Philippine Election News

May 2012

Comelec lawyer: Witness in Gloria Arroyo poll fraud case missing - (GMA News)

Poll chair coming for 5th district special election - (Sunstar)

Poll glitches will not happen next year, Comelec assures - (Businessworld Online)

Comelec-Ifugao registers 95,850 voters for first quarter of 2012 - (PIA)

Security measures in place for June 2 Negros special polls for Iggy successor  - (GMA News)

‘Voters, get your IDs now’ – Comelec Cauayan City - (PIA)

Comelec getting ready for new ARMM voter registration - (Inquirer)

Comelec opens registration of detainees in So. Cotabato - (PIA)

Comelec-Kalinga disseminates guidelines on registration of illiterates, disabled - (PIA)

‘Remove Illegal posters’ - (Visayan Daily Star)

Lawmakers call for poll reforms in Armm - (Sunstar)

Referendum for Bacoor and Imus set - (PIA)

Poll body reminds bets vs. illegal posting - (Sunstar)

Poll monitoring centers activated in 5th district - (Visayan Daily Star)

General voter listing in ARMM approved - (Businessworld Online)

Pimentel bats media inclusion in absentee voting system law  - (Zamboanga Today Online)

Comelec Eases IP Registration Procedure - (Manila Bulletin)

Morato disputes Comelec electioneering raps - (Inquirer)

Comelec Registration In Parañaque City - (Manila Bulletin)

SC urged to rule on the purchase of used voting machines before end of the month -
(Businessworld Online)

New General Voters’ Registration Sought- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec orders Morato charged for electioneering - (Inquirer)

50 aspirants seek Comelec post  - (Philstar)

Comelec allows off-site registration in 4 Kalinga towns - (PIA)

Comelec wants voters' education taught in HS - (ABS CBN)

Comelec warns 5th district bets vs. posters, campaign spending - (Visayan Daily Star)

Comelec office offers early list-up for seniors- (Manila Standard Today)

COMELEC stops recount in Himamaylan - (Visayan Daily Star)

‘Too costly to buy new poll machines’ - (Manila Standard Today)

Comelec to oppose GMA bid to seek treatment abroad - (Philstar)

Senate OKs ARMM voter re-listing - (ABS CBN)

Last day of voters’ registration is on Oct. 31 – COMELEC - (PIA)

‘List’ Measure Passes Second Reading - (Manila Bulletin)

Albay to launch program for PWDs in 2013 elections - (PIA)

Comelec seeks passage of 'Anti-Epal' bill  - (Philstar)

75 voting machines to benefit OFWs - (Oman Tribune)

Comelec rules in favor of ousted Imus mayor - (ABS CBN)

Lipat-on special polls winners proclaimed - (Visayan Daily Star)

Poll chief bats for return of law vs premature campaigning - (Sunstar)

Comelec rules in favor of ousted Imus mayor - (ABS CBN)

Candidacy filing for 5th district special polls starts today - (Sunstar)

ARMM re-registration set before Ramadan - Comelec - (Rappler)

Comelec urges PWDs to register thru PWD lane - (PIA)

Comelec wants no more than 150 party-list groups in 2013 polls  - (Philstar)

Poll body to conduct general registrations in Armm - (Sunstar)

Senate panels OK nullification of ARMM voters’ list  - (GMA News)

Saquilayan Retains Post - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec to monitor delisted party-list groups - (Philstar)

‘No election hotspots in 5 th district'   - (Visayan Daily Star)

June 2 polls all set despite bid for TRO  - (Visayan Daily Star)

Counting machines are fixed, govt says- (Manila Standard Today)

COMELEC urges eligible voters to take advantage of satellite registrations - (PIA)

Erap Confirms Bid For Manila Mayor - (Manila Bulletin)

Lipa, Batangas mayor can keep post — SC - (GMA News)

2 Comelec commissioners coming for 5th district special polls  - (Sunstar)

Comelec urges Pinoys abroad to register as overseas voters before Oct. 31  - (GMA News)

Politicians told: Don’t use 4Ps  - (Visayan Daily Star)

OSG defends purchase of PCOS machines - (ABS CBN)

Comelec standing pat on poll machine deal - (Businessworld Online)

