ABS CBN)

Estrada’s birthday wish for exiting Arroyo: Honest, peaceful polls   - (Inquirer)

After Gibo, Dominguez quits as Lakas-Kampi president - (ABS CBN)

LP local execs in Mindanao cry harassment  - (Inquirer)

Palace exec: Gibo’s resignation puts admin party in ‘win-win’ situation - (GMA News)

Cracks seen in ‘Solid North’ with Marcos vs Marcos - (ABS CBN)

More than 100 disqualified local bets still on the ballots - (ABS CBN)

‘No-transition’ fears raised - (Malaya)

Don’t count Teodoro out yet, says Palace - (Inquirer)

Multiple registrants to be removed manually from vote list  - (Philstar)

Mikey wants Lenten moratorium on party-list politics  - (Philstar)

Aquino joins ‘Villar is not poor’ chorus - (ABS CBN)

Aside from Saranggani, Pacquiao running for partylist seat? - (ABS CBN)

TV ads by presidential bets down by over 50% - (ABS CBN)

Average voters pick only 7 senators  - (Manila Standard)

Legarda warns against release of Ampatuans  - (Inquirer)

Leftists lead party-list race in new poll   - (Manila Standard)

LP denies being source of anti-Villar emails- (GMA News)

Gibo quits as Lakas-Kampi chairman - (ABS CBN)

Ultraviolet lamps will be used to check ballots’ authenticity - (GMA News)

Villar seeks apology from Pera't Pulitika, Nielsen Media -  (GMA News)

Comelec adviser alarmed by changes in ballot security marks  - (Inquirer)

Ballots already sent to Filipino voters in Canada -  (GMA News)

Comelec to manually delist 700,000 multiple registrants- (GMA News)

Comelec to transfer ballots to PhilPost warehouse - (ABS CBN)

Noynoy doubts Villar's rags story- (ABS CBN)

'Noynoy, Villar face disqualification, jail time for exceeding air time limits'- (ABS CBN)

Comelec urged anew to conduct swift manual audit of poll results- (GMA News)

Aquino cites ‘serious lapses’ in poll preparations - (Inquirer)

Comelec: It's not easy to disqualify party-list nominees - (Philstar)

Roxas maintains lead in vice presidential race - SWS - (Philstar)

Ousted nominees or not, party lists entitled to seats- (Malaya)

Palace downplays defection of administration allies to opposition - (Philstar)

Ex-Comelec commissioner is new KBL chairman - (Philstar)

UK sending poll observers- (Philstar)

Kris confident uncle Danding is for Noynoy- (ABS CBN)

Comelec to reshuffle field officers after Holy Week- (GMA News)

Gibo visits Noynoy's hometown- (ABS CBN)

Fund-raising dinner for Estrada campaign - (Maniila Standard Today)

Transport group files disqualification vs Angelo Reyes- (GMA News)

All set for April 10 overseas automated polls in HK, Singapore (GMA News)

Poll watchdog spearheads voters' education forum in Mindanao- (GMA News)

Quezon City court orders the release of Andal Ampatuan Sr- (GMA News)

More than half of all 50.7 M ballots printed, Comelec says- (GMA News)

We started poor, Villar insists, disproving emailed accusations- (GMA News)

Palace washes hands off 'fake' party-list groups (ABS CBN)

Chavit quits Lakas-Kampi after endorsing Villar- (ABS CBN)

Over 2,000 security escorts deployed and counting—PNP  - (Inquirer)

Comelec, police to coordinate on transfer of poll machines  - (Inquirer)

Palace: SC reminder on midnight appointments ‘unnecessary’- (GMA News)

British-Filipinos urge active part in May polls  - (Inquirer)

Comelec rules on overseas voting out   - (Inquirer)

Militant groups storm Comelec office - (Philstar)

‘Reject partylist bets backed by politicos’ - (Inquirer)

Noynoy stretches lead versus Villar in latest SWS survey- (GMA News)

Shalani stumps on NP stage   - (Inquirer)

NPA warns bets of arrest for intimidating voters  - (Inquirer)

Palace: Not one appointment was made after electoral ban   - (Malaya)

Comelec open to complaints vs party-list groups  - (Philstar)

Dancing Gordon joins comic duo on Web  - (Inquirer)

Priests warned on bets taking advantage of Church  - (Philstar)

Disaster agency to tap private generator sets for elections - (Inquirer)

No need for Lakas loyalty check - Bello   - (Philstar)

Escudero to declare support for bets after Holy Week  - (Philstar)

Davide backers say people, not mayors to decide polls  - (Inquirer)

2010 elections more complicated – ‘Erap’ - (Manila Bulletin)

Villar-Arroyo alliance seen in Chavit’s defection from Lakas- (GMA News)

No Palm Sunday break for several presidential aspirants- (GMA News)

Candidates explain pullout from 'Harapan' debate -  (ABS CBN)

Erap camp to Comelec: Disqualify Villar over campaign ads - (Philstar)

Erap revisits Tondo; Villar woos CamSur vote (ABS CBN)

Poll body reminds officials on campaign  - (Manila Bulletin)

Villar denies giving money to get support - (Manila Bulletin)

Army launches poll hotline - (Philstar)

185 of 187 party-list groups submit nominees’ names to Comelec  - (Inquirer)

'Nothing irregular with appointments'  - (Philstar)

'Retraining of troops to resume after polls'- (Philstar)

Road spike 'attack' disrupts Erap motorcade in Caloocan (ABS CBN)

VAT to be slapped on tolls in April   - (Manila Standard Today)

Chaotic Philippine election season in full swing  - (Associated Press)

PNP chief calls for observance of law on bodyguards  - (Inquirer)

Marcos, 80, seeks comeback in Philippine elections  - (Associated Press)

Aquino, Villar: Comelec may have erred in computing our campaign ads- (GMA News)

‘Arroyo to use party-list seats to win as House Speaker’ - (GMA News)

Candidates told to keep politics out of Holy Week rites - (Inquirer)

Gibo on Chavit's defection: 'It's a big loss'- (ABS CBN)

Local candidates now campaigning in earnest - (GMA News)

Lakas launches clean poll drive - (Manila Standard Today)

Bro. Eddie: No surrender  - (Inquirer)

Gibo-Loren tandem: ‘One Cebu’ party inilaglag si Edu - (GMA News)

Palace downplays Ramos pitch for peaceful polls - (GMA News)

NP calls for peaceful elections - (Manila Bulletin)

Stung by snub, Kapatiran to boycott TV network - (Inquirer)

Be alert for polls, police told  - (Manila Standard Today)

Gordon campaigns via YouTube   - (Inquirer)

New interactive guide plots voting obstacle course - (GMA News)

Erap draws mammoth crowd in Mindoro   - (Manila Standard Today)

1 out of 2 Pinoys expect people power if May polls fail–SWS survey- (GMA News)

Let Cebuanos decide, Teodoro tells Osmeña - (Inquirer)

Comelec taking pictures of 'illegal' campaign posters- (ABS CBN)

Palace keeps distance from row over Mikey's party-list group - (GMA News)

