Philippine Election News

December 2011

Comelec seeking automated system for more transparent midterm polls - (Inquirer)

P-Noy to GMA: No remorse, no pardon  - (Philstar)

YEARENDER: New Comelec eyes reform, redemption - (Philstar)

Comelec annuls proclamation of Batangas town mayor  - (GMA News)

GMA presidential pardon unlikely - Aquino - (Manila Bulletin)

Security tightened in Imus, Cavite for mayoralty turnover - (GMA News)

Proclamation annulled - (Manila Bulletin)

'Smartmatic's participation in 2013 polls up to advisory council' - (Philstar)

Arroyo may spend New Year in hospital  - (Sunstar)

Abalos gets extended visiting time - (Malaya)

Comelec rejects Saquilayan’s plea for TRO vs Maliksi - (Journal Online)

I did not misbehave in court - Abalos - (Philstar)

GMA to seek New Year furlough - (Philstar)

Arroyo lawyers file motion on phone, laptop use - (ABS CBN)

Poll ruling confuses Imus execs - (Inquirer)

COMELEC Abra awards outstanding employees of the year - (PIA)

Arroyo won’t be home for Christmas - (Inquirer)

IBP to summon 'extortionists' in Abalos' poll case  - (GMA News)

SC voids election of Sarangani mayor - (Inquirer)

Comelec to install defeated candidate as Imus mayor  - (Business Mirror)

Abalos denies accusing Pasay judge of bribery - (Inquirer)

House to hire private lawyers to help prosecute Corona   - (Philstar)

Poll council starts technology screening process - (Newsbytes)

Improvised bomb recovered at ARMM regional governor's office  - (GMA News)

Abalos answers - (Manila Bulletin)

Hataman takes oath as ARMM OIC governor - (ABS CBN)

Abalos needs court clearance - police - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec settles barangay poll row in posh San Lorenzo village- (Manila Standard Today)

Use machines to save money - (Journal Online)

Abalos camp denies bribery rap vs Mupas  - (Philstar)

Corona 'acquits' GMA, officials 19X  - (Journal Online)

Judge orders Abalos to explain P100M bribery yarn - (Malaya)

Abalos to answer 'show cause' order Monday - (Sunstar)

Abalos claims P100-million extortion - (Philstar)

Prosecutors OK TV, radio for Arroyo- (ABS CBN)

AES wants Smartmatic Corp. banned- (Manila Bulletin)

Pasay court to tackle Abalos petition for bail  - (Philstar)

Comelec told to weigh options on voting machines - (GMA News)

Abalos in small, dirty detention room - (Philstar)

Arroyo camp wants warrant issued by Judge Mupas voided - (Inquirer)

Ex-Comelec chief Abalos spends first night in detention at SPD - (GMA News)

Abalos detained, seeks house arrest - (Inquirer)

Estrada says Arroyo should be punished - (Inquirer)

Comelec to oppose GMA's request to spend Christmas at home  - (Philstar)

Susan Roces: I pity Gloria- (ABS CBN)

Arroyo camp insists house arrest better- (ABS CBN)

Abalos says he’ll beat poll-cheating raps- (Manila Standard Today)

'GMA can't be charged with another electoral sabotage case'  - (Philstar)

Comelec told to study options on PCOS machines  - (Business Mirror)

Comelec chair vows speedy resolution of election cases- (PIA)

Palace: Arroyo’s stay at Veterans temporary- (Malaya)

De Lima: Arroyo no right to demand- (Sunstar)

Malacañang denies prejudging GMA  - (Philstar)

Bill tackles Comelec salary grade- (Manila Bulletin)

Arroyo transferred to VMMC - (ABS CBN)

Justices pick apart poll fraud case - (Malaya)

Arroyo to be transported to VMMC by land this morning, says lawyer - (Inquirer)

SolGen defends DOJ-Comelec panel on poll fraud probe - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo asks SC to stop Pasay court proceedings on electoral sabotage case - (Inquirer)

SC questions why GMA given only 10 days to file counter-affidavit  - (Business Mirror)

3 more in 2007 poll sabotage ordered arrested   - (Philstar)

SC to hear arguments on constitutionality of DoJ-Comelec panel - (Inquirer)

Abalos confident he won't be convicted for poll sabotage - (ABS CBN)

Comelec files poll sabotage raps vs Abalos  - (Philstar)

De Lima: PNoy has enough reason to take swipe at SC - (ABS CBN)

Allies want Arroyo home for Christmas - (Inquirer)

Ban on GMA's use of cell phone, computer to be implemented at VMMC  - (Philstar)

COMELEC: Over 5K register for OAV - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo cases won’t delay ruling on petition vs ARMM polls postponement – Pimentel III - (Minda News)

Arroyo move to Veteran’s pushed back to Friday - (Manila Standard)

PNoy asks Arroyo to tell all - (ABS CBN)

Comelec chief replies to text threats: 'Thank you' - (GMA News)

Pasay court extends GMA stay at St. Luke's  - (Philstar)

Charge Abalos too, insists Pimentel - (Inquirer)

Comelec will not oppose Arroyo extended stay in St. Luke’s - (ABS CBN)

Special election in 2nd district of Zambales set on Feb. 4, 2012 - (GMA News)

Koko, Migz to forge alliance for 2013 polls? - (ABS CBN)

Poll chief shrugs off death threats - (Journal Online)

Comelec eyes more voter registration machines for OAVs - (Philstar)

Comelec asked: What about Abalos? - (Inquirer)

Cayetano defends Senate parallel poll fraud probe - (Journal Online)

Comelec chief gets death threats - (ABS CBN)

Senate poll fraud probe to aid gov’t investigation and electoral reform  - (Businessworld Online)

Comelec not keen on consolidating poll sabotage cases  - (Philstar)

Veterans’ hospital director receives court order for Arroyo transfer - (Inquirer)

Doctor to testify today on GMA health condition - (Philstar)

Judge seeks security for Arroyo’s chief doctor - (Inquirer)

November 2011

Nothing wrong with 12-0 directive – Sotto - (Manila Bulletin)

No evidence links Arroyo to poll fraud yet--Pimentel - (Manila Standard Today)

Poll fraud panel called illegal - (Malaya)

