Philippine Election News

May 2011

Senators reluctant to pass ARMM poll postponement bill  - (Philstar)

Senate starts ARMM poll debate; measure faces rough sailing - (Businessworld online)

Mayor's poll victory nullified - (Sunstar)

Senate asks SC to postpone ARMM polls to 2013  - (Philstar)

SC asked to junk petition challenging ARMM polls' postponement- (GMA News)

PNoy to meet ARMM governors - (ABS CBN)

Malacañang goes ARMM wrestling - (Manila Times)

ARMM residency question hounds Cojuangco - (Newsbreak.ph)

Aquino ready to talk with Marcos on ARMM poll postponement- (Inquirer)

Chavit son wins Ilocos Sur poll- (Inquirer)

There’s no stopping Tingting- (Inquirer)

COMELEC is cleansing ARMM voters’ list, says poll body exec - (pia.gov)

Mangudadatu-Cojuangco tandem in ARMM polls - (Businessworld online)

No LP in ARMM polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Special polls in Ilocos Sur- (Manila Bulletin)

House panel endorses bill on incumbents' candidacy - (Philstar)

14 run for gov, 16 for vice gov in ARMM polls; ruling party has no candidate - (Mindanews)

President Aquino’s party split in Ilocos Sur- (Inquirer)

Poll body releases list of ARMM candidates - (Mindanao examiner)

Someone Else's Windows: What’s a Cojuangco doing in the ARMM? - (Mindanews)

Palace to Senate: Put ARMM bill to vote - (Businessworld online)

Some see polls as ‘proxy war’ between Binay, defeated rival - (Inquirer)

Lucena mayoral row ain’t over; unseated exec to appeal fate- (Inquirer)

Palace to Bongbong: Don't archive ARMM poll postponement bill- (GMA News)

‘Bongbong’ mulling steps to have ARMM delay bill archived- (The Daily Tribune)

Akbar daughter running for RLA-ARMM - (Mindanews)

Senator: No time for bill to defer Armm polls - (Sun Star)

Comelec orders ousted Lucena City mayor to vacate post for vice mayor- (Inquirer)

Palace to Marcos: Put ARMM proposal to a vote - (ABS CBN)

Comelec ready for ARMM polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Lawyer: ARMM polls pushing through - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec in a bind over PCOS machines for ARMM - (ABS CBN)

ARMM poll delay bill gets one more hearing- (Malaya)

ARMM poll aspirants given ‘til Wednesday to file papers- (Inquirer)

Aquino will not field aunt in ARMM polls- (GMA News)

Comelec frets as ARMM poll postponement issue hangs- (Inquirer)

Group backs PNoy’s bid for postponement of ARMM polls- (GMA News)

ARMM polls postponement could lead to uprising - ex-gov - (ABS CBN)

Palace thanks Enrile for supporting ARMM poll postponement - (Inquirer)

Mangudadatu expects ARMM polls postponement - (ABS CBN)

In Bacolod - All contested ballot boxes sealed - (Visayan Daily Star)

Election pits Singson versus lawyer - (Manila Bulletin)

DILG secretary: Postponing polls to ‘clean up’ ARMM - (GMA News)

Massive ballot tampering found in Pampanga - (Sun Star)

Comelec to inventory, seal ballot boxes - (Sun Star)

Mar's Cabinet post could affect 2016 bid: Miriam - (ABS CBN)

Last hearing on ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

Poll body junks bid for manual Armm elections - (Sun Star)

Poll body resets Armm polls - (Sun Star)

Datu blasts Guingona over ARMM poll postponement - (ABS CBN)

Comelec moves filing of candidacy in Armm polls - (Sun Star)

Comelec calls on Quino’s supporter to stay calm - (PIA)

Zamboanga not keen on joining expanded Armm - (Sun Star)

The search for good ARMM leadership is on - (Zamboanga today)

Senators split on ARMM poll postponement  - (Business mirror)

Chiz points out 'errors' in bills seeking to postpone ARMM polls - (GMA News)

Aquino gov’t ready to field bets in ARMM polls—Palace  - (Inquirer)

Lacson, Trillanes want Palace to postpone ARMM polls - (ABS CBN)

Comelec on Armm polls: We can only wait for one week - (Sun Star)

COMELEC resumes continuing registration, targets validation of 45,000 voters in Capiz - (PIA)

Senate panel not inclined to OK postponement of ARMM polls  - (GMA News)