MCC defers compact grant after May polls - (Philstar)

Behave yourselves, Comelec tells local candidates- (GMA News)

Local election campaign begins  - (Philstar)

Comelec mulls manual vote counting if automated polls fail  - (Manila Times)

Over 24,000 inmates to vote in May polls  - (Philstar)

Comelec: Top bet over airtime limit  - (Inquirer)

Comelec ruling bars Mikey unless he’s a real ‘sekyu’  - (Malaya)

Ramos dares GMA on clean May 10 pact  - (Manila Times)

Presidential bets make rounds in Luzon- (ABS CBN)

saksi: Update report on presidential bets' campaigns- (GMA News)

Gordon, Roxas, Santiago top UP mock polls   - (Inquirer)

Gibo campaigns in Tarlac, Noynoy in Cavite- (ABS CBN)

RP posts in Singapore, HK change work hours for absentee voting (GMA News)

Comelec asked to disqualify Mikey as party-list rep - (Philstar)

Poll spending seen giving economy a further boost  - (Manila Standard Today)

Binay seeks Comelec control over Makati  - (Manila Standard Today)

More running for local polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec rules party-list nominees must ‘belong’ to sector they represent   - (Inquirer)

Mad scramble for 17,298 local elective posts begins Friday- (GMA News)

Comelec addresses teachers’ concern - (Manila Bulletin)

Palace on Noynoy threat of protests: Bring it on - (Philstar)  - (Philstar)

Comelec to local bets: Follow campaign rules  - (Inquirer)

QTV: Perlas remains confident that he has a good chance of winning in May- (GMA News)

Erap on pardon: I don’t owe Arroyo anything- (GMA News)

40,000 purged from Maguindanao voter’s list  - (Inquirer)

CBCP: Clergy may join revolt  - (Philstar)

Melo: Let’s junk all talks of election failure  - (Malaya)

GMA, Marcos, Pacquiao add color to local polls - (ABS CBN)

‘Digital signature essential’ to safeguard automated polls - (Inquirer)

Comelec: Mikey can run  - (Philstar)

Comelec vows Holy Week shocker for bets exceeding airtime limit- (GMA News)

Gibo supporters launch Multipliers Movement to generate votes - (Philstar)

Presidential bet cited for exceeding airtime limit on ads- (GMA News)

Comelec holds mock polls at Senate  - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Ex-AFP officials turn out as party-list nominees- (GMA News)

PNP, AFP gear up for intense poll activities as local campaign starts  - (Philstar)

QTV: Bro. Mike Velarde admits getting P1.2B for C-5 project- (GMA News)

May 10 polls could end up in total failure - (Inquirer)

Meralco ensures reliability of power distribution ahead of elections - (ABS CBN)

Comelec bars disabled from joining party-list polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Colonel tied to massacre falls  - (Manila Bulletin)

Pinoy netizens clamor for bets’ participation in HARAPAN debates - (ABS CBN)

Senate special session eyed  - (Inquirer)

Top bets liable for breach of ethics, donors for taxes (2)- (Malaya)

Melo: Poll failure is pure fantasy  - (Philstar)

Comelec conducts voters' trainings in UAE, Saudi - (GMA News)

4 putschists in Senate? It’s possible   - (Inquirer)

‘No Proc’ means revolt: Noynoy- (Malaya)

Party-list nominees: Mikey, Bro. Mike, Pineda son - (Philstar)

Legarda offers Roxas crash course on climate change   - (Inquirer)

Re-electionists dominate The Center's senatorial survey- (GMA News)

Teodoro on Zubiri defection: Expected  - (Inquirer)

Noynoy calls for peaceful transition of power from GMA  - (Philstar)

Comelec won't stop Arroyo ads, at least until Friday- (GMA News)

Insurgents plan kidnappings, bombings ahead of polls—PNP - (Inquirer)

PNP chief: ‘Spare us from issues’  - (Inquirer)

'Bongbong’ asks if he’s on NPA hit list - (Manila Bulletin)

Saksi: Biazon pushes for caretaker gov't in case of failure of elections- (GMA News)

Lack of rules allows partylists to pick outsiders as nominees - (GMA News)

Saksi: Comelec to issue guidelines on who are allowed to be party-list nominees - (GMA News)

Gordon: Bangit not the type to risk all for Arroyo - (Inquirer)

Analysts on VP debate: Don't belittle survey underdogs - (ABS CBN)

GMA won't hold kick-off rally - (Philstar)

Perlas named ’greenest’ candidate- (Malaya)

LP urges movement to protect the ballot  - (Inquirer)

Pink is out; MMDA going ‘Gibo’ green - (Inquirer)

Top bets liable for breach of ethics; donors for taxes - (Malaya)

Lawyer seeks disqualification of six presidential bets- (GMA News)

Official denies reports of Ampatuan Sr.'s monetary aid to local bets - (Philstar)

Fake permits to carry guns proliferating  - (Manila Bulletin)

Penalties sought for persons spreading no-election rumors- (GMA News)

Failure of elections could derail economic recovery—Villegas - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Poll lawyers to come up with TV ad for Comelec- (GMA News)

I’m still GMA’s friend despite my support for Villar – Pacman - (Manila Bulletin)

Over 6M Filipinos will find it difficult to vote - (Inquirer)

Villar overtakes Noynoy in The Center survey- (GMA News)

Hackers deface Manny Villar's Web site- (GMA News)

Saksi: Erap insists he did not steal money from government- (GMA News)

Senate can stop junta - lawmakers  - (Philstar)

MILF: Not behind ‘fatwa’ vs Estrada, Roxas, Drilon - (Inquirer)

Generals take a bike for peaceful polls - (Malaya)

Comelec mulls counting of campaign ads of presidential bet, party mates - (GMA News)

'Check if you're on list of multiple registrants'   - (Philstar)

Comelec requires party lists to identify nominees publicly  - (Malaya)

Noynoy: Government creating instability  - (Philstar)

VP bets renew rivalries in TV debate - (ABS CBN)

Over 1/3 of towns, cities are poll hot spots–PNP - (Inquirer)

Lakas-Kampi coalition plans decisive ‘Battle of the Bulge’   - (Inquirer)

Gibo, Edu go to NPA-infested Mindoro - (Philstar)

Priests can accept political donations in kind  - (Philstar)

Loren's helicopter makes emergency landing in Quezon- (GMA News)

10 of 3,000 teachers fail PCOS machine training- (GMA News)

Palace chides opposition for raising ‘no-el’ bogey - (GMA News)

Edu snubs vice-presidential debate - (ABS CBN)

Teachers threaten to boycott poll duties over voting issues - (GMA News)

Binay adviser escapes slay try in Cainta - (GMA News)

Malacañang: Military junta possible if polls fail - (ABS CBN)

Supreme Court asked to reconsider ruling junking disqualification case vs GMA  - (Philstar)

Aquino on Ilocos crowd: Mom would have been surprised  - (Inquirer)

'I won't take part in ouster moves'  - (Philstar)