18 senators want ARMM voters' list nullified - (GMA News)

Aside from PCOS, Smartmatic can bid for other election services - (Rappler)

Lawmakers push delay of barangay elections- (Manila Standard Today)

Palace to name 24 assemblymen for ARMM  - (Philstar)

Only 10 of 600 persons with disabilities join special poll registration - (Sunstar)

Comelec To Weed Out Party-List 'Pretenders' - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec mulls random printing of party-list groups in ballots   - (Philstar)

Estrada can file transfer of registration until May 12 - (Sunstar)

Pasay court again defers bail petition of Abalos- (Manila Standard Today)

Army, PNP aim for zero violence - (Visayan Daily Star)

COMELEC's satellite registration continues to reach far-flung barangays - (PIA)

Barangay election set May 12 - (Visayan Daily Star)

Aquino insists on new ARMM voters’ list - (Inquirer)

SC junks Comelec disqualification of Jalosjos' governor-son  - (GMA News)

Electoral protest vs Pasay mayor junked  - (ABS CBN)

COMELEC sets PWDs registration  - (PIA)

Comelec assures funding for plebiscite  - (Business Mirror)

New poll rules to give partylist groups equal chances - (Philstar)

Askal, addicts face scrutiny from Comelec  - (Philstar)

Junk Comelec deal, SC urged - (Manila Standard Today)

Lagman, then as now, still unimpressed by Smartmatic - (Malaya)

Prepare Detainee Voting, LGUs Urged - (Manila Bulletin)

Party-list screening kicks off - (Inquirer)

Comelec brings PWD registration to barangay - (Minda News)


April 2012

Comelec: 62 party-list groups delisted from May 2013 polls - (GMA News)

Smartmatic willing to join bidding for new technology for 2013 polls - (Philstar)

2 lawmakers seek ARMM poll reforms  - (Manila Standard Today)

5th district special elections still unclear - (Sunstar)

COMELEC urged residents to register to vote in 2013 elections - (PIA)

Arroyo may run but not campaign in 2013  - (Manila Standard Today)

DOJ presses ex-poll supervisor as state witness - (ABS CBN)

Comelec still owes Smartmatic P50M - (Inquirer)

Witness says Comelec forced her to sign affidavit vs GMA - (Philstar)

Smartmatic dismisses watchdogs’ complaints - (Business World Online)

Court junks Gloria Arroyo's bid for biometric voter data - (GMA News)

PWDs support Polling Center Accessibility Act  - (Business Mirror)

Comelec may revert to manual elections in 2013 - (Philstar)

COMELEC admonishes poll officer - (Visayan Daily Star)

Elections chief threatens to resign - (Manila Standard Today)

We’ll just train teachers anew on manual count: Comelec - (Sunstar)

Peaceful special elections foreseen - (Visayan Daily Star)

Comelec goes full blast, assessment of possible hotspots on - (Sunstar)

2013 automated polls in jeopardy: Brillantes - (ABS CBN)

SC stops Comelec from buying P1.8-B PCOS machines  - (Business Mirror)

Comelec opposes GMA's biometric registration at VMMC  - (Philstar)

De Lima slammed over Abalos case - (Manila Standard Today)

Negros readies for special elections - (Business World Online)

Palace wants new poll exec to have IT background - (GMA News)

Campaign to increase the participation of PWDs in 2013 polls launched‏ - (Zamboanga Times Online)

PWDs say: We need access to voting precincts‏ - (Zamboanga Times Online)

Aquino urged to appoint PWD as Comelec commissioner  - (Malaya)

Ghost voters roam in ARMM - (Philstar)

Comelec denies Aquino request to register ARMM voters anew - (Inquirer)

DILG wants easy access for persons with disabilities during polls  - (Philstar)

Pimentel: Prosecute ex-poll official  - (Manila Standard Today)

House leaders want Negros special polls   - (Manila Standard Today)

Lawyers contest Comelec move to call special polls for Ignacio Arroyo’s seat - (Inquirer)

De Lima to fight Comelec move to pursue poll raps vs 2 witnesses - (Inquirer)

Brillantes: Comelec has strong case vs ex-Cotabato poll chief - (Sunstar)

Comelec exec’s worst fear is true, says Palace - (Inquirer)