Witness: GMA ordered 12-0 win   - (Philstar)

Former Garcillano protégé reveals P100-M bribe offer in ’04 polls - (Inquirer)

Election fraud probe invalid - lawyer - (Philstar)

Comelec defers filing of case vs Abalos  - (Sunstar)

‘Special ops’ allegation in ’07 polls sends Zubiri rushing to Senate - (Inquirer)

Senate probe digs deeper into 'Hello Garci' - (ABS CBN)

Sen. Santiago says bail hearing is Arroyo’s way out - (Inquirer)

Comelec council to recommend technology for 2013 polls  - (Philstar)

De Lima asks Supreme Court to dismiss contempt charge - (Inquirer)

PCOS fate to be decided January - (ABS CBN)

Comelec opposes house arrest  - (Philstar)

GMA may not be included in 2nd electoral sabotage case - (Philstar)

DOJ chief wants probe vs Arroyo lawyers - (Philstar)

Comelec urged to save bulk of P8-B poll automation budget  - (Philstar)

Palace aide: Aquino not vindictive; Arroyo must account for her acts - (Inquirer)

Due process vowed - (Manila Bulletin)

Former solon hits SC ruling on Arroyo - (Inquirer)

SC stops Comelec's junking party-list linked to 'Ang Dating Daan' - (Philstar)

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo lawyer says poll case has only one witness - (Inquirer)

Court orders GMA doctors to testify - (Philstar)

Comelec still investigating anomalies in 2004 polls - (ABS CBN)

Inhibition of Corona sought - (Businessworld Online)

Arroyo's condition improving: PNP report - (ABS CBN)

Comelec, DOJ to resume probe on vote rigging in 2004 polls   - (Philstar)

FVR tells Arroyo: Face the music - (ABS CBN)

Comelec files a motion to subpoena the 3 doctors of Arroyo - (Manila Bulletin)

Miriam to Gloria: Hire better lawyers - (ABS CBN)

Priest says GMA doesn't deserve cruel treatment - (ABS CBN)

Comelec decides to hold recanvassing of Compostela votes in the capital - (Sunstar)

Arroyo fails to get high court relief this time - (Inquirer)

Arroyo lawyers ask court to allow house arrest  - (Philstar)

Palace says Pasay RTC now the ‘battleground’ on Arroyo case - (Inquirer)

DOJ violated my constitutional right to travel, GMA tells SC  - (Philstar)

FG travel ban lifted - (Manila Bulletin)

Drafting Zaldy in poll fraud case assailed - (Malaya)

Ex-poll supervisor hits SC TRO - (Philstar)

Poll exec on swift action: Priority, not rush to judgment - (Inquirer)

Mike wants poll fraud rap junked - (Malaya)

Comelec Cebu to verify petitioners’ signatures after poll body’s en banc ruling - (Sunstar)

Chiz: Arroyo camp focusing on 'technicalities' - (ABS CBN)

Supreme Court rules out live coverage of Arroyo’s poll fraud trial - (Sunstar)

Comelec official voices fears of Arroyo release this week - (Inquirer)

Supreme Court may undo Arroyo arrest - (Inquirer)

Arroyos to question probe panel  - (Philstar)

House won’t offer custody to Arroyo after arrest - (GMA News)

Ex-Justice secretary Gonzalez questions Arroyo's arrest - (GMA News)

Gloria allies question Comelec’s intensions - (Manila Standard)

Comelec welcomes arrest warrant - (Philstar)

SC affirms TRO; Mike free to leave - (Philstar)

What senators say - (Inquirer)

Ex-President Gloria Arroyo placed under hospital arrest - (GMA News)

Cops serve arrest warrants vs Bedol, Ampatuan Sr. - (ABS CBN)

GMA files objection to arrest warrant - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo ordered arrested, is barred from leaving - (Inquirer)

Abalos decries inclusion in electoral sabotage case - (Inquirer)

SC: TRO stays, Arroyos can leave  - (Philstar)

Electoral sabotage case filed vs Arroyo, Ampatuan, Bedol - (Inquirer)

Palace to Arroyo: Please stay home, we will not let you leave - (Inquirer)

Arroyo to stay put, wait for Supreme Court ruling - (Inquirer)

Gov't-SC showdown today - (Philstar)

Comelec techie asks Congress: Probe 2010 polls - (Inquirer)

Recall bid vs vice mayor, councilors gets Comelec OK - (Inquirer)

'GMA can't evade poll fraud case' - (Philstar)

Brillantes vows to purge Comelec of 'small syndicates' - (Inquirer)

SC to tackle issues on GMA's TRO- (Manila Bulletin)

Arroyo resets flight to Singapore Thursday - (Inquirer)

GMA gave 'probably untruthful' statements: justice - (ABS CBN)

Marquez to Palace: No need to interpret SC ruling on GMA travel - (ABS CBN)

Comelec men seek pay raise - (Inquirer)

It's time for De Lima to review her legal moves to avoid embarrassment —Sotto - (Manila Bulletin)

De Lima, immigration men face jail term, says SC spokesperson - (Inquirer)

Palace not yet considering the cancellation of the passports of the Arroyos - (Manila Bulletin)

Arroyo spends night at hospital near NAIA - (GMA News)

Government stops Arroyo flight - (Inquirer)

TRO also sought on poll fraud panel - (Malaya)

Aquino appointees dissent on SC ruling allowing Arroyo travel - (GMA News)

COMELEC distributes voter’s ID, urges for registration - (PIA)

SC allows Arroyo to travel abroad—official - (Inquirer)

GMA opposes SolGen motion, reiterates plea for TRO - (ABS CBN)

Abalos seeks redress from Supreme Court - (ABS CBN)

SC tackles Arroyo pleas on Tuesday - (Manila Bulletin)

Bong Revilla to DOJ: How about escorts for GMA trip? - (ABS CBN)

DOJ-Comelec panel stops probe on poll sabotage - (Inquirer)

DOJ-Comelec ready to resolve electoral sabotage case - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo camp presses De Lima to quit - (Inquirer)

De Lima won't apologize even after asylum denial  - (Philstar)

Arroyo camp: Aquino admin shamed PHL with asylum row - (GMA News)