Saksi: Presidential bets now using ads of partymate bets to maximize exposure - (GMA News)

May 10 ballot filled with unaccredited partylist nominees - (ABS CBN)

Teodoro, Manzano, Senate bets in rare group sortie   - (Inquirer)

Comelec: Six presidential bets violated Fair Elections Act - (ABS CBN)

Jeep ni Erap back on the road, eyes 15M votes - (Inquirer)

AFP, PNP chiefs meet amid talk of failure of elections - (ABS CBN)


Saksi: Poll automation law requires 'random manual audit' of ballots after PCOS count -
(GMA News)

Aquino-Marcos animosity ends - (Manila Bulletin)

Palace mocks LP’s ‘vision’ - (Manila Times)

Palace warns junta may take over if polls fail - (ABS CBN)

No need for generators at polling places — Comelec- (GMA News)

Edu bets on timing, message of upcoming political ad- (GMA News)

Erap takes swipe at Villar, Noynoy- (GMA News)

468 candidates in May elections running unopposed- (GMA News)

Saksi: Ballot printing may finish 1 week before deadline - (GMA News)

Ilocano welcome awes Aquinos  - (Inquirer)

P100-million campaign tax collected so far - BIR - (Philstar)

It’s a costly air war as VP bets splurge too on radio-TV ads - (GMA News)

May 10, election day, a special non-working holiday - (Inquirer)

Politicians told: Dismantle private armies - (Philstar)

All political parties have campaign fund problems - (Inquirer)

Villar tries to mollify Davao pastor - (Inquirer)

Lakas to pour funds for Gibo TV ads - (ABS CBN)

Mudslinging on web focused on Villar, Aquino  - (ABS CBN)

Poll officers reminded to remove posters that violate regulations - (GMA News)

Comelec eyes 3 options to deal with combined ads - (GMA News)

Bro. Eddie, party-mates seen putting money on native dancers' 'malong'- (GMA News)

Study: Lack of voting time to disenfranchise voters in May - (GMA News)

Kris Aquino to campaign anew for brother in Marcos country - (Inquirer)

Comelec’s math problems - (Joe Torres, Jr.)

Filipinos fear power vacuum after vote - (The National)

11 hours’ voting period not enough? - (ABS CBN)

Teachers on poll duty to get free legal aid  - (Philstar)

Removal of Ninoy, Cory streamers assailed  - (Malaya)

Saksi: Villar, Aquino, Estrada nearing their airtime limit for TV ads - (GMA News)

Presidential bets continue wooing voters in provinces - (ABS CBN)

Comelec testing higher nitrate solution for indelible ink   - (Philstar)

Gordon, Villanueva: Why pick on us? - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Aquino disappointed with SC decision on chief justice - (GMA News)

Five presidential bets oppose SC decision on chief justice issue - (GMA News)

Loren, women bets star in new NP ad  - (Philstar)

Bets flaunting money–election monitor - (Businessmirror)

Wesmincom told: Ensure honest elections in Sulu  - (Philstar)

Church won’t accept money from candidates, say three bishops - (Inquirer)

Ex-Ombudsman Marcelo cites dangers in SC decision - (ABS CBN)

Printing of manual ballots stopped, full automation on—Melo   - (Inquirer)

ERs to be delivered before May 13 - Comelec - (GMA News)

‘Jamby’ says she’s going for ‘Noynoy’ - (Manila Bulletin)

NPC denies report of abandoning Loren - (Manila Bulletin)

Election hotspots in Mindanao identified - (ABS CBN)

Aquino, Roxas: We have trust of most Filipinos   - (Inquirer)

Villar's trust ratings fall 11 pts - (ABS CBN)

Palace urges ceasefire on political attacks - (Manila Bulletin)

Church won’t accept money from candidates, say three bishops - (Inquirer)

Absentee voters fewer than those who sought to vote offsite in 2007 - (GMA News)

Comelec to name 29 unaccredited partylist groups  - (Inquirer)

Gordon won’t pull down billboards - (Inquirer)

Estrada: Aquino and Villar are so presumptuous  - (Inquirer)

Muslim leaders back Perlas - (Manila Bulletin)

6 ‘fake’ party-list groups dared to bare nominees - (GMA News)

Saksi: Indelible ink's silver nitrate content not enough, tests indicate - (GMA News)

Danding Cojuangco affirms support for Legarda  - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Update on campaign of presidential candidates - (GMA News)

2 presidential bets face disqualification - (Philstar)

Palace execs gang up on Aquino   - (Inquirer)

Comelec orders bets to remove posters - (ABS CBN)

Regulated poll spending sought  - (Philstar)

Saksi: Bayani Fernando vows to solve squatter problem if he wins - (GMA News)

Palace denies GMA ties with party-list groups  - (Philstar)

Erap belittles Pacquiao's endorsement - (ABS CBN)

PNP vows to thwart cheat plots  - (Philstar)

Teodoro tops mock polls among state scholars   - (Philstar)

US pols: Unregulated campaign spending distorts democracy - (Newsbreak)

Poll preps “substantial” but lack transparency - (Daily PCIJ)

Comelec offers courtesy lanes for persons with disabilities - (Manila Bulletin)

Failure of elections is becoming real- (Manila Standard Today)

Presidential bets discuss health issues in forum - (ABS CBN)

AFP hunts for NPA tax collectors in southern Luzon  - (Inquirer)

SWS head to survey critics: Do your own polls - (GMA News)

Some 2,000 armed Ampatuan followers threaten polls—AFP general - (GMA News)

No funds for artificial birth control under my presidency — Gordon - (GMA News)

Joey fears high-tech "dagdag-bawas" - (Manila Bulletin)

Automation allows bets to concede early: Comelec - (ABS CBN)

Scandals that hounded Arroyo admin   - (Inquirer)

Election Watchdog Organizations: What They Do and How You Can Help - (Femalenetwork)

Be fair, government tells observers   - (Philstar)

Saksi: Campaign updates on presidential candidates - (GMA News)

Erap: Noynoy is my toughest rival - (Malaya)

Danding, son remain neutral, won't support any presidential bet   - (Philstar)

PhilHealth execs face poll charges  - (Inquirer)

NPC supports Loren, fine; what about NPC backing Villar? - (Malaya)

'Protest vote' to elect opposition candidates, says LP  - (Philstar)

QTV: Candidates warned vs politicizing Pacquiao victory - (GMA News)

Comelec: Double registrants 704,542, not millions  - (Philstar)

Man nabbed for selling guns to Ilocos politicians  - (Philstar)

Farmers want action on plunder case vs Villar   - (Philstar)

Local government polls give you choice and voice  - (Aliran)

Noynoy wants to hear side of Danding, farmers in coco levy issue - (GMA News)

Youth, smarter voters key to ‘Gibo’ rating surge – ally  - (Manila Bulletin)

Kris advised to take a leave from showbiz while campaigning for Noynoy - (GMA News)

Albay town mayor arrested at NAIA for gun ban violation - (GMA News)

Palace: Poll observers welcome, but must obey Comelec rules  - (Manila Bulletin)