Mindanao Comelec learns lessons from 2011 PWD registration - (Minda News)

Taguig residents picket Comelec over ballot boxes  - (Manila Standard Today)

Comelec has money for Camarines Sur plebiscite - (Inquirer)

Palace exec: Decision not to reappoint poll commissioner 'mutual' - (GMA News)

Noy, Mar set to attend LP convention in Negros  - (Philstar)

Binay doubts Roxas won’t run in 2016 - (Inquirer)

Special election period starts today, gun ban imposed - (Sunstar)

Comelec helpless in stopping premature campaigning - (Philstar)

Comelec commissioner on way out, blames Enrile - (Inquirer)

Comelec, Smartmatic-TIM told to comment on pleas opposing P1.8-B purchase deal - (GMA News)

SC to rule on PCOS TRO petition after Comelec reply - (ABS CBN)

Comelec urges unregistered voters to visit their office - (PIA)

Comelec Pressed On Voters' Listing- (Manila Bulletin)

Supreme Court to allow use of old ballot boxes for 2013 polls - (Philstar)

Arroyo camp hits DOJ 'meddling' in poll sabotage case - (GMA News)

Comelec urged to scrap polls for Iggy A’s seat - (Inquirer)

NGOs want persons with disability to take part in 2013 polls  - (Philstar)

Comelec: GMA may register as voter while in detention   - (Philstar)

Lawyer seeks early voting for reporters - (Inquirer)

Comelec officials in fraud case ‘most guilty’ - (Manila Standard Today)

OFWs to have more election machines, poll body says   - (Gulf Today)

Election recall vs Bani town officials stopped - (Sunstar)

DOJ plan to clear 2 poll officials of electoral-sabotage raps hit - (Business Mirror)

Koko to Comelec: Don't drop cases vs Abalos' co-accused - (Philstar)

Board of canvasser takes witness stand vs CGMA, Bedol bail hearing on electoral sabotage
- (Zamboanga Times)

Automated 2013 polls iffy - (Sunstar)

Supreme Court orders Comelec to answer petition on P1.8-billion PCOS deal  - (Philstar)

Abalos' lawyer in poll sabotage case quits - (ABS CBN)

Abalos camp: DOJ 'pressuring' Comelec to drop raps vs 2 ex-poll execs - (GMA News)

Comelec can't clear 2 in fraud case: Lagman - (ABS CBN)

Manual polls loom in 2013, Comelec chief warns - (ABS CBN)

SC asked to strike down P1.8-B Comelec contract to use PCOS machines in 2013 - (GMA News)

Comelec may spend P100 million more for next year's polls - (Philstar)

Better poll automation urged  - (Journal Online)

Lani Cayetano: Not true I dropped Taguig poll petition at SC - (Inquirer)

Binay backs Comelec decision to use PCOS for 2013 polls - (Philstar)

Group: Buying old PCOS machines 'wrong move' - (ABS CBN)

Lawmaker urges Comelec to implement automated election system for 2013 polls - (Zamboanga Times)

Prisoners set to vote in May 2013 elections - (PIA)

Macalintal: SC can’t intervene in Comelec use of PCOS - (ABS CBN)

Filing of COCs October 1-5  - (Visayan Daily Star)

SC rules Samar solon is a natural-born Filipino - (Philstar)

Group bent on stopping purchase of voting machines - (Sunstar)

Opponents of PCOS machines to sue Comelec - (Philstar)

Palace keeping out of a potential row involving Comelec's plan to buy PCOS machines - (GMA News)

Comelec signs contract with Smartmatic to buy PCOS machines - (Philstar)

March 2012

Poll body allocates P21M for special polls - (Sunstar)

Comelec to subpoena 'star witness' on poll fraud against GMA  - (Philstar)

Taguig mayor backs down on appeal to Comelec - (Inquirer)

PNoy approves P430M for ARMM’s voters registration  - (Journal Online)

Palace to field ARMM bets in 2013 polls - (Inquirer)

Comelec lawyers conspiring against him, says Abalos - (Inquirer)

Brillantes: ARMM re-registration will be difficult - (ABS CBN)

PWDs voter registration set in Caraga - (PIA)

Palace urges new registration of voters in ARMM - (Inquirer)