Alleged coup plotter Lim wants closure on ‘Hello Garci’ scandal  - (GMA News)

Comelec to reuse 5K ballots for ARMM polls   - (Business mirror)

Election watchdogs call for ARMM manual voting  - (Vera files)

Palace to monitor ARMM poll postponement bill  - (GMA News)

Comelec unseats Ilocos Norte mayor - (PIA)

Brilliant riposte: Comelec chief still fit after fall   - (Manila Standard)

Comelec chief Brillantes to undergo more tests  - (GMA News)

Palace concerned with accusations vs Comelec chief  - (GMA News)

Aquino aunt joins fray in ARMM polls  - (Inquirer)

Comelec resets filing of COCs for ARMM polls to May 14 - (PIA)

SC orders Palace, Congress to comment on ARMM poll postponement  - (Philstar)

Comelec resumes voter registration - (Philstar)


April 2011

Women mark anniversary of right to vote - (Inquirer)

The ARMM elections  - (Manila Bulletin)

P-Noy's new Comelec men - (Philstar)

New Comelec exec for manual ARMM polls  - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec sets ARMM candidacy filing  - (Inquirer)

Cayetano’s petition vs Comelec junked  - (Inquirer)

Veteran IT expert is new Comelec commissioner  - (ABS CBN)

Poll protest vs Lim not yet finish--Atienza   - (Philstar)

PET allows Comelec to copy CF cards for recount, election protests  - (Inquirer)

Synchronizing ARMM elections - (Inquirer)

Filing of CoCs for ARMM poll set for May 9  - (Manila Bulletin)

All systems are ‘go’ for ARMM polls  - (Journal online)

Oppositors to delaying ARMM elections go to SC  - (Malaya)

ARMM residents want elections on Sept. 8  - (Inquirer)

Nene turns tables on Jesse - Says reported P5B fund misuse all the more reason for not delaying ARMM polls  - (Malaya)

Bongbong: ARMM polls not a shouting match  - (Journal online)

Comelec to play Solomon in Taguig - (Manila Bulletin)

Minors registered as voters in Maguindanao  - (Inquirer)

Supreme Court scolds Comelec  - (Manila Standard)

Prepare for ARMM polls, Comelec told - (Journal online)

Palace running out of time for ARMM polls postponement  - (Inquirer)

Postponing ARMM polls needs plebiscite – Pimentel  - (Mindanews)

Time may kill ARMM poll bill  - (Malaya)

SC cites Comelec for contempt over Guardians’ delisting  - (Inquirer)

Marcos sets hearing on ARMM poll postponement bill   - (Philstar)

Senate to tackle bill postponing ARMM polls - (ABS CBN)

Palace concerned with accusations vs Comelec chief - (GMA News)

Brillantes: Postponing ARMM polls not abnormal - (ABS CBN)

ARMM poll postponement unconstitutional — Macalintal - (GMA News)

Aquino appoints campaign team lawyer to Comelec - (GMA News)

Senator accuses Comelec chief of bribery - (Inquirer)

Comelec upholds May 10 victory of Surigao Norte solon - (GMA News)

Call to defer ARMM poll supported - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec orders recount in Taguig  - (Inquirer)

March 2011

Senate bill seeks to postpone ARMM polls to 2013 - (GMA News)

Comelec urged: Prepare for ARMM elections - (Philstar)

Comelec urged to institute clean, honest ARMM polls  - (Journal online)

ARMM poll delay faces rejection  - (Malaya)

Senators not keen on ARMM polls postponement: Marcos - (ABS CBN)

Comelec urges Senate to act fast on proposed postponement of ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

PNoy defends ARMM polls postponement - (ABS CBN)

Aquino urges Senate to pass bill postponing ARMM polls  - (Inquirer)

Fate of ARMM poll delay left to Senate - (Businessworld)

Low turnout reported for ARMM voter registration   - (Inquirer)

House approves ARMM poll postponement  - (Inquirer)

Palace wants bill postponing ARMM polls passed before House recess  - (Inquirer)

Respect Moros’ right to vote for leaders—Bagatsing   - (Inquirer)

Miriam: ARMM poll postponement ‘unconstitutional’ - (GMA News)

ARMM voters’ registration starts today - (PIA)

Palace appeals anew to senators, House to postpone ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

Palace denies railroading bill for ARMM poll postponement - (GMA News)