Booths allow OFWs to practice ballot shading- (GMA News)

17M ballots printed for May polls—Comelec - (Inquirer)

Comelec junks disqualification case vs Baby Asistio- (GMA News)

Ban 6 ‘pro-admin’ party-lists, Comelec asked- (GMA News)

Helping citizen journalism make a difference in May 2010- (GMA News)

PNP eyes crackdown on sirens, blinkers  - (Manila Bulletin)

BIR monitoring poll spending  - (Philstar)

Gibo's wife: Let's not wash our dirty linen in public - (ABS CBN)

Villar to benefit from poll fraud, says LP  - (Philstar)

RP bandwagon mentality: Going with the winner  - (Inquirer)

Comelec: Tiny lines on ballots not for cheating - (ABS CBN)

Candidates warned vs using sirens - (GMA News)

NP sees no problem with foreign observers   - (Philstar)

Miriam wants photos of poll violations   - (Philstar)

DFA, Comelec conduct postal vote training in LA, Madrid - (GMA News)

Catholic bishops warn electorate vs overspending candidates - (GMA News)

Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, other bishops issue pastoral letter on elections
 (GMA News)

Bishops warn voters vs overspending candidates - (GMA News)

Defense chief denies rumor of poll cheating operation - (Inquirer)

Prelate to politicos: Stop using children in political ads - (GMA News)

New Army chief to ensure clean polls   - (Philstar)

Foreigners welcome to observe May polls  - (Philstar)

More generals in politics under Arroyo - (ABS CBN)

Tension between Aquinos and Cojuangcos  - (Inquirer)

Gordon hits Villar for ‘fooling the poor’ - (GMA News)

Lakas official says party having funding problems  - (Philstar)

Saksi: Comelec forwarders may still need horses, boats to deliver PCOS machines - (GMA News)

What debate? Aquino, Villar camps in the dark  - (Inquirer)

CMFR: Erap most covered by TV - (GMA News)

Noynoy unfazed by Pacquiao; Gibo answers Danding - (ABS CBN)

PNP sees decreased activity among Partisan Armed Groups  - (Manila Bulletin)

Gibo brushes aside cousin's remarks, welcomes approval from Villar's wife - (GMA News)

Survey: More than a third of voters prefer bets who support RH bill - (GMA News)

Binay: I’m ready to take over from Estrada  - (Inquirer)

Legarda stands by claim Roxas offered her a deal   - (Inquirer)

Binay gives hints Villar is Arroyo's secret bet - (GMA News)

Fil-Ams doubt ‘clean and fair’ RP polls, ask US gov’t to send observers - (GMA News)

Why overseas Filipinos are not voting  - (Businessmirror)

Saksi: Presidential candidates' campaigns- (GMA News)

Businessmen warn: No electricity on poll day - (ABS CBN)

Noynoy doesn't buy transition promise - (Philstar)

Campaign reimbursement offers: Bribery or indecent proposal?  - (Businessmirror)

Saksi: Yasay calls on AMLC, SEC to probe candidates' funding sources - (GMA News)

2 PNRC officials clear Gordon over ‘use of Red Cross’ in campaign - (GMA News)

If Noynoy has Kris, I have Pacman - Villar  - (Philstar)

‘Walkout’ at NPO stirs fear of hanky-panky in Madrigal  - (Malaya)

Saksi: JC de los Reyes to abolish solons' pork barrels if he becomes President - (GMA News)

Makati mayoral bets confront issues, bare programs  - (Inquirer)

Nograles to Supreme Court: Compel Comelec to cleanse Davao voters' list   - (Philstar)

Vulnerable elections (1): Memory cards - (Agham)

Vote before the system crashes - (The economist)

Comelec assures anew polls will go as planned - (ABS CBN)

Position of names on ballot could affect candidates' chances: expert - (ABS CBN)

QTV: Noynoy leads Stratpolls presidential survey - (GMA News)

Mar: I asked Loren’s support but didn't make any offer - (GMA News)

Hybrid polls an avenue to cheating, says Binay - (Manila Bulletin)

‘Chiz’ doubts finances of 3 PCOS truckers - (Manila Bulletin)

All poll machines pass tests with some already awaiting deployment - (GMA News)

Metro cops to use CCTV cameras in poll ‘areas of concern’ - (GMA News)

More poll machines ready – Smartmatic - (Inquirer)

VP Noli to boss Arroyo: We should step down on June 30 - (ABS CBN)

Lakas to hold loyalty check ahead of defections—exec  - (Inquirer)

Comelec told to admit ballot printing status - (CBCP News)

Priests in Mindanao province told not to endorse candidates  - (Inquirer)

CBCP head warns clergy off partisan politics - (CBCP News)

Int’l electoral watchdog to monitor May 10 polls - (Inquirer)

Halalan Diaries: Priest guides Noynoy's way - literally - (ABS CBN)

Legarda says Roxas asked her to withdraw - (Inquirer)

JC de los Reyes shies away from bishops' support - (GMA News)

Villar refutes Jamby's claim of P1-billion offer   - (Philstar)

Now, it’s Madrigal’s turn: Villar offered me P1B - (Inquirer)

Business jittery that failure of election real risk  - (Inquirer)

Ballot printing might not finish on deadline - (ABS CBN)

Madrigal, 2 VP bets to inspect ballots, poll machines - (GMA News)

Five thousand ballot boxes arrive from Taiwan, Comelec says - (GMA News)

Noynoy to 'personally explain' absence to Pastor Quiboloy - (GMA News)

Former generals warn vs use of military in poll cheating - (ABS CBN)

JDV lawyer against Lakas-Kampi union now on its Senate slate- (Inquirer)

Villar: Why pay when they’re running with me?- (Inquirer)

Bong, Jinggoy, Miriam still up   - (Philstar)

‘Emperor’ as AFP chief raises fears of poll fraud- (Inquirer)

Miriam welcomes SC decision- (Manila Bulletin)

Saksi: SC: Jonjon Mendoza will remain as Bulacan gov for now - (GMA News)

Noynoy skips Quiboloy forum; pastor ‘very disappointed’- (GMA News)

Villar to beef up campaign after survey showing him tie with Noynoy - (GMA News)

Revilla, Estrada lead senatorial race in Pulse Asia survey - (GMA News)

Aquino, Villar statistically tied in SWS poll  - (Inquirer)

Palace dismisses fears of poll failure with Bangit at AFP's helm - (GMA News)

Villar sees no need to pay communist election fees  - (Inquirer)

Comelec, Mindanao generation companies to avoid 'manual voting' - (GMA News)

Danding's daughter to campaign for Noynoy - (GMA News)

Aquino camp hits ballot design  - (Inquirer)

Senators to new AFP chief: Ensure clean and peaceful polls   - (Inquirer)

Election surveys are just propaganda - Gordon  - (Philstar)

Gordon: Link was ex-gov’t exec   - (Inquirer)

Singapore included in automated polls for overseas absentee voting   - (Philstar)

28 elective officials killed, harmed since start of election period - (Philstar)