Comelec: No turning back to manual polls- (ABS CBN)

DILG: Local bets must declare poll expenses, contributions - (Philstar)

CA junks contempt case vs Abalos lawyer - (ABS CBN)

Abalos, Ampatuan plead not guilty to poll sabotage raps   - (Philstar)

There is money for plebiscite for creation of Nueva Camarines, lawmaker insists - (Inquirer)

Woman with cerebral palsy fights for PWDs’ right to vote - (GMA News)

Arroyo sister opposed in bid for Iggy’s seat  - (Malaya)

PCOS worries PNoy - (Journal Online)

Philippine posts closure seen to affect overseas absentee voting list up - (Sunstar)

Comelec promotes biometrics to help cleanse voters' list  - (Zambotimes)

Comelec defends special polls in Iggy Arroyo's post - (Sunstar)

Witness in GMA case: No tampering of votes in Maguindanao town  - (Philstar)

Comelec asks Pasay court to deny Bedol’s request to use gadgets  - (Zambotimes)

Comelec: GMA conspired with co-accused to give P-Noy zero vote - (Philstar)

Comelec: 2010 poll glitches traced to ‘human error’  - (Journal Online)

Critics gang up on Comelec chief over decision to use PCOS machines in 2013 polls - (Inquirer)

'PCOS machines better than manual system'  - (Philstar)

Enrile defends Comelec on PCOS vote-counting machines - (Inquirer)

Ex-poll chief contests purchase of PCOS machines - (GMA News)

Tribunal dismisses poll protest vs lawmaker - (Sunstar)

Palace lets Comelec decide on PCOS machines - (ABS CBN)

Comelec submits tampered ERs to block GMA bail petition - (Philstar)

2 groups oppose Comelec decision to use PCOS - (Inquirer)

Law enforcement units tackle preparations for 2013 polls - (Sunstar)

Comelec warned on PCOS purchase  - (Business Mirror)

300 suspected ‘flying voters’ held - (Inquirer)

Andal Sr. arraignment for poll sabotage reset anew - (Inquirer)

COMELEC urges qualified voters to register soon - (PIA)

Ex-poll officer: Marilou Arroyo can run for special polls - (Sunstar)

Bayan Muna supports holding of 5th district special polls - (Sunstar)

So sue us, Comelec tells critics of purchase of PCOS machines  - (Philstar)

Group to file TRO against purchase of PCOS machines - (Rappler)

Koko: Stop Payments To Smartmatic - (Manila Bulletin)

Election watchdog slams Comelec decision to buy PCOS machines for 2013 polls - (GMA News)

Koko ready to testify against GMA - (Philstar)

Election body in a spot over poll machines - (Manila Standard Today)

Comelec to reuse PCOS machines for 2013 polls - (Inquirer)

Bedol disowns Zubiri 'victory' - (Philstar)

Comelec to present 42 witnesses vs GMA - (Philstar)

Comelec’s 5th district special polls approval ‘likely’  - (Sunstar)

Koko: I won't raise Zubiri's hand - (ABS CBN)

Badgered on poll automation, Comelec chief blows top in House hearing - (Inquirer)

Ampatuan arraignment moved to March 19 - (Sunstar)

Special poll for Iggy’s district set  - (Journal Online)

After 2013, poll winners can’t serve without expense report - (Inquirer)

Comelec upgrades voters registration system   - (Sunstar)

ARMM determined to clean voters' registration record ahead of 2013 polls - (Zamboanga Today Online)

Delay in filing of COCs for 2013 polls sought - (Visayan Daily Star)

Bedol pleads not guilty to poll fraud charges - (Philstar)

Comelec orders transfer of Isabela ballot boxes - (Inquirer)

‘Flying voters’ tag Mangudadatu ally - (Inquirer)

Impending recall elections vs Tan siblings in Samar suspended   - (Sunstar)

Special polls now called impractical - (Visayan Daily Star)

DILG removes Sarangani town mayor - (Inquirer)

Comelec to present witnesses to pin down GMA  - (Philstar)

Group chooses to stay transparent, honest  - (Sunstar)

ARMM determined to clean voters' registration record ahead of 2013 polls  - (Zambotimes)

Comelec to decide tomorrow on purchase of PCOS machines - (Philstar)