MILF mum on poll postponement but vows to bring progress to Moros  - (Inquirer)

Plebiscite needed to postpone ARMM polls - (PIA)

Solons push drive vs poll deferment - (Manila Bulletin)

Registration for ARMM polls to start Monday  - (Inquirer)

Zubiri sees defeat of ARMM poll deferment bill in Senate - (Inquirer)

Pro-ARMM poll group want law respected - (Manila Bulletin)

'What's stopping Palace from postponing 2013 polls?' - (ABS CBN)

Aquino certifies ARMM poll deferment bill urgent - (Inquirer)

Clan rivalry colors ARMM polls debate - (ABS CBN)

Bishop nixes PCOS machines for ARMM polls - (ABS CBN)

ARMM poll delay bill sputters - (Malaya)

4 ARMM governors back postponement of regional polls  - (Inquirer)

Former presidents rapped for postponing ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

ARMM poll postponement setback for Moro autonomy, legislator says - (Inquirer)

Joker Arroyo: Leave autonomy alone - (Inquirer)

House fails to pass bill postponing ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

Noy wants non-politician to run ARMM - (Malaya)

Appeal aired for holding of elections - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec approves manual recount of ballots in poll protests   - (Inquirer)

Poll protests to be resolved manually - (Philstar)

2 govs back poll reset amid ‘arm-twisting’ rap    - (Inquirer)

Comelec to abandon use of PCOS machines - (Manila Bulletin)

Aquino gov’t accused of pressuring local execs on ARMM poll postponement  - (Inquirer)

Armm lawmakers nix polls postponement- (Sunstar)

Aquino ‘open’ to holding ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

Comelec extends ARMM voter education through YouTube - (Inquirer)

Comelec cites PNP’s zero poll violence - (Negros chronicle)

Muslim leaders divided over Armm poll postponement - (Sunstar)

Daughter elected to serve term left by late Cagayan solon  - (Inquirer)

ARMM reform plan to focus on drive vs corruption -- interior chief   - (Inquirer)

No legal infirmity in postponement of ARRM elections - Sec. De Lima - (Philippine Information Agency)

Special polls proceed smoothly - (Manila Bulletin)

Face-off in Cotabato on ARMM polls - (ABS CBN)

Protests greet solons on plan to postpone elections in ARMM - (Inquirer)

Consultation on ARMM polls lauded - (Manila Bulletin)

Lawmakers meet with people opposed to ARMM poll postponement  - (Inquirer)

Opposition to ARMM polls delay rising  - (Malaya)

Comelec commissioners to be named during Congress break  - (Philstar)

Special polls prepared for Singson’s vacated House seat for Ilocos Sur - (Inquirer)

ARMM stakeholders to air concerns over polls - (GMA News)

12 police chiefs reshuffled as Cagayan special poll nears - (Philstar)

Poll watchdog to Congress: Decide on ARMM poll bill - (Philstar)

COMELEC orders 18 ex-candidates to explain failure to declare expenditures
- (Philippine Information Agency)

Up in ARMMs over poll reset  - (Journal.com.ph)

Courting people’s anger - (Inquirer)

Comelec hailed for poll preparations  - (Manila Bulletin)

Loong lauds PNoy for consulting Muslim solons on ARMM polls postponement  - (Zamboanga Today)

ARMM poll watchdogs want August election to push through - (Philstar)

Poll gun ban begins today in Cagayan  - (Manila Bulletin)

Why the secrecy in PNoy’s search committee?  - (Newsbreak.ph)

Aquino allies to choose OICs in ARMM, control war chest’  - (Inquirer)

Comelec hits critics - (Journal online)

Comelec hit for insisting on ARMM elections  - (Inquirer)

ARMM election must proceed  - (Manila Bulletin)

Malacañang hatches ‘sinister’ plan on ARMM - (Manila Times)

Medina: Ripe for Comelec? - (Newsbreak.ph)

Flawed justifications - (Manila Standard)

House vote to postpone ARMM polls draws near - (GMA News)

Bongbong: ARMM execs don't want polls postponed - (GMA News)

Ledac gives Aquino the cold shoulder on ARMM polls  - (Manila Standard)

Comelec gets ready for ARMM polls - (Malaya)

February 2011

Congress leaders agree to postpone ARMM polls- (Inquirer)

Solon: SC ruling on Mikey Arroyo case to ‘subvert’ party-list system - (GMA News)