Smartmatic-TIM gives assurance of 2010 polls' success - (GMA News)

Bulacan torn between 2 'governors' as standoff continues - (ABS CBN)

Comelec extends local absentee voting listing- (Manila Bulletin)

Saksi: Gordon dares Villar to undergo lie detector test - (GMA News)

Santiago blames low ratings on married name  - (Inquirer)

QTV: Comelec: One PCOS machine can process 1,000 ballots - (GMA News)

NBI admits difficulty in probing drug links- (Manila Bulletin)

No 40,000 double registants in Davao - poll exec - (GMA News)

70% of local execs to boost Gibo bid- (Manila Bulletin)

Plans to address May 2010 ballot shortage, rejection released - (GMA News)

Declaring election hotspots up to other agencies too, Comelec says - (GMA News)

Arroyo bares new round of Cabinet shuffle before polls - (GMA News)

Despite additional allowance, teachers still wary of security - (GMA News)

Bulacan Gov. Jonjon Mendoza awaits arrival of Obet Pagdanganan - (GMA News)

Bomb thrown at bakeshop owned by Iloilo politico   - (Inquirer)

Gun ban may continue even after election   - (Inquirer)

Illegal campaign posters torn down   - (Inquirer)

Teachers on poll duty to get additional P1,300  - (Philstar)

No politics? MMDA paints Villar house green  - (Inquirer)

LP: Corruption still top issue among voters  - (Philstar)

Bring along ‘cheat sheets,’ voters urged   - (Inquirer)

NP vows to steer RP out of poverty  - (Philstar)

Bro. Eddie not surprised with bishops' support to JC delos Reyes - (GMA News)

Comelec intensifies poll education drive with new ad - (ABS CBN)

GMA News' voter's education campaign features the Sexbomb Dancers - (GMA News)

Perlas banks on ‘new politics’ promise to win May polls - (GMA News)

Migrants urge clean-up of overseas voters’ list - (Manila Bulletin)

NCRPO prepares CCTV cameras - (Manila Bulletin)

NP has most women bets in nat’l slate - (Manila Bulletin)

Polls a gold mine for rebels -- military  - (Businessworld)

May 10 bets skip tour of poll facilities  - (Inquirer)

Comelec unseats Camarines Norte gov   - (Inquirer)

Comelec covers more bases for vote  - (Inquirer)

Why did Comelec junk two poll safeguards?   - (Inquirer)

Bishops break tradition, endorse JC de los Reyes' presidential bid - (GMA News)

Perlas tells ‘trapos’: Stop invoking ‘new politics’  - (Inquirer)

PDEA won’t bare drug list   - (Inquirer)

Allow teachers on duty to vote, Comelec urged   - (Inquirer)

JC de los Reyes' Kapatiran claims support by more bishops - (GMA News)

Gibo vows less use of executive privilege under his presidency - (GMA News)

Danding Cojuangco a PASG agent? Tell that to the Comelec  - (Inquirer)

Gibo: Only God can stop me from seeking presidency  - (Philstar)

Villar dares TV, radio to disclose earnings from political ads  - (Philstar)

Acosta out but name stays on ballot   - (Inquirer)

Coalition backing Perlas' presidential bid launched  - (Philstar)

'NPA extorting money from candidates' - (ABS CBN)

Comelec eyes criminal charges vs KBL’s Acosta - (GMA News)

Cracks surfacing in Lakas-Kampi-CMD - (Manila Bulletin)

Erap, not C-5, caused Villar’s survey drop - (ABS CBN)

Erap party optimistic of winning in Cebu - (Manila Bulletin)

Gibo open to nuclear power but believes BNPP should stay shut - (GMA News)

Noynoy regains lead; Villar drops 6 points - (ABS CBN)

Noynoy, skirting poll rap, won’t promise housing for media- (Malaya)

LP to ask Comelec to reprint ballots with Acosta's name - (GMA News)

Presidential aspirants' proposals on how to solve power crisis - (GMA News)

Fate of Trillanes, 2 generals up to courts—Teodoro  - (Inquirer)

Gov’t Violates Election Laws by Fielding Own Partylist Groups - (Bulatlat)

Poll bets vow spending more for OFWs - (Verafiles)

Few local absentee voting applicants - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec mails ballots for overseas absentee voters - (Businessworld)

Comelec starts sending ballots to New York   - (Philstar)

Comelec bans PASG from carrying guns during poll period  - (Inquirer)

Courtesy resignations of Cabinet members contrary to law  - (Newsbreak)

Drug syndicates could influence May elections - (Gulfnews)

QTV: Roxas tops latest Pulse Asia VP survey- (GMA News)

Edu denies he's backing out of VP race - (ABS CBN)

Comelec: Pagdanganan true Bulacan gov - (ABS CBN)

Noynoy, Mar vow transparency in government  - (Philstar)

Voting precincts to be set up in jails  - (Malaya)

Comelec eyes regulating campaign cash donations- (GMA News)

Villar: Nothing to recoup, I'm spending my own money  - (Philstar)




Saksi: 6 presidential bets spent over P2B in political ads even before campaign period -
(GMA News)

Villar's ads exceed combined airtime of 5 rivals- (ABS CBN)

Gordon says definitely not Angara but refuses to name emissary  - (Inquirer)

Villar also leads in ‘munggo’ polls  - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Brownouts' adverse effects on election results feared - (GMA News)

Comelec sees the light: KBL bet a nuisance - (Inquirer)

Comelec sends out OAV Ballots  - (Asian Journal)

Filipino ambassador urges expats to cast presidential vote  - (The Nationall)

Philippines: Arroyo faces churches' quest for 'politics of change'  - (Episcopallife)

Only 30 hackers needed to rig polls — De Venecia   - (Inquirer)

ANC VIDEO: Doubts raised over PPCRV's independence - (ANC)

Technology firm in automated polls trains 50,000 staff - (Inquirer)

Watchdog to Comelec: ‘Walk the talk’ - (Inquirer)

DND to bare bets using drug money in campaign - (Manila Bulletin)

Thicker hair is Gibo’s other wish, next to presidency - (Manila Bulletin)

Gonzales to politicians: Don’t hire goons  - (Manila Bulletin)

Ballot printing still on track despite machine glitch- (GMA News)

Lakas, Gibo supporters ask: Wheres Edu? - (ABS CBN)

Noynoy reacts to Acosta's disqualification - (ABS CBN)

Low turnout seen for local absentee voting - (GMA News)

Comelec releases guidelines to deal with poll problems - (ABS CBN)

Vilma Santos saddened by Manzano's campaign woes - (ABS CBN)

Kris Aquino and family to be part of Noynoy sorties- (GMA News)

Comelec disqualifies KBL presidential bet Acosta - (GMA News)

Comelec to create watchlist vs multiple registrants - (GMA News)

Media role in voter education transcends polls  - (Businessmirror)

Lanao Sur voters’ list padded by 200,000  - (Inquirer)

Comelec admits double registrants in voters’ list  - (Inquirer)

Comelec taps 3 firms to deliver PCOS machines  - (Philstar)