Comelec terminates recall petitions for local posts - (Inquirer)

Comelec allows inmates to cast votes in May 2013 polls - (Manila Standard Today)

Comelec to hold PWDs voters registration in NegOr cities - (PIA)

Comelec chief prefers no special polls for seat vacated by Ignacio Arroyo - (Inquirer)

DFA assures closure of 10 embassies will have ‘minimal’ effect on services - (Inquirer)

Comelec to hold special registration for PWDs, seniors on March 9  - (Sunstar)

Don’t use PCOS machines in 2013 polls, Comelec urged - (Inquirer)

Abalos pleads not guilty to poll sabotage raps   - (Philstar)

Mayor: Davao to see 'colorful' 2013 polls  - (Sunstar)

COMELEC sets satellite registration in Roxas City - (PIA)

Out of funds, pressed for time, Comelec drops 34 recall election petitions - (GMA News)

Group calls off recall move vs. CDO mayor; says signatures not enough  - (Mindanews)

Comelec special registration set  - (Visayan Daily Star)

Poll watchdog thumbs down PCOS machines for 2013 elections - (GMA News)

Ignacio Arroyo’s sister may run for vacant House seat - (Inquirer)

OFW group questions DFA plan to close posts  - (Philstar)

Atienza urged to graciously accept defeat  - (Journal Online)

Filing of CoCs set October; Brgy special polls ordered  - (Visayan Daily Star)

Comelec holds special registration for Visayas PWDs this month  - (Yahoo Philippines)

Cebu lawmaker seeks early voting for senior citizens, PWDs  - (Sunstar)

Comelec confirms Quiño, council slate - (Inquirer)

Smartmatic 'return' in 2013 polls looms  - (Sunstar)

Comelec asked to implement order to retrieve Taguig ballots  - (Business Mirror)

Comelec chief wants village officials appointed, not elected - (Inquirer)

Abalos’s co-accused to be arraigned Monday  - (Sunstar)

Tom O prepares BO-PK slate for next year’s nat’l elections - (Inquirer)

Plebiscite Creates Two New Barangays  - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec opposes GMA bid to post bail  - (Philstar)

Comelec forms special bids committee for automation of 13 midterm polls - (Inquirer)

Comelec ready for 5th district poll - (Sunstar)

Only 5 days to file COC: Comelec - (Sunstar)

Comelec can't purchase Smartmatic machines for 2013 - (Sunstar)

Compostela recanvassing postponed - (Inquirer)

House to Comelec: Conduct special election to replace Rep. ‘Iggy’ Arroyo  - (Business World Online)


February 2012

Danao VM confident of recall poll in April - (Sunstar)

Comelec nixes complaint vs Silay mayor - (Sunstar)

Siruma special polls set  - (Journal Online)

Comelec to verify 9,800 signatures for recall petition - (Sunstar)

Cost of electoral reform in ARMM: P850M - (Inquirer)

Biometric Listing In ARMM Mulled - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec Mandaue launches off-site registration for PWDs - (Inquirer)

DOJ asked to present Abalos co-accused in poll fraud - (Philstar)

Removal of ghost voters in Armm continues - (Sunstar)

Comelec set to conduct re-canvassing today - (Inquirer)

Comelec bans replacement of party-list nominees - (Philstar)

Wagas to oppose re-canvassing - (Sunstar)

Voter education in high school pushed - (Business World Online)

Comelec fails to meet deadline to retrieve Taguig ballots - (Philstar)

ARMM chief asks Comelec for reforms - (Business World Online)

Comelec sees lower number of party-list bets in 2013  - (Sunstar)

Tinga criticizes election body over slow action - (Manila Standard Today)

Arroyo pleads not guilty on electoral sabotage rap- (Inquirer)

Cayetano fires back at Tinga, says he manipulated Comelec - (Manila Standard Today)

Compostela election impasse ‘to be resolved’ on Monday  - (Sunstar)

DFA presses drive for overseas voting- (Inquirer)

Recall petition vs vice mayor filed  - (Sunstar)

Ex-President Arroyo to be arraigned Thursday  - (Sunstar)

Cayetano makes last-ditch effort vs ballot retrieval - (Inquirer)

The automation scenario - (Business Mirror)