Comelec resets Taguig ballot retrieval - (Manila Bulletin)

Palace to Arroyos: Be forthright about asylum issue - (GMA News)

Palace calls flippant Mike Arroyo’s dare to President Aquino - (Inquirer)

Palace dismisses Arroyo threat to disbar DOJ chief - (GMA News)

Mike Arroyo petitions SC to void DOJ, Comelec panels - (Inquirer)

Palace backs DOJ on asylum probe - (Philstar)

Poll body affirms win of incumbent village chief - (Sunstar)

Comelec-Dagupan holds satellite registration in barangays - (PIA)

Arroyo camp files petition to void fact-finding team - (Businessworld)

Arroyo petition vs DOJ-Comelec poll fraud probe explained - (ABS CBN)

Palace accuses Arroyo camp of ‘changing the tune’- (Inquirer)

Why don’t you go with us? Mike Arroyo dares President Aquino- (Inquirer)

GMA camp: Accepting Noy offer may jeopardize SC petition  - (Philstar)

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ‘asylum’ bid probed- (Inquirer)

National Unity Party accredited - (Manila Bulletin)

Supreme Court en banc, not 1 justice, must rule on Arroyo petitions- (Inquirer)

Legal showdown seen on travel ban on GMA  - (Philstar)

Bringing in specialist for Arroyo is costly, says expert - (ABS CBN)

Mike Arroyo: Aquino gov't 'a bunch of schoolyard bullies' - (ABS CBN)

SC raffles off Arroyo petitions - (ABS CBN)

Breaking News: Arroyo's camp declines P-Noy's offer - (Manila Bulletin)

PNoy: We will bring the specialists to GMA - (ABS CBN)

Aquino backs DOJ chief’s decision on Arroyo travel request - (Inquirer)

De Lima defends decision to not bar Arroyo from leaving the country - (Manila Bulletin)

Lagman: Just one vote to overturn SC decision on ARMM polls - (ABS CBN)

Zambales special elections forthcoming – Comelec - (Manila Bulletin)

Arroyo hopeful De Lima will allow medical treatment abroad - (Inquirer)

Arroyos question travel restraint before SC - (ABS CBN)

P-Noy to have final say on GMA travel - (Philstar)

Take firmer stand on Arroyo, Aquino told - (Inquirer)

Consulates gearing for OAV registration - (Manila Bulletin)

GMA camp: All documents in  - (Philstar)

‘Arroyo bone exam can be done here’ - (Inquirer)

NPC urges gov’t to grant Arroyo’s travel request - (ABS CBN)

Palace tells Arroyo to wait a few more days - (Manila Standard Today)

Arroyo lawyer to JV Ejercito on travel issue: Butt out- (Inquirer)

Build airtight case on poll fraud, probe panel urged  - (Philstar)

Cayetano to DOJ: Use powers vs electoral fraud   - (Journal Online)

Senator: Don't forget 'small fish' in election fraud   - (Sunstar)

Mga duktor, nainsulto sa iginigiit ng kampo ni Arroyo - (ABS CBN)

Palace tells GMA camp: Let doctors do the talking  - (Philstar)

Malacañang to Arroyo's camp: Wait for the decision of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima -
 (Manila Bulletin)

GMA to question propriety of DOJ-Comelec probe - (ABS CBN)

DOJ puts Arroyo travel on hold: It’s not just a medical issue - (Inquirer)

Arroyo camp challenges partiality of poll probe - (Businessworld)

Arroyo's overseas trip smells 'fishy' - Lacson - (ABS CBN)

Palace demands travel plan from Arroyos - (Inquirer)

DOJ-COMELEC panel begins probe on alleged 2007 poll fraud - (GMA News)

De Lima: No immediate necessity to allow GMA to travel abroad - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo couple skips 2007 election sabotage probe - (Sunstar)

Comelec eyes 1 million absentee voters for 2013 elections  - (Philstar)

GMA needs bone biopsy not available locally, says ally - (Malaya)

Aquino adviser claims no reason to trust Arroyo - (GMA News)

Ex-FG lawyer to DOJ: Shove ADO ‘where sun doesn’t shine’ - (ABS CBN)

Aquino Cabinet considers Arroyo’s travel request - (Manila Standard Today)

Aquino won’t be hurt politically If Gloria flees  - (Journal Online)

DOJ-Comelec panel ‘nothing but a kangaroo court’, says Mike’s lawyer  - (Sunstar)

OAV registration starts November 2 - (ABS CBN)

Tough call for tough DOJ chief - (Inquirer)

Comelec wants amendments to election code - (Inquirer)

Arroyos to skip Nov 3 hearing on poll fraud - (ABS CBN)

DOJ may prevent GMA from leaving the country - (Manila Bulletin)

'Solomonic' solution to Arroyo foreign trip proposed - (ABS CBN)

Palace won't speculate on Ona's feedback on Arroyo condition - (GMA News)

Angara backs medical trip for GMA - (ABS CBN)

October 2011

Ona visits Arroyo, says she's 'okay' - (ABS CBN)

Result of Comelec probe on barangay SK polls out soon   - (Philstar)

Arroyo may skip Nov 3 poll fraud preliminary probe - (GMA News)

10 vie for 6 seats in poll automation advisory board - (Sun.star)

Arroyo can’t leave yet; DOJ ruling expected Wednesday - (Inquirer)

DOJ broke protocol in serving GMA subpoena: Suarez - (ABS CBN)

De Lima seeks Ona's assistance on RMGA's treatment abroad - (Manila Bulletin)

Estrada wary of planned Arroyo trip - (Inquirer)

More GMA critics agree she can leave PH - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo writes letter asking to leave, vows to come back - (Inquirer)

COMELEC Advisory Council Announces Partial List of Nominees, Applicants for Membership - (PIA)

Comelec praises House for poll fraud penalty - (Manila Bulletin)

DOJ issues 2nd watchlist order vs. GMA - (Philstar)

Andal Sr., Bedol served subpoenas in jail - (ABS CBN)

DOJ places Arroyo couple, Abalos on watch list - (GMA News)

Aquino allies say DOJ can't stop GMA from leaving - (ABS CBN)

3-day training on OAV registration held in Italy  - (ABS CBN)