QTV: Gibo Teodoro answers tough questions on GMA-7's 'Kandidato' - (GMA News)

Gordon hit over allegations vs Villar  - (Philstar)

Villar wants closure on C-5 road controversy - (GMA News)

1st in RP: 23,000 inmates to vote in May polls - (GMA News)

Angara denies being Villar's emissary in bribe try - (ABS CBN)

Gibo: No campaign contributors in my government - (GMA News)

Gen. Lim barred from attending poll forum - (Inquirer)

Bongbong on KBL’s Acosta: ‘I don’t even know what he looks like’ - (GMA News)

A watch dog, not a lap dog  - (Manila Standard Today)

Smartmatic blamed for padded list mess - (Manila Bulletin)

Worried about absentee voting  - (Inquirer)

Stay away from politics, Ibrado tells military - (Manila Bulletin)

Pacquiao elated by poll ruling - (Manila Bulletin)

Gordon to Villar: Let’s undergo lie detector test - (ABS CBN)







Saksi: Gordon claims Villar camp offered him money, position to withdraw from presidential race -
(GMA News)

Comelec: We can't do anything more about dead voters - (Philstar)

Saksi: Acosta: 'We're getting ready for proclamation rally on March 10' - (GMA News)

Even Jinggoy ‘blind’ on electronic elections - (Inquirer)

Melo inclined to disqualify KBL's Acosta - (Philstar)

Only quake can stop May polls, says Melo  - (Inquirer)

QTV: KBL standard-bearer Acosta not a registered voter - (GMA News)

Bishop: Voters’ list padded by 5 million - (Manila Bulletin)

QTV: Noynoy woos voters in Marcos country - (GMA News)

Gordon tops UP mock polls - (Manila Bulletin)

QTV: Comelec junks disqualification case vs Pacquiao, Lapid - (GMA News)

Poll bets deemed resigned effective March 2 – SC - (Manila Bulletin)

Gibo woos vote-rich Metro Manila - (GMA News)

Comelec invites bets to visit NPO, PCOS warehouse  - (Philstar)

Erap says he misses pal Danding - (GMA News)

Halalan 2010: Alleged vote-buying issues, tax promise, and an issue of faith  - (ABS CBN)

Bautista: Lopez biased for Villar  - (Inquirer)

Supreme Court asked to clarify ruling on resignation of government officials seeking elective
posts  - (Philstar)

Comelec acts on ‘extra’ voters report - (Malaya)

Erap backs Villar over dole outs, gives P1,000 to elderly  - (ABS CBN)

Mixed reaction to poll automation from Pinoys in Singapore - (ABS CBN)

Jamby's Cabinet to include Perlas, activist nun - (GMA News)

Saksi: Comelec to send voter's information sheet with official sample ballot to all voters starting
April - (GMA News)

If elected, Villar vows to make Baguio smell of pine again  - (Inquirer)

Cojuangco: No alliance with Villar  - (Philstar)

Baguio mobs force Teodoro to skip walk  - (Inquirer)

Gibo favors constitutional convention if people want it  - (Philstar)

February 2010

Candidates flock Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City - (GMA News)

Politicians banned from Panagbenga festivities - (ABS CBN)

Fil-Am groups in US back LP bets - (Manila Bulletin)

TV networks airing Comelec ads to get P200-million tax credits - (Manila Bulletin)

LP, PMP to file case vs Sen. Villar for alleged vote-buying - (GMA News)

Biazon eyes caretaker president - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Rep. Mikey Arroyo brands critics of his partylist plans as 'hypocrites' - (GMA News)

Comelec tells party-list groups: Name nominees  - (Philstar)

2 bishops endorse JC delos Reyes - (ABS CBN)

'Bro. Mike asked Erap to withdraw' - (Philstar)

More mediamen dabble in politics - (ABS CBN)

Noynoy, Mar expecting new kind of revolution on May 10  - (Philstar)



QTV: Sen. Villar hands out P20 to children during sortie; Comelec sees it as 'vote buying'
 - (GMA News)

Chavit wants a winner, hedges on Gibo - (ABS CBN)

QTV: AFP chides Villar and NP for 'unity walk' inside Camp Aguinaldo - (GMA News)

Last batch of poll machines to arrive Saturday - (GMA News)

‘Noynoy’ says he’s cut out to follow parents’ footsteps - (Manila Bulletin)

Appointive officials who are party-list nominees must resign—Comelec - (GMA News)

Halalan wrap: LP, NP concerts, Erap and Eddie in the provinces - (ABS CBN)

Configuration of PCOS machines starts  - (Philstar)

Saksi: Comelec nixes Rep. Locsin recom to burn ballots for ARMM - (GMA News)

I’m a Marcos loyalist, Estrada tells Ilocanos   - (Inquirer)

2 bishops endorse Ang Kapatiran party - (GMA News)

Villar cites GMA trust rating for non-alliance with administration  - (Philstar)

Thousands jam to different tunes at LP, Villar concerts - (ABS CBN)

Bayan Muna vows to block party-list bids of Mikey, Reyes - (Philstar)

Saksi: Devanadera, Ermita, Esperon submit resignation letters to Pres. Arroyo - (GMA News)

Saksi: DOE Sec. Reyes as possible partylist nominee earns Piston's ire - (GMA News)

Aquino: Prove Luisita land overprice and I’ll quit Senate   - (Inquirer)

Senators no-show at inspection of ballots, poll machines - (GMA News)

Noynoy's LP, Villar's NP in war of concerts - (ABS CBN)

The presidency is my destiny - Noynoy - (GMA News)

Bro. Eddie confident of eradicating govt corruption - (GMA News)

60,000 poll machines pass stress tests, ready for polls—Comelec  - (Inquirer)

US-based 'Noynoy' backer fears failure of automated polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Binay hit for using 'Cory Magic' in new pol ad - (ABS CBN)

Villar most trusted presidential bet  - (Philstar)

Teodoro flip-flops on SC ruling on appointed execs running in May polls  - (Inquirer)

Noynoy: I won't let my parents down - (Philstar)

A first: Cabinet members as ‘guests’ - (Malaya)

No rush to quit Cabinet; GMA calls them to meeting - (Philstar)

Saksi: Sen. Noynoy Aquino, Bro. Eddie Villanueva attend PMAP presidential forum - (GMA News)

Comelec chief: No audit before poll winners are proclaimed - (GMA News)

Melo to quit Comelec if automation fails  - (Inquirer)

Arroyo's sister backs Erap for president again - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya Jr. resigns - (GMA News)

Nearly half of Pinoys trust Comelec, but unsure of Smartmatic - (GMA News)

DFA, Comelec get set for April 10 start of absentee voting - (GMA News)

Most Pinoys will not vote for Arroyo’s bet – Pulse Asia poll - (GMA News)

Villar, Noynoy enjoy Pinoys' trust: survey - (ABS CBN)

Supreme Court warns government bets vs electioneering   - (Philstar)

Saksi: Day 15 of the presidential campaigns - (GMA News)

Melo to poll bets: Quit now - (Malaya)