SC: It’s final, Mikey can represent tricycle drivers in Congress - (GMA News)

Various issues raised on ARMM polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Poll postponement to allow ARMM audit, says Robredo  - (Philstar)

ARMM poll delay move draws various feedback - (Manila Bulletin)

ARMM set for special polls - (ABS-CBN)

Cleansing of ARMM voter's list pushed - (Philstar)

DavNor Comelec awaits schedule for new voters’ registration - (pia.gov)

Opposition solon reminds Aquino of campaign vow - (Manila Bulletin)

Poll body resumes voters’ registration in April  - (Manila Standard)

Palace wants to defer ARMM polls due to lack of bankable bets: Lagman - (Malaya)

Mindanao guvs want Armm polls to push thru - (Sunstar)

Poll postponement like ‘robbery’ - (Inquirer)

Minority: Heir of EDSA heroes has yet to deliver - (ABS-CBN)

ARMM planners undergo training - (Manila Bulletin)

Special Elections set for March 12 - (Manila Bulletin)

House panels approve postponement of ARMM elections - (Manila Bulletin)

Bill postponing ARMM polls goes to House plenary - (ABS-CBN)

Comelec sets sked for ARMM voters' registration - (ABS-CBN)

Tagle to head Comelec Second Division - (Manila Bulletin)

Manual system for ARMM elections? - (Philstar)

Muslim religious group in Basilan asks P-Noy to postpone ARMM polls   - (Zamboanga Today)

Comelec prepares for ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

Misuari backs planned postponement of ARMM polls  - (Inquirer) 

More names in race for vacant Comelec Commissioners' posts  - (Manila Bulletin)

ARMM outrage seen if August polls stopped - (Inquirer)

ARMM needs fresh mandate — Revilla - (Manila Bulletin)

Solon assails ARMM polls delay- (Malaya)

DOJ supports postponement of ARMM elections  - (Philstar)

Plan to postpone ARMM polls slammed - (Inquirer)

Dureza backs ARMM poll in August - (Manila Bulletin)

Former S. Cotabato election exec denies sabotage charge  - (Inquirer)

ARMM polls postponement gains ground in Congress  - (Inquirer)

Manila election recount stalled - (Inquirer)

Malacañang declares ARMM a ‘failed experiment,’ supports poll postponement  - (Inquirer)

Showdown seen on plan to defer ARMM elections - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec exec charged over 'dagdag-bawas' - (Manila Bulletin)

ARMM polls issue divides Aquino, kin  - (Inquirer)

Sarmiento: Re-use of PCOS needs evaluation - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec now has budget for ARMM polls - (ABS-CBN)

Muslim leaders still deeply divided over ARMM poll postponement - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec says ready for ARMM polls - (ABS-CBN)

Comelec asks Congress to decide on ARMM poll postponement soon  - (Inquirer)

Mindanao body backs ARMM polls postponement - (Inquirer)

Public consultation on ARMM polls set - (Manila Bulletin)

Cotabato, Akbayan solons join efforts to postpone ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

Election Watchdog Against Postponing ARMM Polls  - (Bulatlat)

Are political parties doomed?  - (Newsbreak.ph)

Minda Da News: Is ARMM Still Autonomous?  - (Mindanews)

Comelec seeks approval from Congress to use PCOS machines in ARMM polls  - (Zamboanga Today)

ARMM polls as scheduled ‘impractical,’ threat to peace, says ex-ARMM official - (Inquirer)

Noy wants own men in ARMM, seeks to postpone polls - (Philstar)

MinDA chair wants ARMM polls deferred  - (Mindanews)

House split on postponement of ARMM elections - (ABS-CBN)

Comelec chair to House: Decide fate of ARMM polls in 3 months - (Inquirer)

Aquino asks Congress to postpone ARMM polls to 2013 - (Inquirer)

Appoint woman commissioner in Comelec, says Cayetano  - (Philstar)

Peace, autonomy advocate opposes ARMM polls postponement  - (Inquirer)

Comelec prodded to junk 'flawed' PCOS technology - (Manila Bulletin)

Party lines crossed to block postponement of ARMM elections  - (Manila Bulletin)

PNoy urged to name 2 new Comelec commisioners - (ABS-CBN)

Brillantes underscores need to fill Comelec posts - (Philstar)

2 Comelec commissioners retire - (Newsbreak)

January 2011

Brillantes hopes to have say in choice of Comelec execs - (Philstar)