Doctors clear Arroyo to travel - (Inquirer)

I’m no Palace puppet–Brillantes - (Inquirer)

AFP vows to cooperate in electoral fraud probe  - (Philstar)

House grants GMA travel authority for six weeks  - (Philstar)

GMA ready to leave PH as soon as she gets DOJ nod - (ABS CBN)

FG lawyer to question DOJ-Comelec panel creation - (Philstar)

Accounting has begun: Arroyos get subpoenas - (Inquirer)

Arroyos to heed subpoenas on 2007 election sabotage - (GMA News)

Lawmakers: Arroyo may not personally appear before DoJ-Comelec panel on poll fraud - (Inquirer)

GMA prepared to submit counter-affidavit on poll sabotage charge - (Philstar)

Gloria Arroyo may be checked by govt doctor – Justice chief De Lima  - (GMA News)

House OKs Arroyo's longer stay abroad  - (Philstar)

DOJ-Comelec panel summons Arroyos, Abalos - (Philstar)

Mike included in poll fraud probe - (Malaya)

Comelec holds OAV registration training for 13 posts in HK  - (GMA News)

Mike Arroyo blasts subpoena for 2007 poll fraud - (ABS CBN)

Palace turning poll body into a puppet – Mike Arroyo's lawyer  - (GMA News)

DOJ-Comelec panel to subpoena Rep. Gloria Arroyo on Tuesday  - (GMA News)

‘Gloria Arroyo must first prove she’s really ill’ - (Inquirer)

Comelec official's ally fired for bribery try on Brillantes - (Menafn)

PHL concludes absentee voting training in Europe - (GMA News)

Smooth transition in ARMM assured - (Manila Bulletin)

Mike Arroyo will be given due process, says Malacañang - (Philstar)

Not yet off the hook - (Manila Bulletin)

Palace exec to Mike Arroyo camp: What persecution? - (GMA News)

Lawyer hits 'persecution of the worst kind' vs Mike A   - (Philstar)

Erap convinced Gloria guilty of poll fraud but.. - (ABS CBN)

Palace optimistic about poll fraud raps vs Arroyo - (Sunstar)

Comelec nixes recall bid on VM Durano - (Inquirer)

GMA to face raps, Mike A cleared on 2007 fraud  - (Philstar)

Brillantes to Cayetano: Let’s wait for panel report on Garci  - (Malaya)

GMA et al to be probed for electoral sabotage - (ABS CBN)

Arroyo, Abalos in probe sheet of election irregularity case - (Businessworld Online)

6 Garci boys still in Comelec, even promoted - (Inquirer)

Initial poll fraud probe ends - (Journal Online)

Palace backs Teresita Deles - (Inquirer)

Comelec, DOJ start poll fraud probe - (Philstar)

Sen. Estrada: Moner made business out of polls; he should go to jail - (Inquirer)

Senate leader blames lax perjury laws for 'flip-flopping' witnesses - (Sunstar)

PNoy's peace adviser denies providing logistics to Arroyo campaign - (GMA News)

DOJ-Comelec fact-finding report on poll fraud out Thursday - (GMA News)

Comelec, Senate 'coordinating' in poll fraud probes - (GMA News)

Bedol weighs in, links GMA, Mike to 2007 rigging - (Malaya)

Comelec: Move vs ARMM poll postponement won't affect election preps - (GMA News)

Poe won in 2004, judge tells Senate - (Inquirer)

Bedol bares existence of Comelec syndicate - (Inquirer)

Cusi denies electoral fraud allegations - (Philstar)

Supreme Court upholds Aquino on ARMM elections - (Inquirer)

House OKs on 2nd reading bill on stiffer penalties for poll offenses  - (Philstar)

Poll irregularities confirmed; involvement denied - (Businessworld)

'Hello, Garci' to be played again at Senate probe - (Sunstar)

More witnesses talk of Arroyo camp's 2004 'bribe attempt' - (GMA News)

Mike Arroyo: Testimonies in Senate poll fraud probe ‘preposterous’ - (GMA News)

SC: Postponement of ARMM polls constitutional - (Inquirer)

Witnesses back judge's revelations of poll fraud - (ABS CBN)

Ex-Arroyo official denies involvement in poll fraud - (Sunstar)

Comelec exec grilled on alleged 2004 poll cheating in ARMM - (GMA News)

Senate panels start poll probe - (Manila Bulletin)

'Koko' sues Arroyos for electoral sabotage - (ABS CBN)

Senate summons 17 persons to 2004, 2007 poll fraud probe - (Inquirer)

Former Surigao del Norte Gov. Robert Barbers assails Comelec over poll protest - (Inquirer)

Migrante urges info drive on absentee voting - (ABS CBN)

COMELEC urges public to testify eligibility of registrants - (PIA)

GMA may face graft indictment by November  - (Philstar)

CA panel defers confirmation of Comelec commissioner - (GMA News)

Comelec finds petition against Bani mayor insufficient - (PIA)

Atienza cites ‘alien’ ballots in Comelec petition - (Inquirer)

Comelec exec urges Pinoys abroad to register and vote - (GMA News)

Smartmatic's ballot boxes overpriced -- COA   - (Menafn)

House OKs heavier penalties for poll offenses - (GMA News)

Comelec sets party registration deadline - (Philstar)

Comelec ventures into automated operational systems - (Comelec)

Comelec Advisory Council to have stricter qualifications for members - (Philstar)

Arroyo vows to prove innocence in 2007 poll fraud  - (Philstar)

Palace distances self from poll fraud probe - (Philstar)

Poll chief denies prejudging Arroyo couple  - (Philstar)

Arroyo lawyer to Brillantes: Resign - (ABS CBN)

Killer roadblocks to overseas voting - (Inquirer)

Brillantes: GMA, husband might spend Christmas in jail - (Philstar)

Brillantes, COA chief get CA nod - (Philstar)

Comelec chief Brillantes defends credibility of Unas - (GMA News)

CA OKs appointment of COA, Comelec heads - (GMA News)

GMA, Mike A face life imprisonment over poll fraud - Comelec - (Philstar)

Palace exec: Unas' testimony a 'very strong evidence' - (GMA News)