LP: RP needs peaceful electoral uprising to move forward  - (Philstar)

Yellow ballot boxes out; black plastic in - (Inquirer)

Dinky accepts Noynoy's Cabinet offer - (Philstar)

Saksi: Arroyo camp jubilant at SC decision - (GMA News)

Comelec makes last-minute change in ballot box design - (GMA News)

JC to Noynoy: I want you to succeed! - (ABS CBN)

Erap reveals 'bribe' try to back out of race - (ABS CBN)

Halalan 101: Shading your ballot- (ABS CBN)

Hindi ako ‘tuta’ ng kahit sino – Teodoro - (GMA News)

Pacquiao to campaign for Villar after Clottey bout - (ABS CBN)

Manny-a-Manny: Pacquiao to hit Villar campaign trail next month - (GMA News)

Magdalo set to announce support for Villar, Roxas- (GMA News)

Noynoy, Villar lead mock polls in Europe -  (ABS CBN)

Urge kin to pick bets who’ll help, OFWs told  - (Inquirer)

Power sector: No brownouts in Mindanao come election day  - (GMA News)

Aquino to Marcos: Look around, see progress  - (Inquirer)

Pacquiao backs Villar on tape: He’s one of us, was poor before  - (Inquirer)

Halalan wrap: Manny in Mandaue; Gibo, Noynoy no-show in sorties - (ABS CBN)

Gordon wants debate with Villar  - (Philstar)

I’m in the race for keeps: Erap  - (Malaya)

Teachers’ dilemma in May 2010 elections   - (Inquirer)

Failure of elections in Hong Kong, Singapore feared  - (Philstar)

Saksi: Erap bares offers in exchange for his race exit  - (GMA News)

LP looking into poll fraud plot - Noynoy  - (Philstar)

Villar: 3 prominent families ganging up on me - (Philstar)

Saksi: Candidates told to spare graduation rites from campaigns  - (GMA News)

SC: Poll bets deemed resigned - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec to pay P50 M in royalties for ballot security markings - (GMA News)

Comelec: All poll machines delivered by Friday - (GMA News)

Miriam dares Villar critics to fistfight - (Manila Bulletin)

Remaining 13,500 poll machines to arrive this week — Comelec  - (Inquirer)

Comelec: All ballots with security marks   - (Inquirer)

Bro. Eddie Villanueva, party-mates face OFWs  - (GMA News)

'Wrong choice of leader to make country worse'  - (Philstar)

Absence of NPO marks on ARMM ballots ‘not critical’ - (GMA News)

Villar’s Nacionalista Party winds up two-day Cebu sortie  - (Inquirer)

BertGon doesn’t favor PMA alums adopting politicians - (Malaya)

Palace: Special powers to serve national interest  - (Philstar)

Incumbent Cebu pols still mum on plans to join NP  - (Inquirer)

Noynoy hit on chief justice impeach warning   - (Philstar)

Gordon reveals why he’s running  - (Inquirer)

Gibo woos evangelical group; Gordon, Bayani in separate sorties - (ABS CBN)

Survey says 2010 polls will be media-driven - (Manila Bulletin)

Manny Villar, Noynoy Aquino tie in latest survey - (GMA News)

Delivery of PCOS machines not yet over despite deadline  - (GMA News)

Bets flock Quiboloy group's event in Cebu - (GMA News)

IBON survey: Filipinos doubtful of poll automation - (GMA News)

Gibo has support of mistahs in PMA - (GMA News)

Villar to rivals: Disclose identities of campaign donors - (Manila Bulletin)

Richard Gomez files appeal - (ABS CBN)

Don't make empty promises - Erap - (Philstar)

Villar gets Cardinal's blessing, no endorsement - (GMA News)

Comelec to voters: Shade fully the ovals - (ABS CBN)

Gibo still ‘doubtful’ of automated polls - (GMA News)

Bets urged not to yield to rebels’ permit to campaign - (Manila Bulletin)

Villar, Erap downplay TNS survey results - (ABS CBN)

Palace: Campaigns finally shifting to high ground - (GMA News)

‘If I win, next House Speaker will be chosen by my party’—Gibo - (GMA News)

Marcos allays fears on power crisis - (Manila Bulletin)

Saksi: Presidential sorties continue on 11th day of campaign - (GMA News)

DPWH takes on illegal posters - (Manila Bulletin)

Saksi: Judy Ann Santos wants to help Comelec in info campaign - (GMA News)

Enough with Cory bashing – Binay  - (Manila Bulletin)

Saksi: Nine out of 10 registered voters belong to lowest classes - (GMA News)

Aquino bares plans for Roxas, ‘pork barrel,’ girlfriend - (Inquirer)

QTV: Delos Reyes embarks on his first market tour - (GMA News)

Saksi: Aquino-Roxas tandem launches "Landas ng Pagbabago" bus - (GMA News)

Erap also wants to debate with Noynoy, Villar   - (Philstar)

Poll watchdogs want election audit expanded  - (Inquirer)

Gibo wows Makati businessmen; Erap admits lack of funds - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Comelec calls on showbiz celebs to help in voters education campaign - (GMA News)

Bro. Mike backs Toots Ople; Villar, Legarda must wait   - (Inquirer)

LP wants 'study' of Villar ads' 'truthfulness' - (ABS CBN)

Critics to Comelec: Do you know where you’re going? - (GMA News)

Mikey Arroyo eyeing party-list seat - (ABS CBN)

More voting machines should be audited to ensure polls' credibility - (GMA News)

Gibo ‘impressive’ but Arroyo link a ‘turn-off’ - (ABS CBN)

Roxas binira ni Legarda sa cheaper medicines law - (GMA News)

No Cabinet post for Teodoro if he loses presidential race  - (Inquirer)

Is Comelec ready for looming power crisis?- (Manila Bulletin)

Administration accused of 'vendetta politics' vs Liberal Party - (GMA News)

Comelec, two telcos agree on site of data centers - (Philstar)

Half of Pinoys believe Comelec ready for auto polls - survey  - (Philstar)



Saksi: PCOS machines to count votes right after precincts close on Election Day - (GMA News)

Campaign launched to monitor poll expenses  - (Philstar)

Presidential, VP bets continue vying for people's votes - (ABS CBN)

Gordon: Who needs celeb endorsers?  - (Inquirer)

Jail for overspending candidates? - (ABS CBN)

Villar on El Shaddai's endorsement: No need for formality - (GMA News)

SC: Mar Roxas is duly elected LP president - (GMA News)

Telcos agree on new data centers, says Comelec  - (Inquirer)

Comelec sacks Bedol, finally  - (Inquirer)

Villar also dominates 'ground war' - (ABS CBN)

Comelec bars Richard Gomez from joining Congress race  - (Inquirer)

Noynoy to Comelec: Are we in for manual counting? - (GMA News)

Revert to manual poll count, Comelec urged - (Manila Bulletin)

Priest, nun warn: GMA may cheat for Villar, not Gibo - (ABS CBN)

More Pinoys realize they don't know enough about automation, survey says - (GMA News)