Tinga wants Comelec to cite Taguig mayor in contempt - (Inquirer)

Vice mayor faces recall petition - (Sunstar)

Comelec Fails Anew To Retrieve Questioned Ballot Boxes In Taguig - (Manila Bulletin)

Taguig poll recount starts today - (Journal Online)

Still No Elected Compostela Officials - (Manila Bulletin)

5 ARMM govs ask for new general voter registration - (Business Mirror)

Registry Center At NAIA Opens - (Manila Bulletin)

Court grants Arroyo’s request for separate arraignment - (Sunstar)

Double voters' registration can be traced through the NLRV - Comelec  - (PIA)

Beng co-sponsors bill amending absentee voting law - (Zamboanga Today Online)

High Court junks petition to disqualify governor - (Manila Times)

Heed warnings about Smartmatic’s AES - (Manila Times)

Castillano asks Mayor Durano camp to spare them from disbarment - (Sunstar)

Wrong Comelec witnesses stall Maguindanao massacre case - (Philstar)

Mayor supports move to delay barangay polls - (Sunstar)

Getting old Smartmatic machines may violate law, poll exec says - (Sunstar)

Brillantes confident Abalos will remain in jail - (ABS CBN)

Comelec to start bidding for poll machines in March - (Sunstar)

Court orders brgy. chief installed - (Sunstar)

Danao City mayor seeks disbarment of poll official who pushed through recall process - (Sunstar)

Comelec eyes buying Smartmatic machines - (Inquirer)

Mayor says ex-election officer being sabotaged - (Sunstar)

What is PCOS?  - (Business Mirror)

Comelec registers 398,018 voters in La Union  - (PIA)

Comelec to get new home in Pasay - (Philstar)

Comelec urged to resolve issue on canvassing system for 2013    - (Philstar)

Comelec Recommends 2013 Election Machines - (Manila Bulletin)

Robredo asks Comelec to implement electoral reforms in ARMM  - (PIA)

Tribunal accepts Dumarpa evidence vs solon  - (Mindanao Gold Star Daily)

Abalos' Arraignment Reset For March  - (Manila Bulletin)

Arroyo arraignment deferred - (Inquirer)

Abalos on poll fraud raps: ‘Wrong court’- (Malaya)

Recount keeping Davao Sur political rivalry alive - (Inquirer)

Pinoy dentists in Saudi help promote overseas voting  - (GMA News)

Lawmakers want special polls for 5th district - (Sunstar)

Mobile center for OAV registration opens in Manila - (ABS CBN)

Senator launches i-PCOS for 2013 polls - (Sunstar)

Comelec, DOJ take over investigation of 2004 poll fraud   - (Philstar)

Comelec to file case vs ex-election officer - (Sunstar)

COMELEC names new COAV head - (ABS CBN)

Comelec to begin bidding for poll machines next month - (Businessworld)

Comelec council seeks rigid testing of poll technology for 2013  - (GMA News)

What is OMR?   - (Business Mirror)

Robredo asks Comelec to implement electoral reforms in ARMM now  - (PIA)

COMELEC sets resumption of ARMM voters’ registration on March 5  - (PIA)

Abalos: Comelec has forsaken me  - (Philstar)

Security tight at Pasay court for Abalos arraignment  - (GMA News)

Arroyo can stay at VMMC—Comelec - (Inquirer)

Comelec drops bid for GMA transfer - (Malaya)

Young Ebdane Wins Zambales Polls - (Manila Bulletin)

Electoral reforms urged in Muslim Mindanao - (Businessworld)

DILG chief seeks new round of voters' registration in ARMM - (GMA News)

39 votes save aspiring chief - (Sunstar)

High turnout seen as polls take place in Zambales - (Inquirer)

SC allows probe on alleged election fraud in Davao del Sur - (Zambotimes)

Comelec poses no objection to Arroyo visiting Iggy wake - (GMA News)

Election protest ‘nears resolution’ - (Sunstar)

Special elections set for Feb. 4 in Zambales for House seat; holiday declared- (GMA News)

Lawmaker willing to act as 5th district caretaker  - (Sunstar)

Pasay court wants police advice on Arroyo's possible jail transfer - (GMA News)

Comelec wants early start to bidding for poll technology - (Manila Standard)