COMELEC chief sees 'election sabotage' during 2007 polls - (GMA News)

Ampatuan aide says Arroyo ordered governor to rig 2007 senatorial polls - (Inquirer)

GMA, Mike A directly linked to 2007 fraud - (Philstar)

New witness directly links GMA to 2007 poll fraud - (ABS CBN)

DOJ-Comelec body presents 15 poll fraud witnesses - (Philstar)

14 election officers attest to 2007 poll fraud - (ABS CBN)

Comelec to Lim: Answer charges of Atienza - (Manila Standard)

Comelec eyes Internet voting for OAVs  - (Philstar)

Foreign donors vow continued support for ARMM  - (GMA News)

Ex-Comelec chief 'can't escape liability' - (Sunstar)

ARMM execs: 'It's time to go'  - (Manila Bulletin)

Abalos offers self as witness in 2007 poll fraud - (Philstar)

ARMM officials carry functions on holdover capacity - (Mindanews)


September 2011

ARMM election postponement: important dates - (Mindanews)

SC extends ARMM execs' term - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec defers ARMM poll registration - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec official, four others face raps for unliquidated cash advances - (Philstar)

DOJ-Comelec panel to present 'poll fraud' witnesses next week - (GMA News)

PHL eyes 1M overseas voters for 2013 elections - (GMA News)

Palace: Incumbent ARMM officials to stay for now - (ABS CBN)

ARMM’s ‘last curtain event’ cancelled due to ‘Pedring’ - (Sunstar)

Comelec to Cayetano: Changes can't happen overnight - (Sunstar)

13 more poll officers ready to testify, says De Lima - (Philstar)

Ex-Sharia judge who revealed poll fraud gets protection - (Inquirer)

Comelec spokesman cites Brillantes' reforms - (Manila Bulletin)

ARMM execs scored for not stopping Ampatuans - (Inquirer)

Drilon makes pitch for ARMM polls deferment - (Malaya)

Comelec opposes Internet ballots for absentee voters abroad - (GMA News)

DOJ-Comelec panel to summon AFP personnel tagged in 2007 poll fraud  - (Philstar)

Atienza presses protest - (Malaya)

Hold-over of Armm officials ‘constitutional’ - (Sunstar)

ARRM edict allows hold-over of incumbents -- Lagman - (Businessworld)

22 more Comelec officers may testify in poll fraud probe - (ABS CBN)

Int'l forum on electoral reform set  - (Philstar)

Joint panel on poll fraud to summon Garci   - (Philstar)

DOJ chief stands by credibility of poll fraud witnesses  - (Philstar)

Cayetano to Brillantes: Reform Comelec or get out - (GMA News)

Comelec completes verification of signatures  - (Inquirer)

Abalos slams DOJ, doubts credibility of witnesses - (Philstar)

Chairman Brillantes debunks Cayetano's claims of ineffectiveness: Takes Pro-ctive stance on the 2004-2007 Poll Fraud Investigation  - (Comelec)

Brillantes’ brilliance fading away - (Global Balita)

P1.9B to run ARMM polls--Comelec - (Philstar)

Decision on ARMM polls set - (Manila Bulletin)

Brillantes has more affidavits from potential witnesses - (ABS CBN)

Comelec chief Brillantes’ confirmation deferred for 4th time - (GMA News)

'Palace gave orders to rig 2007 elections' - (Philstar)

SC spokesman: TRO is for the best interest of ARMM - (GMA News)

De Lima: No direct link of poll fraud to Arroyo  - (Inquirer)

COMELEC Prioritize Efficient and Timely Adjudication of Election Cases  - (Comelec)

Chairman Brillantes Intensifies On-Going Reforms in COMELEC  - (Comelec)

Who is Chairman Brillantes protecting? - (Senate.gov.ph)

Poll fraud witnesses lash back at Abalos - (ABS CBN)

People with criminal cases may qualify for ARMM OIC posts—Robredo  - (Inquirer)

Supreme Court urged to lift TRO on ARMM polls law - (ABS CBN)

Comelec asks SC to decide on ARMM polls case by Sept. 30  - (Business mirror)

'Comelec employees demoralized' - (Philstar)

Cayetano's challenge to Chairman Brillantes: "Show us the reforms" - (Senate.gov.ph)

2 testigo, inugnay si ex-Comelec chair Abalos sa poll fraud - (GMA News)

What Brillantes will do if bypassed anew  - (Philstar)

Former VM denies payoff for withdrawing poll post  - (Visayan Daily Star)

Aquino told: Be wary of ‘Garci boys’ still in Comelec, ARMM  - (Inquirer)

Comelec not closing doors on Smartmatic - (Philstar)

No final decision on automation of ARMM polls, says Comelec - (Manila Bulletin)

Muslim leaders call for unity - (Manila Bulletin)

De Guzman to Atienza: Respect Lim’s victory via landslide  - (Journal Online)

Atienza to file MR on poll protest - (Philstar)

Colombia poll results found in Cotabato - (Sunstar)

Applicants for ARMM’s OIC assemblymen praise SC’s TRO  - (Zamboanga Today)

ARMM selection process to continue amid halt order - (Philstar)

Palawan gov faces petition for recall election - (GMA News)

Comelec: ARMM polls now in limbo - (Philstar)

TRO heightens ARMM officials' zest - (Manila Bulletin)

Palace not giving up on ARMM polls postponement- (ABS CBN)

Comelec considering manual ARMM elections  - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec to resume preparations for ARMM polls - (Philstar)

Lawmakers withhold confirmation of Comelec chief for third time - (Sunstar)

Comelec exec opposes poll chief's confirmation - (GMA News)

Macalintal: Postponing ARMM polls sets bad precedent- (ABS CBN)

PNoy asks SC to consider graft, injustice in ARMM - (GMA News)

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's statement on the recent Supreme Court ruling on the ARMM elections - (Senate.gov.ph)

Angara commends SC's TRO on ARMM appointments - (Senate.gov.ph)

President Aquino’s statement on the Supreme Court TRO against synchronization of the ARMM and national polls, September 13, 2011 - (Gov.ph)

Comelec ready to conduct automated Armm polls in 8 months - (Sunstar)

Comelec exec wants poll chief probed by Ombudsman, IBP - (GMA News)