Pag-endorso ng mga religious group sa kandidato iginagalang ng Simbahang Katoliko - (GMA News)




Political ads in buses allowed – poll body - (Manila Bulletin)

Posting of campaign materials in public schools banned  - (Philstar)

QTV: Bayani Fernando uses 'robots' in campaign - (GMA News)

Comelec mulls live video stream of ballot printing - (GMA News)

No location yet for Comelec data center that will process poll results - (GMA News)

Presidentiables scored for lack of health plan - (Manila Bulletin)

One-on-one debate between Aquino, Villar in the works - (GMA News)

DepEd asks Comelec to disqualify rule violators - (Manila Bulletin)

Villar accepts Aquino's one-on-one debate challenge - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Jamby hits presidential rivals with celeb endorsers - (GMA News)

Comelec OKs celebrity endorsements - (Philstar)

Power assured in May polls  - (Inquirer)

Saksi: 7 presidential candidates attend FOCAP forum - (GMA News)

QTV: Erap visits orphanage as part of campaign - (GMA News)

Only Gordon optimistic about poll automation - (ABS CBN)

5 presidential bets vow to go after Arroyo over ‘Hello Garci’ - (GMA News)

Comelec to study declaration of dominant, minority parties in automated polls   - (Philstar)

Group formed against signal jammers  - (Inquirer)

Presidential candidates woo religious groups for support - (GMA News)

Comelec warns candidates vs oversized ads on buses - (GMA News)

Comelec maps out plan for 100% transmission of votes - (Inquirer)

10 Metro cities may end up in poll watchlist   - (Philstar)

Madrigal: Anybody but Legarda for VP  - (Inquirer)

Saksi: 14 big showbiz names grace Sen. Noynoy Aquino's very first pol ad - (GMA News)

Saksi: KBL's Vetallano Acosta insists his presidential bid is serious - (GMA News)

Villar defends celebrity endorsers in poll campaign - (Inquirer)

Bulacan now has 2 governors  - (Inquirer)

QTV: PDEA: Illegal drug trade may be funding election campaigns - (GMA News)

Candidates, celebs: Comelec ban is unfair - (ABS CBN)

Aquino denies backing Binay’s VP bid - (Inquirer)

Candidates, celebs: Comelec ban is unfair - (ABS CBN)

Comelec unseats Panlilio - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec to celebrity endorsers: Take a leave or else - (ABS CBN)

QTV: Villar, Madrigal tour public markets - (GMA News)

Sen. Santiago’s not crazy–Comelec  - (Inquirer)

Smartmatic reports 82,000 voting machines ready  - (Inquirer)

Comelec says PCOS machines completed  - (Philstar)

Politicians urged to spare trees during campaign - (Philstar)

69% of voters unaware of party-list system—Pulse Asia survey  - (Inquirer)

Vote for bet’s merit, not money, ‘Gibo’ urges public - (Manila Bulletin)

QTV: Candidates sing and dance to draw votes - (GMA News)

Saksi: Volunteers, tanods remove posters from restricted areas - (GMA News)

Gibo, Lakas bets embark on 'Star Trek campaign'  - (Philstar)

Saksi: Gibo Teodoro 'to avoid mudslinging' with other bets - (GMA News)

Campaign season starts – and the mudslinging - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: Rallies, motorcades aggravate Metro Manila traffic - (GMA News)

Madrigal goes to market to check on ‘GG’ prices  - (Inquirer)

Saksi: Presidential bet Nicanor Perlas launches campaign at Ateneo De Manila  - (GMA News)

Bro. Eddie Villanueva opens quest at Luneta   - (Inquirer)

Erap's new campaign focus: peace and order - (ABS CBN)

QTV: Transformers Gordon-Fernando roll out campaign - (GMA News)

Voters told: Shade whole ovals, do not `overvote’  - (Inquirer)

'Colorful' rallies, giant flag mark start of presidential race - (ABS CBN)

Comelec limits campaign ads beginning Feb. 9 - (ABS CBN)

Donors of political ads must be made public - (Philstar)

Saksi: 3,500 checkpoints set up nationwide for May polls - (GMA News)

Tight security on eve of campaign period - (ABS CBN)

Saksi: 8 presidential candidates join Inquirer debate - (GMA News)







Saksi: Top bets for president grow wealth despite poll expenses - (GMA News)

Saksi: Campaign period for candidates for national posts to start Tuesday (GMA News)

Optimus Prime to carry ‘Transformers’ in campaign - (GMA News)

Bets gang up on Villar over big ad spend - (ABS CBN)

Gibo airs side on aunt's rebuke - (ABS CBN)

Comelec eyeing several options to resist signal jammers - (GMA News)

PNP wants P900 million for polls  - (Philstar)

Comelec starts printing ballots, but only for training - (ABS CBN)

Poll: Villar edges out Noynoy in one-on-one fight  - (Philstar)

Glitches mar printing of election ballots - (GMA News)

Angie’s vow: No election brownouts  - (Malaya)

Arroyo still for Teodoro, says Palace  - (Inquirer)

GMA won't appear in Lakas' proclamation rally  - (Philstar)

Anybody but Gibo, says Danding's wife - (ABS CBN)

Interview with Comelec chair Jose Melo on Saturday's mock polls - (GMA News)

Comelec agrees to divulge source codes of PCOS machines - (GMA News)

Wrong voter's list posted at Taguig precinct - (GMA News)

Comelec to bets: Remove illegal materials before campaigns start - (Inquirer)

Bong overtakes Jinggoy in Senate race - SWS  - (Philstar)

Comelec to turn over source code to Central Bank Friday - (GMA News)

Poll results can be sent even in areas without cellphone signals - (GMA News)

Saksi: SC asked to reverse Comelec ruling on Arroyo Congress bid - (GMA News)

Pulse Asia: Noynoy 37%, Villar 35%, Erap 12%  - (Philstar)

Comelec, DFA see 50 percent overseas voter turnout   - (Philstar)

QTV: Comelec to hold mock polls on Saturday - (GMA News)

Palace orders probe on jamming devices - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec junks disqualification cases vs Aquino, Villar, Roxas - (GMA News)

Saksi: Comelec makes last-minute changes on ballot design - (GMA News)

Melo: Jammers no cause for alarm  - (Philstar)

Political parties worry over signal jammers - (ABS CBN)

New US envoy hopes for peaceful RP vote  - (Inquirer)

Comelec hopes for 50% OAV turnout in upcoming polls - (GMA News)

Pervasive ads help Villar cuts Aquino’s lead in polls - (ABS CBN)

Comelec emergency plan includes signal jamming problem - (GMA News)

 Comelec alarmed over reported entry of 5,000 cellphone signal jammers   (GMA News)

Comelec, Smartmatic sign pact on 77,000 ballot boxes - (Inquirer)

Two town officials shot dead in Mindanao - (Manila Times)

Early release of funds for Comelec info drive sought - (Philstar)

Erap shows campaign hardware  - (Philstar)

Hagedorn can run again–Comelec - (Inquirer)