Comelec rejects house arrest for Gloria- (ABS CBN)

Comelec advisors pick OMR technology for 2013 elections - (GMA News)

Court junks motion to block witness not in prosecution’s lineup - (Inquirer)

Binay: 2010 poll win was 'destiny' - (Philstar)

Comelec, inusisa sa paghahanda sa 2013 mid-term elections - (GMA News)

Comelec to use PCOS technology in 2013 - (Philstar)

P100T offered to pin ‘arsonists’ - (Sunstar)

Belmonte: No need for special polls to replace Ignacio Arroyo - (Inquirer)

January 2012

2 Zambales special poll bets warned on posters - (Inquirer)

Tribunal releases records for Roxas poll protest  - (ABS CBN)

Political factions suspected arson, traded accusations on who started blaze - (Sunstar)

Aquino declares Feb. 4 as special non-working holiday in Zambales - (Zambotimes)

Stakeholders want participation in ARMM voters' registration  - (Philstar)

Comelec explains 'promo' for absentee voters - (Journal Online)

Comelec en banc junks poll case vs lawmaker - (Sunstar)

Comelec ready for special polls to elect Iggy Arroyo’s replacement- (Inquirer)

ARMM voter registration to start March 5  - (ABS CBN)

2013 poll plans to be set next week- (Businessworld Online)

Palawan governor plans to sue Comelec over recall - (Business Mirror)

Pasay judge sets Arroyo arraignment for Feb. 20- (Inquirer)

Comelec won't insist on Arroyo transfer to detention cell if doctors say she's still sick - (GMA News)

Abalos in more poll sabotage raps  - (Malaya)

Pasay court rejects GMA petition to withdraw arrest warrant  - (Philstar)

Comelec motion for Arroyo transfer to regular prison to be heard Feb. 3- (Inquirer)

Proponents say recall bid vs Emano moving- (Inquirer)

Comelec files electoral sabotage cases- (Manila Bulletin)

Judge junks Arroyo, Abalos bids concerning eletoral sabotage raps - (GMA News)

Sison: Postponing the 2013 Barangay Polls - (Sunstar)

Comelec ‘promo’ for OFWs to vote in 2013 polls hit- (Inquirer)

‘Arroyo well, she can be moved to jail or not’- (Inquirer)

GMA should be moved to regular jail, says Comelec chief  - (ABS CBN)

Village chief wins elections after drawing lots - (Sunstar)

Abalos family hopes for bail - (Journal Online)

Absentee voting vital -- solons - (Journal Online)

Lintang Bedol to remain in jail- (Inquirer)

Comelec may ask court to have Arroyo moved to regular cell - (Sunstar)

Comelec junks online voting for 2013 polls - (Philstar)

Comelec asked to dismiss case- (Manila Bulletin)

Trips, gifts await OFWs who sign up to vote in 2013- (Inquirer)

DOJ helps Comelec prosecute GMA  - (Businessworld)

Comelec to file electoral sabotage vs Abalos  - (Philstar)

DOJ lends 4 prosecutors to Comelec for poll fraud case vs. Gloria Arroyo - (GMA News)

Comelec told to comment on contempt vs Abalos - (Businessworld)

4 file candidacy for Zambales special poll - (Philstar)

Proposal to automate 2013 polls- (Manila Bulletin)

Alert up for Zambales special election  - (Journal Online)

Comelec to give incentives for overseas absentee voters - (GMA News)

Hataman forms new ARMM Cabinet - (Manila Bulletin)

Ebdane son joins congressional derby in Zambales - (Philstar)

Probe into alleged break-ins extended - (Manila Bulletin)

AFP, PNP to help ensure orderly polls in Zambales- (Inquirer)

Comelec verifies Mitra recall petition signatures  - (Philstar)

Group slams recall bid vs Palawan governor - (Sunstar)

Palawan recall polls draw near - (Malaya)

Police, military deputized for special Zambales elections - (Sunstar)

COMELEC urges voters to validate registration early - (PIA)

SC denies Alarilla's poll motion - (Manila Bulletin)

Motion to recall GMA arrest warrant submitted for resolution  - (Philstar)

Comelec ready for hearing on plan to split Davao del Sur in two- (Inquirer)

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