Comelec urged to use other technologies instead of PCOS   - (Manila Bulletin)

Brillantes wants to see shortlist of poll officials  - (Manila Bulletin)

Use of PCOS machines in ARMM poll OK'd  - (Manila Bulletin)

Brillantes: Comelec prepared for ARMM polls - (GMA News)

Muslim leaders split over ARMM elections  - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec prepares for a special election in the 2nd district of Cagayan  - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec officials suspension upheld  - (Manila Bulletin)

Brillantes vows not to protect Ampatuan clan - (Philstar)

Comelec to buy PCOS machines? - (Business world)

Comelec allows local courts to use PCOS machines to resolve election protest cases
- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec sends PCOS machines to courts to resolve election protests - (Philstar)

Brillantes asked to address teachers' poll concerns - (Manila Bulletin)

Brillantes prefers lawyer over IT expert - (Manila Bulletin)

DZIQ: New Comelec chief downplays meeting with Aquino's 'chief troubleshooter' - (Inquirer)

Palace: No premature political endorsements - (Manila Bulletin)

Muslim group supports delay of ARMM polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Cayetano explains side on Brillantes' appointment - (Manila Bulletin)

Brillantes urged to ‘green’ elections - (Inquirer)

Comelec employees want 'insiders' - (Manila Bulletin)

Appeals court upholds suspension of Comelec execs  - (Inquirer)

‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing,’ says Cayetano of Brillantes  - (Inquirer)

Brillantes not confident of CA confirmation  - (Philstar)

Brillantes blacklists former law firm - (Malaya)

Senator vows to unmask the real Sixto Brillantes  - (Inquirer)

Brillantes fails to attend first Comelec session - (Inquirer)

New Comelec chief to quit if deemed unfit for post  - (Philstar)

Cayetano to Brillantes: Watch me  - (Malaya)

LP defends Mar's meeting with new Comelec chief - (Philstar)

Escudero-Roxas 2016 presidential match heats up - (Inquirer)

VP Binay admits recommending Brillantes for Comelec chief - (GMA News)

Who is Comelec's Sixto Brillantes Jr.? - (GMA News)

Freedom House cites PHL May 2010 elections successful - (Manila Bulletin)

Report New Comelec chief meets with underlings  - (Philstar)

New Comelec chief: Get to know me first before judging - (GMA News)

Be transparent, Melo advises new Comelec chief - (GMA News)

Brillantes takes oath as new poll chairman - (Inquirer)

Election lawyer congratulates new poll chief - (Inquirer)

Unlock 'secrets' of polls, new Comelec head urged - (Manila Bulletin)

Aquino urged to expand search for next poll chief - (Manila Bulletin)

Women's groups oppose Macalintal's nomination as Comelec chair - (Manila Bulletin)

'Comelec chief race not limited to 2' - (Philstar)

Contenders for top Comelec post belie Palace faction war - (GMA News)

No Palace infighting over Comelec chief nominees  - (ABS-CBN)

Macalintal, Brillantes ties won't matter — Comelec exec - (GMA News)

Solons, groups raise howl over Macalintal nomination - (Inquirer)

Truth Comm member also among those eyed for top Comelec post - (GMA News)

'No sabotage in barangay polls' - (Philstar)

Factions back different men for top Comelec post — Serge - (GMA News)

Aquino confirms interviewing candidates for Comelec chief - (Inquirer)

‘LP-Balay’ group backs Macalintal, ‘Noybi’ camp for Brillantes - (Inquirer)

Human rights lawyer leads nominees for Comelec post - (GMA News)

Arroyo’s former poll lawyer a bet for post of Comelec chairman - (Inquirer)

‘Truth’ body member, prominent lawyer nominated for Comelec chairmanship   - (Inquirer)

Aquino’s vow not to seek re-election good news, say senators - (Inquirer)

Aquino wants Comelec chief ‘who is better than all of them’ - (Inquirer)

Wanted: Young, but experienced Comelec chief  - (Manila Bulletin)

'New Comelec head should have IT know-how'  - (Philstar)

Retired SC associate justice eyed as Melo's replacement  - (Philstar)

Savings to be spent in ARMM polls  - (Manila Bulletin)

15 electoral cases set for resolution — Rodriguez   - (Manila Bulletin)

Brillantes replacing Melo?  - (Philstar)