WikiLeaks cables: US denied hand in Arroyo wiretapping scandal - (ABS CBN)

Poll chief accused of unethical, criminal behavior - (Sunstar)

Rafanan wants Brillantes investigated by Ombudsman - (ABS CBN)

Shortlist of ARMM officers in charge to come out this week–DILG  - (Inquirer)

OIC aspirants to present agenda  - (Inquirer)

Comelec chief acted improperly, says sacked dep’t head  - (Malaya)

Claim your voter’s IDs at Comelec offices only  - (Inquirer)

WikiLeaks cable: Gibo saw Arroyo as a liability - (ABS CBN)

Aquino aunt slams cancellation of ARMM polls anew - (Inquirer)

Pacquiao says he can't run for VP in 2016 due to age concern - (GMA News)

Comelec chief: Pacquiao not yet qualified for VP in 2016 - (GMA News)

3 new poll fraud witnesses surface  - (Philstar)

De Lima: Poll fraud witnesses have ‘explosive’ testimonies - (GMA News)

FVR, Miriam in word war over WikiLeaks report - (ABS CBN)

Wikileaks: US scored Comelec for ‘favoritism’ on Smartmatic PCOS machines - (Daily Tribune)

'No formal House probe of ER switching' - (ABS CBN)

PNoy to name ARMM OICs before US trip - (ABS CBN)

Wikileaks cable sparks call to revisit '92 elections - (Sunstar)

OICs for ARMM bucked  - (Journal online)

House OKs allocation of P8 billion for 2013 poll automation - (Philstar)

Solon eyes early voting for professionals, workers - (Journal Online)

Increased participation of absentee voters sought - (Philstar)

Comelec, Lagman split in buying PCOS units - (Newsbytes)

HRET junks electoral protest vs Marinduque lawmaker - (GMA News)

Mangudadatu, 50 others seek ARMM OIC gov post - (GMA News)

Comelec law department head Rafanan transferred to planning office - (GMA News)

Internal arrangement in Comelec ‘shady’ - (Inquirer)

Witness vs Garcillano to surface - sources - (Philstar)


August 2011

Comelec asks Senate for additional budget - (GMA News)

Poll body ready to hold Armm polls if ordered by SC - (Sunstar)

‘Garci boys’ to be included in DOJ-Comelec poll fraud probe - (GMA News)

Senators, Comelec clash on automated ARMM polls- (ABS CBN)

Comelec exec opposes procurement of PCOS machines   - (Philstar)

Mayuga report: Soldiers told to back anti-communist party-list group in '04 - (GMA News)

Comelec exec removed from poll fraud probe panel - (GMA News)

‘Charge Morato’ - (Inquirer)

Mayuga report submitted by National Defense 'incomplete' - (Sunstar)

Moro rebels reject inclusion of officials in ARMM nominees - (Businessworld)

Ballot secrecy folder deal: 3 Comelec execs suspended - (Inquirer)

P23-million aid to Comelec 'unnecessary' - (Sunstar)

Comelec reopens investigation on 'Garci' generals  - (Philstar)

Comelec didn't probe regional directors linked to Garci- (ABS CBN)

Computerized ‘Voter Search’ weeds out flying voters, says Comelec - (PIA)

‘Garci’s nephew bribed Comelec official’ - (Sunstar)

AFP men adopt 'wait and see' on cheats probe- (ABS CBN)

Lawyer in folder scam is new Comelec law dep't chief - (ABS CBN)

Audit sought for military's P197M election budget in 2004 - (Sunstar)

Palace to 'Garci' generals: It's up to you to clear your names - (Philstar)

Generals in ‘Hello Garci’ election scam face probe - (Inquirer)

Medical workers' early voting sought- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec tells AFP: Give us full report - (Inquirer)

Pursue '04 'poll fraud' leads in Mayuga report – officials - (GMA News)

‘Hello, Garci is true, and we all know it’ – AFP general - (Newsbreak)

Recount of mayor, lawmaker posts ready - (Sunstar)

WHAT WENT BEFORE: Mayuga Report - (Inquirer)

Palace opens nominations for ARMM OICs  - (Philstar)

'Mayuga report remiss in many aspects' - (ABS CBN)

Zaldy supports Palace move to postpone ARMM polls - (GMA News)

Pimentel’s campaign for electoral reforms   - (The Manila Times)

AFP cleared of poll fraud  - (The Manila Times)

‘2004 election fraud covered up’ - (Inquirer)

Controversial poll fraud report cites possible liability of military officers - (Business world)

DOJ-Comelec committee on poll fraud convenes - (ABS CBN)

Gonzalez hits De Lima for hands on role in poll fraud investigation  - (Philstar)

Koko vows to work for justice, electoral refoms   - (Philstar)

DoJ, Comelec launch joint probe of past election fraud - (Inquirer)

Guidelines released on joint Comelec-DoJ poll fraud probe - (Business world)

Two panels to probe 2004, 2007 poll fraud - (ABS CBN)

Communication body's dissolution delays 2013 poll preparations - (Sunstar)

4 ARMM governors back Mangudadatu- (Manila Bulletin)

No ABC again until end of ARMM officials’ term on September 30- (Minda News)

Palace addressing leadership vacuum on poll automation - (Business world)

2013 poll preparations delayed – Comelec- (Manila Bulletin)

SC says ‘noted’ to Comelec request to retrieve evidence in poll fraud cases - (Inquirer)

Comelec to verify signatures - (Inquirer)

Senate urged to begin new 'Hello Garci' probe - (GMA News)

2 Arroyo pilots could testify in poll fraud probe - (ABS CBN)

COMELEC to de-activated voters: Re-activate - (PIA)

ARMM's transition team members named- (Manila Bulletin)

COMELEC urges voters to update their data - (PIA)

Senators: Controversial PNP choppers used in '04 poll fraud - (GMA News)

DND urged: Release Mayuga report on 2004 poll fraud - (ABS CBN)

Overseas poll registration plan sought- (Manila Bulletin)

Pimentel proclaimed 12th winning senator in '07 polls - (GMA News)

Zubiri willing to testify in Senate probe - (Mindanews)

ARMM polls deferment key to Tokyo talks - (Inquirer)

Peace process advisers calls for a transition period for ARMM polls - (PIA)

Comelec reshuffles senior execs  - (Journal Online)

PNoy-MILF meet a sidebar in ARMM polls oral arguments - (ABS CBN)

Zubiri: Redemption through election - (Manila Standard)

Comelec: Samar recall polls a go - (Inquirer)

DFA, Comelec hold workshop on absentee voting for 2013 polls - (GMA News)

Morato charged with violating Omnibus Election Code - (ABS CBN)

SC to hear arguments today on ARMM poll postponement - (Inquirer)

SC tackles oral arguments on law deferring 2011 ARMM polls - (GMA News)

Poll fixers going out of business - (Inquirer)

No to junking voter rolls - (Inquirer)

Comelec rules out annulment of Maguindanao voters' list   - (Philstar)

Zubiri ready to face accusers  - (Philstar)

Koko Pimentel's proclamation seen on Thursday - (GMA News)

Members of fraud probe team named  - (Philstar)

Comelec chief: Zubiri may be eligible to run for two terms - (GMA News)

Senator Zubiri resigns amid 2007 poll fraud controversy - (GMA News)

Opposition solons want fraud probe to focus on 2010 polls - (GMA News)

More witnesses to appear at Comelec-DoJ probe - (Inquirer)

Enrile rejects poll fraud probe - (Manila Bulletin)

Aquino to revisit Mayuga report amid poll fraud claims - (GMA News)

Justice dep’t to take lead in joint poll fraud investigation - (Businessworld Online)

DOJ-Comelec panel formed to probe poll fraud allegations - (GMA News)

Comelec told to purge ranks of execs involved in poll fraud - (GMA News)

Probe ‘Garci boys,’ poll chief told - (Inquirer)

Loren Legarda: Proof of poll fraud in my protest - (Inquirer)

ARMM OICs short list coming soon- (Inquirer)


July 2011

‘Strong forces’ stopped Garci from telling truth — govt exec  - (GMA News)

Comelec men tied to manufacture, switch of fake ERs- (Inquirer)

17 more want to talk on poll fraud - (Philstar)

Target was 6,000 ERs, says Secretary De Lima- (Inquirer)

Bello denies role in alleged ER switching - (ABS CBN)

Hearing on ARMM poll welcomed - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec, DoJ agree to probe poll fraud- (Inquirer)

SC sets oral argument on ARMM- (Inquirer)

Comelec delists 62T city voters - (Sunstar)

Lacson seeks Senate probe on alleged '04, '07 poll fraud  - (GMA News)

Tarlac Gov. ‘Tingting’ Cojuangco says ARMM polls misjudged- (Inquirer)

House to look into automation loopholes - (Sunstar)

Comelec to probe 2007 Maguindanao poll fraud - (Sunstar)

‘Reformists’ to be installed in ARMM–Deles- (Inquirer)

‘Arroyo really won in Cebu’–Provincial Comelec- (Inquirer)

Garci denies sending feelers to Palace - (ABS CBN)

Comelec to implement reforms through 5-year program  - (Philstar)

Ombudsman to file graft raps vs Lintang Bedol - (Inquirer)

Comelec chief keen to testify on 2004 polls - (ABS CBN)

Chiz ipinakita ang bidyo ng 'pandaraya' ni GMA noong 2004 elections - (ABS CBN)

Erap wants 2004 poll fraud mastermind caught - (ABS CBN)

3 Maguindanao poll execs corroborate Lintang Bedol claims - (Inquirer)

Comelec says nothing new in Bedol affidavit  - (Philstar)

'Arroyos won't shun DOJ, Comelec probes' - (ABS CBN)

COMELEC-Tuguegarao starts voters’ registration for PWDs  - (PIA)

Another petition on ARMM election  - (Manila Standard)

Bedol set to appear before Comelec today - (Sunstar)

Comelec to investigate poll fraud in 2004, 2007 - (ABS CBN)

Purge of Maguindanao voters’ list sought amid fraud claims  - (Manila Standard)

COMELEC to give special attention to PWDs on voters’ registration  - (PIA)

Comelec’s Sarmiento to Bedol: What poll fraud in Mindanao?  - (Business Mirror)

Zaldy could testify in ARMM poll fraud: Cayetano - (ABS CBN)

Comelec seeks arrest of Bedol  - (Philstar)

House panel to probe ex-Armm guv’s poll fraud exposé - (Sunstar)

Palace to verify cheating claims - (Philstar)

Bedol tags Arroyo in 2007 Maguindanao poll fraud - (ABS CBN)

Comelec eyes summoning Zaldy to probe 2007 'poll fraud'  - (GMA News)

More than 100,000 prospective voters registered twice - (Sunstar)

Comelec urged to disqualify Bida party-list anew - (Sunstar)

President Aquino to sign Armm rules - (Inquirer)

The right to vote  - (Manila Times)

US mission cites Comelec, Smartmatic  - (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec chief urged to fire up 'Hello, Garci' probe  - (ABS CBN)

Government urges Moro rebels to support reforms in ARMM  - (Philstar)

Samar Guv confident no recall poll will happen   - (Sunstar)

SC orders comments on ARMM  - (Manila Bulletin)

No TRO vs ARMM polls postponement law  - (ABS CBN)

Comelec warned vs new tech for 2013 polls  - (ABS CBN)

Aquino gov’t has 10 days to shore up ARMM polls position, SC says - (Inquirer)

Comelec can reset Armm polls on its own: lawyer  - (Sunstar)

15% of party-list groups have yet to file SECEs  - (GMA News)

Stay order sought on ARMM poll law  - (Businessworld)

Law postponing ARMM polls faces more opposition at SC  - (GMA News)

New technology eyed for 2013 polls  - (Philstar)

MILF man vows transparency, gun regulation if tapped as ARMM’s OIC - (Inquirer)

Parties of Binay, Enrile, Jinggoy, Imelda defy law - (PCIJ)

Election protest of solon now in election tribunal - (PIA)

Aquino cites need for ARMM OIC to share vision of good governance - (Zamboanga Today)

Cebu Comelec awaits rules for Compostela recount - (Inquirer)

Angara still bucks newly signed law postponing polls in ARMM  - (Manila Bulletin)

June 2011

Muslims show support to P-Noy's signing of ARMM bill  - (Philstar)

Minority Leader asks Supreme Court to nullify bill postponing ARMM polls - (Inquirer)

ARMM polls deferred to 2013; Palace sets regional reforms - (Businessworld)

Comelec: No retirement benefits for Abalos, Garcillano - (Sunstar)

Lagman asks SC to nullify law postponing 2011 ARMM elections - (GMA News)

Cayetano slams Brillantes over ‘Hello Garci’ scandal  - (Journal online)

Bing optimistic on recount - (Visayan Daily Star)

Tiñga: Taguig recount snags Brillantes appointment  - (Journal online)

Signing of ARMM polls postponement law marks PNoy's first anniversary  - (POC)

‘Recanvassing of votes on July 27’ - (Inquirer)

The next automated election system - (Manila Times)

Lucena mayoral row: Comelec takes back order - (Inquirer)

SC ruling: electoral tribunal legit, and that’s final - (Inquirer)

Kabalu resigns over Armm's bid: Moro rebel group - (Sunstar)

Mangudadatu, Cojuangco begin campaign with “leaders’ forum” - (Mindanews)

MILF fires Kabalu; Kabalu admits lobbying for ARMM OIC post - (Mindanews)

NYC pushes for 'youth champions' in ARMM appointees - (GMA News)

Filipinos in Australia deplored ARMM elections postponement - (Bulatlat)

With bill not yet signed into law, campaign for Aug. 8 ARMM polls begins - (Mindanews)

Tax on campaign contributions backed - (Manila Bulletin)

MILF exec fired for eyeing ARMM appointive governorship - (Inquirer)

ARMM solons junk poll suit - (Malaya)

Pimentel to challenge postponement of ARMM polls before SC - (GMA News)

Solons back BIR plan to tax excess poll funds - (Inquirer)

PNoy downplays legal doubts on ARMM poll deferment - (ABS-CBN)

Noy: ARMM bill to be signed June 30  - (Philstar)

Political group to oppose Armm polls postponement in court  - (Sunstar)

Ochoa, Comelec face suit over ARMM poll postponement - (Inquirer)

‘Aquino stalling on ARMM poll bill to block opposition in SC’ - (Inquirer)

Arroyo state of emergency in Maguindanao valid—SC - (Inquirer)

Biometrics election registration gets approval- (Manila Bulletin)

Ex-Maguindanao poll chief urged to face election fraud cases - (Inquirer)

Lucena City has 2 mayors- (Manila Bulletin)

Comelec serves notice of vacancy in Lucena - (Philstar)

Ex-lawmaker denies endorsement as Armm officer-in-charge- (Sunstar)

Comelec: July 18 to 23 registration week for disabled persons- (GMA News)

Comelec orders Lucena mayor to step down - (Inquirer)

Creation of Armm officials screening committee sought - (Sunstar)

Aquino endorses Hataman as ARMM OIC - (Inquirer)

Comelec asked to prove it investigated players in 'Hello Garci' scandal - (GMA News)

Lawmakers against Deles' possible entry to ARMM vetting body - (Philstar)

Palace trimming ‘long list of contenders’ for Mindanao autonomous region’s OICs - (Inquirer)

Poll chief says P-Noy can appoint non-Muslim as ARMM OIC  - (Philstar)

Mayor: No problem on poll votes - (Sunstar)

Search on for 2013 poll automation technology - (Newsbytes)

PNoy to reappoint Comelec chief Brillantes — Palace - (GMA News)

'Garci's man' in Comelec-ARMM alarms Palace - (ABS CBN)

Burglars break into Comelec office in Bacolod - (GMA News)

Comelec: Non-Muslim can head ARMM as OIC - (Inquirer)

ARMM polls postponement a big help in peace process - WesMinCom chief  - (Zamboanga Today)

Anak Mindanao lauds Congress for ARMM poll postponement  - (Philstar)

Purisima confirmed, Brillantes bypassed - (Inquirer)

MILF welcomes ARMM polls postponement  - (ABS CBN)

Next ARMM battleground: SC  - (Malaya)

Comelec moves to settle Sarangani town electoral dispute - (Mindanews)

Candidates to question poll delay before high court  - (Manila Standard)

ARMM poll postponement: House accepts Senate version  - (Philstar)

It’s official: ARMM polls scuttled - (Inquirer)

Senator Santiago admits flip-flop on ARMM polls stance - (Inquirer)

Comelec remains ready for Armm polls  - (Suntar)

Statement of the Presidential Spokesperson on the postponement of the ARMM elections, June 6, 2011 - (gov.ph)

Senate OKs postponement of ARMM polls citing reforms - (GMA News)

Senate to vote on postponement of ARMM polls today  - (Philstar)

Comelec: 2013 polls will be automated  - (Philstar)

House okays bill seeking to cleanse national voters' list  - (Zamboanga Today)

Palace ready to meet any legal test to ARMM polls delay bid - (Daily Tribune)

Senate to vote on ARMM polls on Monday - (Inquirer)

Palace ready to meet any legal test to ARMM polls delay bid - (Daily Tribune)

Poll watchdog urges COMELEC to automate ARMM elections - (Mindanao Examiner)

Aquino not likely to support aunt ‘Tingting’ Cojuangco in ARMM polls - (Asian Journal)

ARMM polls suspension '50-50,' Escudero says - (ABS-CBN)

Poll body scored for going slow on Armm poll preparations - (Sun Star)

Comelec to de-list nuisance candidates for ARMM polls - (Zamboanga Today)

Canceling Armm polls a 'dangerous precedence' - (Sun Star)

Not guilty, Andal Sr. pleads amid jeering - (Inquirer)

Aquino may back aunt’s Armm candidacy - (Sun Star)

Expanded anti-dynasty bill to cover barangay, SK posts- (GMA News)

COMELEC Maasin City starts partial distribution of voter’s ID- (Pia.gov)

Cayetano fails to question Comelec chief at CA hearing- (GMA News)

Moving to save ARMM poll bill moves to save ARMM - (Malaya)

Marcos spoils Aquino campaign to postpone elections in ARMM - (Inquirer)